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Thread: The KKE: “a thorn in the side” of social-democracy

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    The KKE: “a thorn in the side” of social-democracy

    The KKE: “a thorn in the side” of social-democracy

    It is no secret that the political line formed by the KKE is particularly irritating for the forces of social-democracy, both “old” and “new” social-democracy, as well as its “leftwing fellow travelers”.

    This has been demonstrated once again by an article in the Turkish journal “Özgürlük Dünyası”, at a moment when the KKE was waging a serious political battle- with the title “Modern Social Reformism and the KKE”. This article was then translated into English and uploaded onto the internet.

    There are a number of slanders against the KKE in this article, about “sectarianism” and “party fetishism” that in our opinion rely on baseless references to the alliance policy of our party, which the article distorts, references to its stance against the new social-democracy (the SYRIZA party) as well as to our party’s principled position about the socialist character of the revolution in Greece and more specifically our party’s abandonment of the view, which tormented the international communist movement for many decades, about “stages to socialism”.

    On the alliance policy

    As regards the first issue, the alliance policy of our party, there are assessments in the specific article that baselessly argue that allegedly the KKE is identical with PAME and the other popular rallies. That they are one and the same. This is a well-known accusation for us, which both the forces of social-democracy (old and new) and also small ultra-left groups unleash with the aim of limiting the dynamism that these social rallies and their alliance are continually acquiring.

    However, a simple piece of research on the part of the article’s authors would have demonstrated that the trade unions which are rallied in PAME have many more registered members than the total votes the KKE receives in the elections. Hundreds of trade unions where the communists are not in the majority of the executive committees take part in the mobilizations organized by PAME. For example, if the authors were to visit the farmers’ mobilizations, the farmers’ roadblocks on the highways, where the rally of poor farmers, PASY, plays a leading role, they would see that the vast majority of the farmers struggling against the anti-people political line and the EU are not communists or KKE voters.

    We could mention that the recent proposal of PAME for demonstrations on the 22nd of October all over Greece and a general strike on the 12th of November against the anti-people political line of the SYRIZA-ANEL government and the EU was supported by over 600 trade unions and mass movement organizations.

    Consequently, the accusation found in the article that the KKE works for “organisational unity” with itself is completely slanderous.

    The KKE never concealed its full support for those popular social organizations that struggle in an antimonopoly-anticapitalist direction. It does not conceal that it supports the social alliance of the working class with poor popular strata in the cities and countryside against the monopolies and capitalism. We believe that such a social alliance can come into conflict with the anti-people measures, fight for the restoration of the losses of the workers’ income which have shrank due to the capitalist crisis and the measures to strengthen the profitability of capital. At the same time, such an alliance, in our estimation, can pave the way for the social overthrow and rupture with the capitalist system and the imperialist unions, like NATO and the EU.

    Of course, we know that this alliance policy, which has nothing to with “left alliances”, “anti-neoliberal alliances” i.e. alliance policies that narrowly focus on rallying political and not social forces, upsets social-democracy. It also upsets those small ultra left political forces like NAR and Antarsya, which today are following a social-democratic programme and have become the political “tail” of social-democratic SYRIZA. However, this unhappiness has crossed the Greek borders and has become an article in Turkey and is being published in English, which misleads the workers in your country and internationally, who do not have the sources of information and data to discern where reality ends and slander begins.

    On the stance towards social-democracy

    This article suggests that our party “establish a platform that incorporated the urgent and pressing demands of workers and the public, join in a wide alliance with Syriza and other progressive forces through this platform, and make adhering to these demands as a precondition of its alliance with Syriza” while it also assesses that “It was of course going to be wrong for the KKE to be coalition partner in a government led by the social reformist Syriza”.

    In other words what is suggested is that the KKE transform itself from a party that works for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity into a party that will support the government of the “leftwing” SYRIZA and nationalist ANEL, without directly participating in it. This is being proposed to us in conditions when the means of production in Greece, the keys of the economy, will continue to be in the hands of the capitalists and our country will remain trapped inside the imperialist NATO organization that promotes imperialist wars and inside the EU, which amongst other things determines how its member-states will implement measures to reinforce capital by reducing the workers’-people’s rights. The EU also determines what the country produces and also the quantities and methods of production.

    However, such a policy of “critical support” for the bourgeois governments of social-democracy, i.e. the governments that operate inside the political-economic framework of capitalist society, never and nowhere led to positive results for the workers. Quite the contrary! This policy led to the major disillusionment of the workers and popular masses, to revulsion with politics, to the rise of far right and fascist forces. In our country, these fascist forces are being strengthened. But the KKE is not responsible for this as the article groundlessly accuses us, just because we do not follow the political line the authors propose. These forces are on the rise due to the political line of the bourgeois parties and of social-democracy in particular. First of all, there are the responsibilities of PASOK which completely shattered the hopes of the popular strata on the eve of the capitalist crisis, promising a better and more humane management of the crisis. The new social-democratic government, SYRIZA, did something similar when it made the utopian promise before the elections of “placing people above profits”, but ended up implementing the old and new anti-people measures, transforming, once again, the people into the fuel for the profits of capital.

    In these conditions the “pedagogical” role of the KKE can not be fulfilled by supporting illusions fostered by social-democracy, as the article proposes to us. It will be fulfilled in the struggle to impede these illusions and the anti-people measures advanced by the government of the “left”.

    The people will be educated and the correlation of forces will change through this struggle, with the formation of the great people’s social alliance that will fight against the anti-people measures and will have the struggle against the monopolies and capitalism as its stable orientation. This will strengthen the organization and militancy of the working class and other popular strata against submission and fatalism, against the subordination of the people to the old and new managers of capitalism’s barbarity.

    A stronger KKE everywhere is needed for this path and not for reasons of “party fetishism” which the article attributes to us.

    On stages

    However, we should point out that the strategy proposed by the specific article is not “new”. This political line of closer or looser alliances with social-democracy was followed and is still being followed by many Communist and Workers’ parties all over the world. In the past, especially after the 20th Congress of the CPSU, this political line prevailed in the communist movement, ideologically based on the “peaceful road” to socialism, the “many forms of transition to socialism”, the parliamentary road etc. Often this rationale separated social-democracy into a “rightwing”(bad) and “leftwing” (good) and also separated the bourgeoisie into a “comprador-subservient” section and a “patriotic-nationally conscious” section. An alliance was sought with this “good” social-democracy and the “good” section of the bourgeoisie, even for the management of capitalism, as a “first stage” of a unified revolutionary process.

    The paradox is that while this article criticizes the 20th Congress of the CPSU, it at the same time defends this logic which prevailed then in the CPSU and later expanded its influence in the international communist movement, with painful consequences for the revolutionary movement.

    The KKE studied the historical experience at a national and international level. However, the KKE forged historical blood ties with the working class and poor farmers of Greece from the very first moment of its establishment. Through the armed struggle against the foreign occupation, it has come into direct conflict twice with bourgeois power. Our party, studying its almost 100-year history, as well as the experience of the international communist movement, came to the conclusion that this specific strategy of intermediate strata not only has not led to a revolutionary overthrow anywhere (something that is obvious and well-known) but acts as an obstacle to the formation of a revolutionary strategy. Our party abandoned the rationale of stages in 1996 and even earlier in the 1980s had formed a stable ideological-political front against social-democracy, which is a pillar of the bourgeois political system.

    Our party has shaped its strategy which is not determined by the correlation of forces at any given moment but by the fact that the material preconditions for the passage to a higher form of society without class exploitation and imperialist wars have been formed. Our party strives so that the working class acquires consciousness of its historic mission to abolish its exploitation and as a result all class exploitation and oppression and this would be negated by adopting the theory concerning the process of stages and forms of intermediate power on the terrain of capitalism.

