Set between the two World Wars and based on true historical events, BITTER HARVEST conveys the untold story of the Holodomor, the genocidal famine engineered by the tyrant Joseph Stalin. The film displays a powerful tale of love, honour, rebellion and survival at a time when Ukraine was forced to adjust to the horrifying territorial ambitions of the burgeoning Soviet Union. With an exceptional cast of established and rising stars, the film epically recreates one of the most dramatic and dangerous episodes in the history of 20th Century Europe.

Taglines: "Soviet Union. 1933. Stalin's tyranny could destroy their country. But not their love."

This is a Canadian "film" with a $20,000,000 budget (pretty small by today's standards). Not many very well known actors - Terrence Stamp is the only one I recognize. It is pure Stalin-porn. "Based on true historical events" = based on Nazis propaganda and touted as "true". This is exactly equal to someone making a movie about how the holocaust never happened, but no one will ever make that connection because the lies about the Soviet Union are believed as an article of US patriotism. USA is number one!