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    Barry Ritholtz had an entry for at He displays the World Clock and the Earth Clock. Ritholtz has them embedded, but I cannot figure out how to do that.

    World Clock =

    Earth Clock =

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    This is how they're doing it

    {embed width="580" height="580" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" bgcolor="#ffffff"}{/embed}

    only of course with real html. Real html is disallowed by the forum software here, so you would have to use square brackets with some statement like:

    {embed "" 580 580}

    (I had to use curly brackets rather than square brackets, because this forum software is so poorly designed that it even throws away square-bracket stuff that it doesn't understand)

    But bbcode has to be interpreted and transformed into real html, so Tin or Rich would have to put a line into the section that handles the bbcode. The line would be something like, but more complicated than:

    preg_replace('/\*) ([0-9]*) \]/','<embed width="$2" height="$3" src="http://$1" type"application/x-shockwave-flash" bgcolor="#ffffff"></embed>') ;

    I hope that helps, and that I didn't misunderstand what you're interested in.

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    no big deal

    I was just explaining why Ritholtz embedded them and I did not. It is the information on the clocks themselves that was minutely important.

    It is nice to know we have some technical talent around and that they offer insight into how to do things.

    Seemslikeadream had a good thread headed "Legends Lies & Cherished Myths of World History"- - that would has a fit to Klatoo's thread just below this one-

    You can see in comment2 of SLAD's thread I can tell of the bit torrent but I could not get them to dowload after installing the Minova toolbar. That was my technical wall for the day.

    I appreciate the response and will study on it to grow my computer skills. Thanks.

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