    On this basis, the KKE is the only party today that reveals to the people that what it faces is a unified strategy that aims to benefit capital and not merely a “bad” government or a political line imposed by overlords or colonialists, a consequence of the timidity and bad negotiations on the part of the government, as other political forces claim.

    The KKE reveals to the people the nature and real cause of the capitalist crisis. It demonstrates that solutions proposed by the bourgeois political parties (rightwing and social-democratic) are forms of pro-capitalist management.

    The KKE explains to the people that there is only one solution that is in their interests and not in those of the plutocracy: people’s power, the other development path that exclusively serves their needs. The positions of the party and the way out it proposes are gaining ground in the people’s consciousness, making it difficult for the bourgeoisie to advance its anti-people political line. They trigger processes that help emancipate the people’s consciousness from the bourgeois political line and constitute a pole of popular mobilization against the anti-people political line.

    The KKE is fighting to make the people conscious of the need to struggle in order to pave the way for people’s power and the people’s economy. It plays the leading role in organizing the people’s struggles, with forms of struggles and demands that respond to the needs of the working class and popular families today. It refutes the ideological constructs promoted by the bourgeois, i.e. that the people are jointly responsible for the crisis, the capitalist debts and deficits, and therefore should pay for them.

    This political line and activity of the KKE in the workplaces, neighbourhoods, places of education, is characterized by the efforts to organize and develop the struggle, to forge the alliance of the working class with the other poor popular strata, the small and medium farmers, the self-employed, the women and youth so that there is a unified expression for their struggle and demands, with the aim of establishing a powerful people’s alliance. This alliance is a necessary condition for the victorious outcome of the struggle, with the overthrow of the power of the monopolies, the construction of socialism-communism.

    International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE

    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    This political line and activity of the KKE in the workplaces, neighbourhoods, places of education, is characterized by the efforts to organize and develop the struggle, to forge the alliance of the working class with the other poor popular strata, the small and medium farmers, the self-employed, the women and youth so that there is a unified expression for their struggle and demands, with the aim of establishing a powerful people’s alliance. This alliance is a necessary condition for the victorious outcome of the struggle, with the overthrow of the power of the monopolies, the construction of socialism-communism.
    As usual, KKE is dead-on. The "pitch-perfect" working class responses, formulations, slogans, and stances are inspirational, enviable, and in comparison to CPUSA, embarrassing.
    "America was never great"

    "Anyone who analyzes the state of affairs in the world will find that it is the imperialists and capitalists, who subject the world to the worst poverty, the worst backwardness, and they are simply the scourge of mankind." - Fidel

    "Privilege begets psychopathy" - blindpig

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    Casus Belli

    “Sustainability”, “fairness”, “necessary reform” are some of the words uttered by government officials in their effort to defend its plans against the social-security system and to conceal the truth.

    They are not at all original. The “sustainability” and “fairness” of the system were invoked by all the previous governments in order to justify their own anti-people interventions in the social-security system. They are now doing the same. ND and PASOK used tonnes of lies and selective data in their line of argument. Today, the coalition government of the “left” party SYRIZA and the allegedly “patriotic” party ANEL are doing the same.

    Previous “rightwing”, “social-democratic”, “technocratic” bourgeois governments also implemented increases in the retirement age, increases in social security contributions and reductions in pensions. The new measures of the SYRIZA-ANEL government are a continuation of all the preceding anti-people laws.

    This is the reason why the SYRIZA-ANEL government is trying on the one hand to differentiate itself from the other bourgeois parties by using fake slogans and on the other is attempting to curtail or assimilate popular protests with lies and maneuvers.

    This similarity with previous governments is not at all accidental. The government is marching unswervingly along the line set out by the specific directives and guidelines of the EU, which aim to liberate capital and its state from their contributions to the social security system, to transform healthcare, welfare and pensions into a private matter for the workers.

    In the end, they aim to create new avenues of profitability for the vultures of the private insurance companies, either through their management of the assets of the professional funds or through insurance contracts in the health and pension sectors.

    All the laws drafted over the last 25 years, amongst them those voted for or being prepared by the current government, are completely aligned with the aim of further reducing the price of labour power in order to increase capital’s profitability. The difference is that today’s government is once again posturing that it is allegedly a “tough negotiator” with the imperialist organizations (EU, European Central Bank, IMF). So, G. Katrougalos, the Minister of Labour stated: “The people should take to the streets. The people on the streets support the same things I do. Redistribution, higher pensions… And I am trying to negotiate with the institutions for these things. However, at the same time I am also trying to balance between the need for the pension system to have these characteristics and the need to tame the deficits that exist. And our basic difference with the previous governments is that my reform has a redistribution character and is socially in favour of those “at the bottom”.”

    The brazenness of these so-called “left wingers” has no limits. And if the goals of the government are in line with those of the people, how is it possible for the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEB) and the “institutions”, i.e. the EU and IMF, to applaud the government’s plan against social security and for Katrougalos to be pleased with this?

    If the government wants the people to take to the streets, then why did it send the riot police to attack PAME’s demonstration last Friday on 8/1/2016?

    If this reform is “socially in favour of those at the bottom” then why does it crush the small and medium farmers, abolish EKAS (additional pension) for poor pensioners, condemn old and new pensioners to starvation pensions?

    The minister is a liar and a conman and wants the movement to demonstrate in favour of the government to conceal that it is on the same side of the employers and “institutions”.

    The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, during his visit, the 4th largest city in Greece, stated that “The new social-security bill is a casus belli for the working class and popular strata.” As the GS of the CC of the KKE stressed during his visit to the city’s town hall and after his meeting with the city’s communist mayor, K. Peletidis’ “There needs to be a general uprising so that this draft law is not tabled or proposed, nor in the form that it will finally take after the government’s negotiations with its “partners”. It must not be tabled in Parliament. If it is tabled it must be voted against. And of course this can happen only if the working class, the poor farmers, the self-employed, the youth and women from the popular strata of our country take to the streets. If they take to the streets and demonstrate their real power, then this draft law can truly be tossed aside.”
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    KKE: Rupture and conflict with capital and its power

    On the 17th of January 2016 the Attica Party Organization of the KKE held a major political and cultural event in an indoor stadium located in Piraeus. The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, spoke at the event and stressed amongst other things:
    "We honour all the men and women who held the party's banner high in difficult conditions. Those unbowed by the class struggle, the honoured dead heroes of the struggle.

    We continue under the same banner, with even greater determination, unshakable faith and optimism!

    We salute all those who have taken to the streets in this period in order to struggle for their rights, for a better and decent life.

    We are at the side of the workers who in this period are being laid off due to the closures of factories and other businesses.

    The false expectations and hopes came to a very early end, a year into SYRIZA's government, as we are entering the 8th year of the economic crisis.

    It has been a year when the industrialists via their federation SEB, the ship-owners and big capital have been demanding new tax exemptions, additional state mechanisms to support them.

    The crime against the social-security system concerns us all. No one will be untouched by this offensive. This is why the people must rise up now.

    The government's plan for the social security system is yet another piece of evidence that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government is finishing the dirty work that the previous governments of ND and PASOK could not.

    Because it is dirty work to implement to the letter the demands that capital has been making for years i.e. that the state abolishes the social character of insurance so that this money can be given to the capitalists to make investments.

    Because it is dirty work to transform social-security into a private matter for each worker and self-employed and to transform the pension into a "poorhouse" allowance and thus to pave the way for the health-care businesses and insurance companies to make enormous profits.

    And if certain people still get annoyed when we talk about SYRIZA's dirty work, they should answer the following question:

    What can you call the attempt to placate and trick the movement and the people, when at the same time they are bringing a plan to completely restructure the social-security system in a reactionary direction, other than dirty work?

    D.Koutsoumpas stressed that "The people and working class in the war being unleashed by the government-capital-EU to finish off the social-security system must provide their own answer to the real dilemma:"Acquiescence to the slaughter or a popular uprising?" They must respond by organizing their struggle, by strengthening the social alliance in the direction of rupture and conflict with capital and its power.

    Because when we are talking about social security we are essentially talking about healthcare, welfare, medical cover, the protection of maternity, cover for work-related accidents, about rights and gains regarding every aspect of our lives.

    Yes, the Communist Party of Greece, insists on talking about rights and gains, about what the people obviously need today to live decently.

    Yes we should live a life with dignity and modern rights!

    The worker, after many years of toil, should retire at a suitable age and live decently. The unemployed, the pensioners should have medical cover, medical exams, and affordable medicines. The workers should have cover for work-related accidents. The family and maternity should be protected. There should be high quality health and welfare services for all.

    And to those who ask us if all these things are possible, if we can really enjoy a life with rights, we answer categorically. Yes we can, because today, despite the negative consequences and difficulties due to the crisis, our country has significant productive potential.

    There are enormous scientific and technological developments. Thanks to the people's labour and the wealth they produce, the preconditions exist for a dignified and prosperous life.

    And the workers enjoyed such a life with rights in places where their needs and not the needs of capital were the focus. In places where workers'-people's power was in control of the economy, i.e. in countries where socialism was constructed and indeed in the previous century.

    The KKE insists, in opposition to the sirens that call for submission, on talking about real rupture and conflict with capital and its power.

    It issues a call for the people to join the radical path of struggle that aims to abolish capitalist ownership and power.

    The labour-people's movement can struggle and have results on this path, block anti-people measures and make gains.

    Our people have not yet attempted to consistently and continuously follow this path to its victorious conclusion.

    Our people have not yet tested their strength." He added:" Now more people are beginning to realize why the KKE insists that the people's prosperity presupposes more comprehensive changes at the level of power and the economy, which will disengage the country from the EU and NATO."

    Representatives from the embassies of Cuba, Palestine, Venezuela, and Vietnam, cultural figures and artists, representatives from mass organizations attended the event. After the political speech there was a musical-theatrical performance.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Workers’ protests against the new anti-people plans of the government

    The forces of PAME carried out a mass protest outside the Megaro Maximou (Prime Ministers’ official residence) on Friday 8/1/2016 against the SYRIZA-ANEL government’s measures that are the coup de grace for Social Security.

    On 7/1/2016, a meeting was held between the Prime Minister, A. Tsipras, and the representatives of the employers’ organizations at the Megaro Maximou. The representatives agreed with the new anti-worker measures of the “left” government. These measures provide for new reductions in pensions, increases in the retirement age for workers, new additional social-security contributions for the workers and popular strata. These are measures that further strengthen the businessmen and are at the expense of the workers and pensioners.

    So, on Friday, dozens of demonstrators, workers, young people and pensioners surprised the police and gathered outside the Megaro Maximou before 8 AM to carry out a snap mobilization, which had not been previously announced in public, unfurling PAME’s banner, sending the message:

    “All must take part in the struggle! No compromise with the new crime”, “Take back the plan to destroy social security”.

    Christos Katsotis, member of the CC of the KKE and an MP, was present at the demonstration.

    At 12.00 midday PAME also carried out a mobilization outside the Ministry of Labour.

    The security forces used teargas and stun grenades in order to impede PAME's demonstrators from outside the Ministry of Labour uniting with those outside the Megaro Maximou.

    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    The people’s resistance can block the political line of the government

    The workers'-people's mobilizations have been intensifying in Greece since the beginning of 2016, focusing on the reactionary changes the SYRIZA-ANEL government is seeking to make to the social-security and pension system, wiping out significant workers' gains, increasing the social-security contributions of the workers and the retirement age, reducing pensions and cutting social benefits, e.g. for people with special needs.
    Hundreds of trade unions all over the country, rallied by the All-workers' Militant Front (PAME) have been carrying out mobilizations in the first weeks of 2016 including pickets, rallies, symbolic occupations of public buildings, demonstrations, strikes. So, yesterday, 26/1, PAME held new demonstrations in Athens and other cities. The demonstrators in Athens reached Parliament, at the time when the discussion between the political leaders was underway in relation to the impending anti-people changes to the social-security system. At the same time, PAME's forces are playing the leading role in organizing the general strike that has been called for the 4th of February. PAME's basic demand is for the government to withdraw its plans, the law "guillotine", as the anti-people plans of the "leftwing" SYRIZA government have been labeled by the workers.
    In addition, all over the country there are impressive mobilizations of small and medium farmers, who have set up dozens of roadblocks on the country's motorways, protesting against the heavy taxes, against the EU's political line that is destroying them, as well as against the government's plan to foist new burdens on them in relation to social-security. Only at one roadblock outside the city of Larisa (Nikaia), on the country's central motorway, over 2,500 tractors have gathered at the largest farmers' roadblock in the country. Representatives from 37 roadblocks met on 26/1 at Nikaia to discuss the framework of their demands. They stress in their resolution that "We came onto the roads to struggle for our survival. To fight against the political line that wants to destroy us, to drive us off the land, to poverty and destitution, so that the land and production can be concentrated in the hands of the big farmers and business groups, implementing the directives of the CAP and of the EU in general. So that the measures to wipe out the small and medium farmers do not pass, i.e. the measures of the Third memorandum that the government agreed to with its partners, the EU and IMF, and passed with votes of other parties. These measures attack the workers and the people as a whole." The small and medium farmers refuse to take their tractors off the roads and discuss with the government until it withdraws its draft law for the social-security system and responds to their demands, such as, for example, those related to tax reductions, reductions to the cost of production and others.
    The self-employed, youth, women, who are also being attacked by the government's plans, are at the side of PAME and the small and medium farmers. An important role in these popular mobilizations is being played by the forces of the "All-farmers' Militant Rally" (PASY), the "Nationwide Anti-monopoly Rally" (PASEVE), the Students' Struggle Front (MAS) and the Federation of Greek Women (OGE). The size and dynamism of the mobilizations is such that the silence of the foreign media (US, European, Russian etc.) is noteworthy. These media have either completely concealed these mobilizations or have mentioned them in a very brief way. For this reason, the KKE is adding new photographs and videos from these struggles onto its foreign language web pages on a daily basis- While those that understand Greek can visit the KKE's news portal at , where there is the relevant news stream.
    Dimitris Koutsoumpas: The SYRIZA government is a useful multitool of the decaying capitalist system
    Dimitris Koutsoumpas, the GS of the CC of the KKE, speaking in Parliament on 26/1, noted amongst other things" "Social security is one of the most important gains.
    It is at the heart of the life of the families from the working class and popular strata. It safeguards the protection of the weak, including social insurance and pension cover, access to health and welfare services, special institutional protection for those who have unsafe and unhealthy occupations, protection from work-related accidents, leave for pregnancy and recuperation.
    These gains were not given easily, but achieved through the tough and bloody struggles of the workers".

    The GS of the CC of the KKE stressed that the goals of the government are the implementation of the plans of the capitalists to end the social character to insurance, to transform it into a private matter for each individual worker. So that sections of capital-insurance companies, big health businesses- to benefit from the collapse of the social-security system. In addition, thousands of poor farmers and self-employed people, who cannot endure the competition, are being violently driven from production. Their position in production will be taken by the large capitalist businesses.
    D. Koutsoumpas underlined that "this government is finishing the dirty work, on behalf of capital, that ND and PASOK did not have the time or were not able to finish." He underscored that the SYRIZA government is a "useful multitool of this decaying system."
    The GS of the CC tabled in Parliament the draft law, which the KKE has elaborated and meets the needs of the people today in relation to social security and also expressed the party's support for the workers', farmers' and other popular mobilizations, stressing that "the same and similar measures are being taken in all the EU countries. They are directions that have been in place since the beginning of the 1990s."
    He added that "The only force that can impede the government's plans to impoverish the people, that can put a brake on the surge of the monopoly groups and their governments is a strong social alliance of the people. The KKE calls on the workers to join a mass front of struggle to save and strengthen the institution of public social security (...) We say that we can lead a life with dignity, with contemporary rights. In any case, this is what history teaches us and also the gains of other peoples in the socialist countries, which were achieved in the previous century. Insurance, pensions, medical cover were the exclusive responsibility of the state (...) So we can live, our people can live as they deserve to, as long as the our country's productive potential, natural resources, concentrated means of production, become socially owned, under the aegis of people's power. So that they are utilized through central planning, which will be scientifically guided, with the active participation of the workers in the organization and administration of social production and social services, with disengagement from the shackles of the EU and unilateral cancellation of the debt. Only in this way can there be an end to the increasing torments of our people caused by the capitalist system, its crises, the EU and the governments that manage this path."

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    Slide show at link.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    The size and dynamism of the mobilizations is such that the silence of the foreign media (US, European, Russian etc.) is noteworthy. These media have either completely concealed these mobilizations or have mentioned them in a very brief way.
    If there is really any need to remind folks of whose side Putin/Russia is on, this quotation is an easy 'go-to'. Workers' rights, the needs of the peoples, ending the reign of terror of the EU/NATO/IMF/capitalists/oligarchs over the working citizens of all nations - these are anathema to Putin and his masters. Putin is a Russian Bush. I would have said "Russian Obama", but that comparison doesn't fit as well...
    "America was never great"

    "Anyone who analyzes the state of affairs in the world will find that it is the imperialists and capitalists, who subject the world to the worst poverty, the worst backwardness, and they are simply the scourge of mankind." - Fidel

    "Privilege begets psychopathy" - blindpig

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    Greek police turn to teargas as tempers flare over pensions

    Scuffles broke out and police used teargas during a mass rally in Athens on Thursday as Greeks railed against government pension reforms needed to meet demands of international creditors.

    Demanding an end to austerity, about 50,000 Greeks marched peacefully on parliament in central Athens chanting for the government to ditch the proposals, which many see as a betrayal of the leftist values of the main governing party, Syriza.

    Public health workers carried black balloons, and a large banner depicting a hunched-over nurse with a walking stick. "This is retirement at 67," it said, a reference to the later pension age that will come from the reforms.

    Breaking away from the main march, black clad youths hurled stones and petrol bombs at police, who responded with rounds of teargas and stun grenades. Some of them smashed bus stops and set a car alight after the march, during a cat-and-mouse game between police and protesters in the back streets of central Athens.

    The angry backlash is piling pressure on leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, first elected just over a year ago. With just a three-seat majority in parliament, he is stuck between either pushing the reforms through to appease international creditors, or attracting the wrath of thousands of Greeks.

    "They should be strung up here, in Syntagma Square," said pensioner Nikos Ghinis as he walked along with thousands of others in central Athens. "I'm getting 740 euros ($826.21) a month for 40 years of work ... I'm (demonstrating) here for my children and grandchildren," he told Reuters.

    It was the second nationwide walkout since Tsipras took power in January 2015 on a pledge to end years of austerity, only to cave in under the threat of expulsion from the euro zone and sign up to new belt-tightening reforms under an EU-IMF bailout package worth up to 86 billion euros.

    "They are raiding our souls not just our pockets," said 70-year old George Stathopoulos. "They betrayed us."


    The 24-hour strike coincides with a major review of Greece's performance on terms of its bailout. The heads of the European Union and International Monetary Fund mission assessing Greece's progress arrived in Athens earlier this week to discuss the pension plan, tax reforms and bad loans weighing on Greek banks.

    Greek ministers were in talks with the mission chiefs in a hotel near Syntagma square, when the clashes erupted.

    The government wants to conclude the review swiftly to start talks on debt relief and convince Greeks that their sacrifices are paying off after six years of austerity and a deep recession that have brought the jobless rate to 25 percent.

    Greece's economy will be the only one in the European Union to shrink this year, the EU Commission said on Thursday, but the fall is much smaller than previously estimated.

    Greece has promised to cut pension spending by 1 percent of GDP, or 1.8 billion euros, this year. To protect retired people whose pensions have been slashed 11 times already since 2010, the government plans to increase social security contributions by employees and employers.

    But unions say the new plan will increase unemployment as the costs for hard-pressed businesses will go up, and will force workers, mainly the self-employed, into tax evasion as it links social security contributions to declared income.

    Under the terms of pension reform, social security contributions will increase almost threefold in coming years

    (Additional reporting Phoebe Fronista; Writing by Michele Kambas; Editing by Jeremy Gaunt.)

    Riot police react to petrol bombs thrown by masked youths in Syntagma Square during a 24-hour general strike against planned pension reforms in Athens, Greece, February 4, 2016.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  9. #9
    (The typical 'riot' footage which msm uses to explain these things would not copy in the above post but here's a bit from KKE showing what's really important.)

    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  10. #10
    The working people demanded: Take back the law-guillotine

    The largest strike mobilization of recent years was held on 4/2/2016. Thousands of people, workers, farmers, self-employed, students and school-students, filled the streets of all the country's major cities, with as their central demand the withdrawal of the SYRIZA-ANEL government's draft law for the social security system.

    This law has been characterized as a "law-guillotine", as it reduces pensions, increases the social security contributions of the workers, reduces state spending on the public system of health and welfare and increases the retirement age.

    The strike demonstrations of the All-workers' Militant Front (PAME), together with the forces of the social people's alliance, were the most mass in character all over the country. The other components of this alliance are: the "All-farmers Militant Rally" (PASY), the "Nationwide Anti-monopoly Rally" (PASEVE), the forces of the Students' Struggle Front (MAS), the Federation of Greek Women (OGE).The farmers with their tractors took part in the workers' strike mobilizations in many Greek cities, symbolizing the common struggle of the working class with the poor and medium farmers.

    Thousands of workers all over the country fought to defend the strike early in the morning, outside the factories, the shops, the services, ports etc., against the strike-breaking apparatus of the employers. Production and services came to a standstill across the entire country.

    PAME's demonstration in Athens was enormous. It passed in front of the Parliament. When the head of the march reached the Columns of Olympian Zeus, its tail was still in Omonia sq, filling all the central roads for a distance of over 3 kilometres. It was a mass popular mobilization, which according to all the estimates was at least 4 times the size of the other demonstration organized by the compromised leaderships of the GSEE and ADEDY federation together with social-democratic and ultra-left groups, and groups of so-called "anti-authoritarians", who at the end engaged in some small-scale incidents with the police.

    The speaker at the central rally of PAME was G. Perros, member of the Executive Secretariat of PAME, who attacked the plans of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, the EU and big capital, stressing that:"The big businesses will not give up on pursuing their interests! They have immediate and vital interests in dismantling Social Security. The measures mean new wealth and the increase of profitability for them. For us, however, they mean even greater misery, poverty, a life without rights, minimal health and welfare cover!

    We have the power to stop them! We have the power to escalate our struggle, so that they come face to face with impregnable wall created by the people and a solid front of struggle that will not be stemmed.”

    Christos Pasoulas, a member of the National Secretariat of PASY and Valentin Pacho, Deputy General Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) also addressed the rally.

    Statement of the GS of the CC of the KKE

    The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, attended PAME's strike rally in Athens and made the following statement:

    "The great success of the general strike, the large demonstrations in all the country's cities, the militant roadblocks of the farmers, the participation of hundreds of thousands of self-employed, professionals-scientists, youth and women from the popular families send a message: This situation cannot continue.

    The monstrous draft law that destroys the social-security system must be withdrawn immediately. The anti-worker and anti-people laws must be abolished. We escalate and continue the struggle until the final victory. With working class unity, with the workers in the frontline, with the social people's alliance of all the workers in every sector. With an orientation against the monopolies that exploit us, against the capitalist system that drags down the lives of the working people even further. We must take matters into our own hands."

    Statement of PAME

    In its statement after the strike, PAME calls for more militant, more dynamic struggles, with more advanced forms, for an increase in the number of mobilizations, with general meetings in the workplaces, with work stoppages, sectoral strikes. There must be struggles in every sector, every union must take the decision for a new even bigger and mass strike so that they will not dare to bring the draft law to Parliament to be voted on.

    As the Statement stresses:

    "Today’s strike was special. It clearly demonstrated that without the working people nothing works. No factories, no farms, no shops, no ports, trains, no forms of transport. When the working people stop production, the country comes to a standstill!

    The great success of today’s strike, the massive strike rallies in every city, the militant roadblocks of the poor farmers all over Greece, the streets that flooded with people, reveal the potential that exists today to block the new crime of the Government against Social Security, to move forward with new demands.

    Today’s strike revealed the great weapon of the people: the alliance of workers, self-employed, poor farmers, women, and youth. The success of today’s general strike shows the strength of the popular alliance, how important and valuable its formation and strengthening are, with demands and slogans that strike at the heart of those who enrich themselves at our expense today, our exploiters, the monopolies, the big employers, the EU and their governments.[..]
    The working class and popular strata can live as they deserve. For this reason we must not retreat an inch from the slogan "the law-guillotine must not pass", from the demand that this monstrous draft law that dismantles and buries social security must be withdrawn.

    PAME calls for more militant, more powerful struggles, with more advanced forms! We can stop this crime!

    Every day they must feel our presence, in every workplace, branch, school, university, apprenticeship, neighborhood, everywhere!

    This is not the End! This is the beginning!”

    Other video at link.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Workers-Farmers, one voice and one fist

    Thousands of farmers flooded the centre of Athens, outside the Parliament building, on the 12th and 13th of February. The farmers are waging a struggle of economic survival and for over 20 days and nights have set up roadblocks at around 100 points on the national highways. At the initiative of 68 roadblocks, a decision was taken to hold a national farmers' demonstration in Syntagma Square in Athens.
    It was decided to hold a demonstration as the next step to escalate the struggle of the small and medium farmers, in a meeting held a week ago in Nikaia, Larisa, where it was also decided to maintain and reinforce the roadblocks, to intensify their local activity, to reject every attempt by the government to set up a dialogue in order to manipulate the farmers' struggle without taking back any of the measures that are driving the small and medium farmers off the land.
    Tens of thousands of farmers reached Athens by coach and ferry to demonstrate, while those gathered enthusiastically welcomed a symbolic number of 18 tractors, which had set out a day earlier from the country's biggest roadblock on the national highway at Nikaia (Larisa).The tractors that arrived after a 14 hour journey were bedecked with flags depicting Marinos Antypas (1872-1907), the socialist revolutionary who was murdered by the big landowners.
    Representatives of many farmers' roadblocks and workers' trade unions spoke at the rally.
    The two-day farmers' mobilization gained the support and solidarity of workers and other popular strata. The class-oriented unions, rallied in the All-workers' Militant Front (PAME), highlighted the need to strengthen the common struggle together with the farmers, to reinforce the alliance with the poor urban and rural popular strata. The success of the farmers' demonstration, in combination with the successful general strike on the 4th of February, creates better conditions for the escalation of the workers'-people's struggle, with the central demand being the withdrawal of the law-guillotine for the social security system.
    As the presidents of the farmers' associations in the prefectures of Karditsa and Larisa noted, the struggling farmers will return to the roadblocks after the rally in Athens, where they will decide on the suitable forms for the further continuation of their struggle.

    Statements of the GS of the CC of the KKE
    Dimitris Koutsoumpas, the GS of the CC of the KKE, attended the national farmers' demonstration on Friday evening, 12th of February, and made the following statement:
    "The farmers' demands are just. The struggle of the Greek farmers is just. We are at their side. The government must at last stop slandering the farmers' movement, the Greek farmers. They are fighting and struggling for decent lives for them and their families, so that they can remain in their fields and villages. So that they can live decently and produce the food necessary for the Greek people. Primary production, the agricultural economy must be supported, here and now.
    The government after today's popular mobilization must withdraw the monstrous draft law that will destroy the social-security system. This bill cannot be improved or amended. If in the end they bring it before Parliament, it must be defeated. It must not push forward with the draft tax laws, which once more attack Greek farmers and the working people as a whole. On the contrary, it must abolish the crushing tax laws, all the anti-social security laws, to continue to provide free fuel, as it does to the ship-owners, so that the Greek farmer has cheap energy and can produce and feed the Greek people, being able to cover the costs of production, so that their families can live decently and proudly in the Greek villages and countryside. We, the workers, unemployed, all the other farmers who could not travel here today, the self-employed tradesmen, the youth, the women from the popular families are with them. We will continue until the victory. We wish everyone strength."
    The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, also attended the solidarity demonstration (Saturday the 13th of February) with the small and medium farmers organized by labour unions, federations and labour centres, rallied in PAME, and stated the following to the mass media:
    “There is one message: Workers-farmers one voice, one fist. Workers, farmers, the urban self-employed, the pensioners, youth, women from the popular families, have common class interests against the class that exploits them, against the anti-people guillotine-laws, like the social security and tax bills, against the governments that vote for these laws, against the predatory alliances that suck our people dry. What we need now is a people's alliance and counterattack.”

    Other video and slide show at link.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    We honour the heroic people's army, the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE), we are inspired by and learn from its titanic struggle

    The unveiling of a special monument, worthy of the sacrifice of the fighters of the DSE who fell in the battle of Florina in February 1949, took place on Sunday 14th of February during a special event organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece in Florina. This event was held in the framework of the celebrations of the KKE's 100th anniversary.

    The monument was erected at a location where over 700 partisans of the DSE, men and women, are buried. It was designed by Memos Makris.

    Thousands of people responded to the call of the KKE. They took part in a march that began in the centre of the town of Florina and reached the place where the unveiling of the monument took place.

    The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, spoke at the event and stressed amongst other things:

    "It is our duty and task to project the contribution of the heroic people's army, the Democratic Army of Greece in its harsh, unequal, bloody but just struggle. The battle of Florina was one of the most difficult and deadly battles that the DSE participated in. The bourgeois army had understood the intentions of the DSE in good time due to the major concentration of its forces in the area and its intensive exercises with live ammunition. The fact that the bourgeois army was prepared for this battle and having the balance of forces in its favour, made this military confrontation unequal for the DSE from the very beginning, as the DSE had lost the advantage of surprise, which resulted in it having a disadvantageous position from the outset. However, the partisans of the DSE fought with incomparable heroism and self-sacrifice in this battle, fully aware of their mission and duty. As in many other instances, they bravely attempted in unbelievably difficult conditions, with their unbending will and dedication to their just cause as their main weapons, to reverse the unequal balance of forces and to do the impossible.

    Despite the defeat and heavy losses (over 800 were killed and 1,000 wounded), the moral and political superiority and indomitable courage of the DSE were clearly demonstrated.

    After the end of the fighting, the bourgeois army committed an outrage. It gathered the dead fighters of the DSE and many wounded and buried them, both the dead and living, with bulldozers in a pit that it had dug in a field on the south east side of the city, in the area known as Agios Giorgos, i.e. where we are standing today.

    The KKE bought this field in 2009 in order to erect a monument to the heroic and honoured dead of Florina, which we are unveiling today.

    The monument was designed by the important artist, Memos Makris. His daughter, Kleio Makris, granted us the rights to this work."

    As was stressed by D.Koutsoumpas "in the framework of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of our party, the projection of the DSE's struggle is enormously important. We honour the DSE, its contribution and we are inspired by its titanic struggle. We study, we learn, we continue. This is the best and greatest way to honour the thousands of fighting men and women of the DSE who "fell in an unequal battle and struggle.

    The struggle of the DSE was a just one. It was mass popular armed response to the ruthless attempt of the bourgeoisie to subjugate or exterminate the great EAM movement in order to consolidate its anti-people power. In order to achieve this goal, it used all means available, with murderous violence and naked mass terror as its main weapons, decisively supported militarily and economically initial by British and then later by US imperialism.

    Almost a year after the heroic December of 1944 and the unacceptable "Varkiza Agreement", which imposed the disarming and dissolution of the people's liberation army, ELAS, the following against the EAM movement and the KKE :1,289 murders, 6,671 wounded, 31,632 acts of torture, 18,767 acts of looting and imprisonment, 84,931 arrests, 509 attempted murders, 265 rapes.

    The stark choice for the party and movement: Submission or a new uprising. It chose, even if in a delayed way, to march on the path of conflict and not that of submission and humiliation. So, the mass armed popular struggle confronted the armed violence of the bourgeois state directed by the governments of the bourgeois parties and supported by the USA and G. Britain, which sought to secure their barbaric system of exploitation and to integrate the country into imperialist alliances.

    The military conflict was harsh and year by year became even more unequal for the popular class forces. The "Truman Doctrine" and the "Marshall Plan" contributed decisively to the bourgeoisie's victory. The USA's napalm bombs were first used and testes against the DSE' partisans.

    The DSE may have been defeated militarily, but despite the atrocities, bigotry and anti-communist vehemence of the bourgeois state after the civil war, which manifested itself through the savage terror of executions, mass persecution, imprisonments and exiles, they were not able to erase the magnificence of its struggle, it moral and political superiority.

    For this reason, the mechanisms of the bourgeoisie never ceased their distortions and slanders against the struggle of the DSE and KKE. Opportunism has made its contribution to these efforts, as it characterizes the sacrifices as being in vain and the armed people's struggle as adventurism.

    No struggle of the labour-people's movement and of the communists, no sacrifice was in vain. This is the lesson of the history of the peoples and the revolutionary movement. Through small and great victories, painful defeats and setbacks, the revolutionary movement of the working class learns, regroups and advances, becoming more capable and powerful in the struggle to overthrow capitalism and with more impetus drives forwards for the victory of the peoples.

    The struggle of the DSE honoured the previous struggles of the people's movement and was the major inspiration for the struggles of the following generations. It continues to inspire and teach.


    We hold firmly in our hands the flag that represents the greatest and most human ideals in whose service they fell. We raise it up high. So that we can put an end to the exploitation of man by man, wars, poverty. For socialism-communism.

    No conciliation with the class enemy. The completely opposed and hostile worlds which confronted each other at that time, remain as hostile and irreconcilable today.

    The working class, the poor popular strata, the youth suffer from the continuous assault against their most basic rights that aims to safeguard the highest level of profitability for the monopolies.

    The SYRIZA-ANEL government continues its anti-people political line, picking up from where the ND-PASOK governments had left off. It is attempting to finish the dirty work at the expense of our people, with the support of domestic capital and the EU. The promises it gave to the people proved to be false, while the ideological constructs that "there is a political line which increases the profits of the capitalists and improves the lives of the workers", "that the EU can change" and other big talk have been proved to be traps in order to disarm the people's radicalization and indignation.

    The capitalist system and its state bring only disaster to the people, regardless of who is in government. It is now historically obsolete, obstructs social progress, gives rise only to poverty, economic crises and wars.

    The only way for the people to put an end to poverty, unemployment and ensure their own prosperity, peace and sovereign rights, is that of the people's alliance for the overthrow of the monopolies' power and the disengagement of the country from the imperialist organizations, with workers'-people's power.

    And this path can be opened by a strong KKE and an emancipated people, who know their history and learn from and are inspired by it.

    Every working man and woman, who are the victims of relentless exploitation, every young person who start their lives in this jungle, where the injustice of the powerful prevails, is in a position to understand the cause and aim of this ideological offensive.

    The exploiters, their hangers on, the warmongers and their unions attack the ideology of class struggle, precisely because they worry about the future of their class's domination. They fear the working class, the poor farmers, the toiling self-employed. They take preemptive measures so that the working class cannot become conscious of its social position and historical mission. Their fear about the future is what makes them focus their ideological offensive on the youth. They want to assimilate their liveliness, creativity and militant stance into their plans. They will not succeed in this! The social contradictions cannot be controlled by the ideological constructs concerning so-called national unity and the alleged abolition of the dividing lines in society, which are propagandized by the SYRIZA government and the official opposition ND, with the chorus of approval of the eager servants of the system.

    As history demonstrates, the great bourgeois revolutions, like the French Revolution in 1789, and the proletarian revolutions, above all the great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, brought humanity forwards. The decisive contribution of the Soviet Union to crushing fascist imperialism during the 2nd World War and to the national liberation movements, the struggle of the peoples of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Cuba and Palestine brought the world forwards.

    We are in solidarity with all the peoples that struggle for their rights. We fight to strengthen the mass political struggle in Greece. We know that the path is very difficult, and that the most difficult obstacles lie in front of us. But we have deep faith in the working class, in the radical popular forces.

    The political line of the KKE can rally many more thousands of workers, unemployed people, pensioners, youth, women, small and medium farmers, self-employed, tradesmen, intellectuals.

    The correlation of forces will change. What is needed is for this to happen as rapidly as possible. And for this manifest itself now everywhere.

    In the everyday struggles, in the labour unions, the farmers' associations, the associations of the self-employed, in the schools, in the higher education institutions, in the local elections, in the parliamentary elections, whenever they are held.

    This must be expressed through the weakening of all the bourgeois and opportunist parties, their memoranda, anti-people laws and their imperialist predatory alliances.

    We must make the KKE as strong as possible, to raise it up ideologically, politically and organizationally so that is capable of rallying even more forces and strengthening the conditions for the creation of a new great social anti-capitalist anti-monopoly alliance for workers'-people's power.

    There is no other way out for the people. The representatives of social-democracy and political adventurism, who trumpet the need for another "European model" as an alternative solution, are deceiving the workers.

    We got to know the "middle way" through such governments in the past and present, in Italy, France, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, today in Greece, in other European countries and all over the world.

    In every instance hopes and expectations were disappointed, pro-capital measures were taken, the people were disillusioned, the people's-labour movement retreated or collapsed.

    The allegedly realistic "third way" is capital's way, the path for the defeat of the people and the ridiculing of their ideals and dreams.

    Together with the KKE, in the furnace of the class struggles of the people

    Some apologists of the system and of the victors' hatred, who exorcise the civil war as if it were a curse, do this in order to justify the barbarity of capitalism that organizes and wages a civil war every day against the working class and popular strata.

    Their goal is to denounce the legitimate right of the peoples to defend their rights, using all the forms of struggle available to them, and above all their right to and their struggle for a better life without the exploitation of man by man.

    We are fully conscious that you must examine history objectively. That you must study the positive and negative aspects, with the mistakes and shortcomings. There is enormous experience from the class struggles, in particular from the struggle of the DSE. There must be no class hatred towards the children of the working class, the farmers, towards the people, Greek men and women, who were conscripted and fought, brother against brother, in the civil war in the ranks of the bourgeois army. The class hatred and the dividing lines are not aimed against the working people, regardless of whether they vote for "leftwing" or "rightwing" parties, or how they define themselves ideologically. There must be class hatred and indeed an intensification of it towards a system, a class, a state and their imperialist warmongering predatory alliances which massacre the peoples.

    The workers, employees, popular strata that follow the social-democracy of SYRIZA, the neo-liberal ND, as well as other parties of the so-called centre-left or centre or right, in reality have no place in these formations. All of them, the ordinary people, have a place here: In the KKE and together with the KKE.

    The attempts to blacken and to distort the historical contribution, as well as the current activity of the KKE, take on many different forms. One of them is the blatant slander that the KKE allegedly is not interested in the pressing problems of the people, in their demands, and that it refers everything to a distant socialist future. The relationship of a party, however, with the labour and people's movement cannot be formed on a contingent basis, or in an adventurist opportunistic way. The relationship of the KKE with the people was built on the fact that the KKE and KNE were always in the frontline of the struggle concerning all the social needs as they were expressed in each historical period.

    And so today, we are in the frontline of the struggle, together with the people as a whole, so that the monstrous draft law which will destroy social security does not pass, so that there are no tax burdens, so that all the anti-worker anti-people laws are abolished. We are the first in the strike battles, the demonstrations and rallies, in the farmers' roadblocks, in the struggles of the self-employed, professionals and scientists, in the struggles of the students and school students, pensioners and women from the popular strata. The heart of our future beats here. This how the struggles and sacrifices for a better future will be vindicated. Here with the KKE in the furnace of the class struggles of the people, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    In the run up to the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of our party, in 2018, we swear in the memory of the hundreds of thousands of our people's heroes that we will continue along the same class-oriented line of struggle for the just cause of the salaried worker, employee and their families.

    We are committed to struggling, in alliance with the farmers and self-employed, for the defense of the needs of the workers, unemployed, pensioners, refugees and immigrants.

    We are committed to intensifying our initiatives to coordinate the communist line of struggle at a European and international level, in the struggle against exploitation, oppression and wars.

    We are committed, with our Marxist education, historical understanding of the class struggle and the experience from the struggles as our weapons, to free the historical truth from the obfuscation created by capital to serve its class interests. We fight against the defeatist fake left adaption to the system as well.




    The position of KKE needs no further explanation.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Protests at the Ministry of Defense against NATO's involvement in the Aegean

    The mass mobilization that took place in the afternoon of Thursday 25th of February at the Ministry of Defense against NATO's involvement in the Aegean ended with the symbolic blockade of the Ministry's gate and with the slogan "EU and NATO are the syndicate of war, close the bases of death now."

    The mass protest was organized by the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE), while PAME, OGE, EEDDA (Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity), OBSA (Athens Federation of Craftsmen)and MAS, issued a call for people to participate. A plethora of organizations of the people's movement, workers, youth and women responded to the call.

    A delegation of the CC of the KKE also attended the mobilization, headed by the members of the PB, Giorgos Marinos and Louiza Razou.

    A similar mobilization against NATO's involvement in the Aegean was the All-Crete protest at the NATO firing range on the island.

    The speaker at the rally was the president of EEDYE and MP of the KKE, Stavros Tassos, who stressed that the "SYRIZA-ANEL government plays the leading role in implementing the very dangerous political line that serves the interests of the monopolies and assimilates our country even more deeply into the war plans of NATO and the EU."

    The demonstrators demanded:

    •NATO out of the Aegean
    •No participation of Greece in the imperialist interventions
    •The euro-atlantic military bases in Greece must be closed now."

    Slide show at link.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Farmers: The struggle continues with other forms

    A mass rally to commemorate the uprising of the tenant farmers (1910) in Kileler, Sunday 28/2/2016, saw the completion of one phase of the struggle of the small and medium farmers. As their representatives noted, after almost 40 days of roadblocks on all the country's highways, and the experience drawn from these roadblocks, they will continue the struggle with other forms.

    Representatives from the various farmers' roadblocks from all over the country spoke at the rally. The central speaker was Vangelis Boutas, member of the Nationwide Committee of Roadblocks and president of the Unified Federation of Farmers' Associations of Karditsa.

    V. Boutas noted that farmers were doing what they can to keep their land that this is reflected in their line of struggle. They fight against the monopolies and the multinationals that sell them the machinery and other resources at very high prices, against the banks that drink their blood, against the big retailers that take their crops at unbelievably low prices.

    And he also stated that "the EU and the IMF and the governments want to collect money not from the rich, but from us, the poor farmers and workers," V. Boutas stressed that "in this struggle we waged, we came to understand once again that alone we cannot succeed. For this reason, we must strengthen our joint struggle together with the workers and other popular strata."He underscored that the demands they tabled in their meeting with the government had to do with the very survival of the small and medium farmers. For the first time, the government accepted the need for there to exist a tax-exempt level for the farmers' income and other tax credits. Due to the struggle of the farmers and workers, the social-security bill's tabling in parliament has already been delayed by two months. As was stressed by V.Boutas, "We will be ready at any moment to react when the government brings it to be voted on in parliament."Of course, we will wait to see what the final legislation looks like in order to ascertain if the commitments have been honoured. We will be ready for battle. And from tomorrow we will be preparing to return to Athens, if necessary."

    Slide show at link.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    We Condemn The Prosecutions Against The Metal Workers Union!
    on 29 February 2016. Posted in Press Releases
    The capitalists and their state criminalize the trade union action, the struggle of the Metal Workers Union of Athens!

    Metal workers are being systematically dragged to trials with false charges, especially the last two years.

    We are dealing with an “industry” of persecutions against the trade unionist workers, which was set up by the employers’ mechanisms in the Industrial Zone of Schisto (a few kilometers outside Athens) in order to intimidate the Union and generally every worker who is trying to stand up against them and struggle for his rights. Almost every member of the Union’s leadership are being accused while it’s the contractors who stand up against them, as prosecutors. Needless to say that many of the contractors are having close relations with the Nazi Criminal organization of Golden Dawn.

    In some cases, Greek Justice brings back some cold cases which were on the verge of the lapse. In other trials, the prosecuted trade unionists are being convicted despite the opposite position of the prosecutor. In the same time, there are also completely unjustified convictions, which constitute a real provocation for the working class.

    The criminal prosecutions are not accidental. Neither the way, nor the time of the prosecutions is random. The hundreds of law suits come as a result of the furious employers’ reaction who made their best in order to prevent the union’s presence in the Industrial Zone. The employers’ intimidations were escalated in 2007 during a strike which endured for 2,5 months and demanded a collective labor agreement as well as the expansion of workers’ conquests (7 hours- 5 days – 35 hours) on all the Industrial Zone.

    This issue has not only to do with the Metal Workers Union - which is threatened by the employers with financial extermination because of the large trial costs- but also with every Trade Union, the whole people.

    The employers, along with their allies, are trying to impose medieval working conditions through the criminalization of the union action and transform the whole region into a Special Economic Zone.

    We appeal on all trade unions, on every workers’ and people’s organization to prevent these plans. We appeal on every one to condemn the criminalization of workers’ struggles, to enforce their support and solidarity to the prosecuted trade unionists metal workers!

    Athens, February 29, 2016
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  16. #16
    The positions of the KKE on the refugee-immigrant question

    The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, during the meeting of the political leaders called by the President of the Republic on the refugee question last Friday (4/3/2016) submitted a paper with the full and elaborated positions of the party on the specific issue.

    “1.The KKE, from the very first moment of the sharpening of the refugee-immigration issue, attempted to explain its causes to the Greek people, which are the wars and interventions unleashed by the USA, NATO and the EU in the wider region of the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, in the framework of their competition with other forces, like Russia.

    2. Needless to say the people who are victims of wars, interventions and reactionary regimes have the right to seek a safer life in other countries, despite the fact that a permanent solution to the problem can be found if the people of each country organize and struggle to overthrow the system that creates wars, poverty and refugees.

    3. The situation has been exacerbated in the recent period, due to the confrontation between Russia and Turkey, the development of Turkey's military activity in Northern Syria, as well as the direct involvement of NATO in the Aegean Sea, which was decided at the recent summit of NATO defense ministers, after the request of the Greek government as well. This involvement is using the refugee issue as a pretext, but in essence is related to the antagonisms and escalation of the war in Syria, while it prepares new possible interventions in other countries in the region. This development will sharpen the problem of the refugee flows. At the same time, this development has encouraged aggressiveness and provocativeness on the part of Turkey, as was apparent from its actions in recent days, which dispute Greece's sovereign rights in the Aegean Sea, utilizing the well-known position of NATO that the Aegean is a single operational area, a fact that opens up the issue of abolishing Greece's sea borders.

    4. The Greek government must immediately withdraw its agreement to the involvement of a NATO naval force in the Aegean. It must provide no assistance, no infrastructures or bases; it must not allow the use of its land and maritime territories and airspace for the preparation or carrying out of imperialist interventions and wars. In addition, it must withdraw its support for the EU decisions, which together with the Schengen Agreement and the Dublin Regulations, condemn thousands of refugees to being trapped in Greece against their will.

    5. The KKE, from the very first moment when the tendency for the exacerbation of the refugee-immigration issue became clear, denounced the political line of the EU on the refugee-immigration question as being the main cause for the entrapment of refugees and immigrants in various countries that are gateways to the EU, including Greece. The decision of the Summit of 23rd of September 2015 created the conditions for us to arrive at today’s suffocating situation of entrapment. This decision, which was saluted by the Greek government as a success, determines the relocation of a small number of refugees, who the capitalist economies of European countries want to absorb, to EU countries, while the vast majority will face repression, refoulement and entrapment in countries like Greece. The Summit of the 18th of December 2015 "tightened the noose even further" around the refugees and immigrants, with decisions for the strict observance of Schengen, the creation of a European Border and Coast Guard etc. In parallel, it violates the Geneva Convention and does not recognize people coming from countries like Afghanistan as being refugees, despite the fact that they are war zones and under imperialist occupation.

    6. The recent decision of the EU Summit on the 19th of February reproduces the same impasses, such as closed borders, fences, forces of repression and teargas, the ceiling and quotas even for refugees. The ground is being prepared for even more permanent and painful solutions. Certain sections from the decision of this summit are characteristic:"the continued and sustained irregular migrant flows along the Western Balkans route remain a grave concern that requires further concerted action and an end to the wave‑through approach and to uncoordinated measures along the route,.. Asylum seekers do not have the right to choose the Member State in which they seek asylum;"These decisions give the "green light" for bans and entrapment and embolden states, like Austria and others, which unacceptably close the borders. While Germany and Sweden reinforce border controls and restrictions as regards the granting of asylum, strengthening the human trafficking networks and fueling fascist organizations.

    7. Based on the above and given that there can be no solution to or even alleviation of the problem, as long as the imperialist wars and interventions in the region continue and the specific EU and NATO decisions remain in force, the KKE proposes specific positions to relieve the problem, which however require the annulment of the decisions of the imperialist unions and alliances. The consequences can only be dealt with in this direction.
    --Immediate, safe transfer of refugees-immigrants from the first reception countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, as well as from the Greek islands to their final destination countries, under the responsibility of the UN and EU and with full respect for the rights that flow from their refugee status. Especially as regards the islands, this is a direct answer to those who shed tears about the economy, tourism etc.
    --Withdrawal of NATO from the Aegean. NATO's involvement in the Aegean, apart from the hazards for the country's sovereign rights and for the greater entanglement of the people in the war plans of the imperialists in Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean, is dangerous, unacceptable and signals the country's deeper involvement in a more generalized imperialist war. It is in direct breach of the UN Treaties and international law concerning refugees, according to which it is illegal to impede or deter refugees from submitting asylum applications to countries that have accepted and are fully integrated into international refugee law .The refoulement of refugees is also absolutely outlawed.
    --Full respect for the Geneva Convention and international law concerning refugees. Specifically:
    a) The rights that flow from refugee status and asylum seekers must be recognized for all nationalities that the UN attributes a refugee profile to, which includes the Afghan refugees.
    b) The repressive police measures against refugees at the borders with closing of the borders as is happening today in FYROM and other countries must stop.
    c) The imposition of ceilings for asylum applications must stop now, which is being carried out according to the rationale of proportional distribution over time, on the basis of the quotas that have been decided on by the EU-a violation in practice of refugee law.
    --Generous funding for infrastructure and rescue personnel, especially in the winter months, as well as for reception, medical care and registering, under the exclusive responsibility of the state, without any NGO involvement.
    --The creation of decent public temporary reception centres, which will function under the responsibility of the Ministry of Immigration Policy, for as long as the procedures of first reception, medical care, registration and preparation of documents will last, which will allow the safe continuation of the journey for those who want to continue-the overwhelming majority- or the examination of asylum applications for those that choose Greece as their final destination country, which is a relatively small minority.
    --Inactive military camps, unused buildings, properties and facilities etc. that belong to the public sector can be used and adapted for the purpose of providing this accommodation, with the satisfaction of the needs of the refugees and all the residents of the area being the basic criterion. The organized transport from the port of Piraeus and Victoria Sq. of thousands of refugees, putting an end to their unacceptable living conditions. Immediate measures, under the responsibility of the state, for the creation of humane conditions for the temporary stay in Idomeni of the thousands of refugees, utilizing all means and possibilities.
    --The "Hot Spots", the relocation centres, the camps of refugees-immigrants are in essence sorting centres, where a very small number will be transferred in an organized way to other EU member-states and the majority will be trapped in Greece, against their will. This has been borne out after the obvious failure of the so-called EU relocation programme of refugees. The 50,000 "temporary", according to the government, places of shelter, have been proved to be places of permanent entrapment, as the KKE predicted, and of course it will not remain at this number as there is already preparation for more than 100,000 places.
    --Abolition of the Dublin Regulations, Schengen, Frontex and all the repressive mechanisms of the EU. No to the new measures of the EU and mechanisms for repression and the disputation of sovereign rights at the borders, like the soon-to-be-established "European Border and Coast Guard". We are particularly worried that the refugee issue will be used to intensify repression against the peoples of Europe.
    --No participation or involvement of Greece in and no provision of its armed forces to the imperialist wars and interventions, which are responsible for thousands of refugees and uprooted people amongst the other many torments they create for the peoples .All the US-NATO military bases in Greece must be closed now.
    8. The KKE, with these demands outlined above, addresses itself chiefly to the Greek people, who are facing the grave consequences of the capitalist economic crisis and at the same time are expressing their full and moving solidarity with the refugees in every way. The labour and people's movement must struggle for immediate measures to relieve and support the refugees, for their transport to the destination countries, against the decisions of the EU. It must strengthen internationalist solidarity, the struggle against imperialist war and the rotten exploitative system that gives rise to it.

    9. It follows that the KKE does not consent to the positions of the government in light of the Summit on the 7th of March. It is clear that the decisions of the EU will have a direction that will intensify the causes of the problem and will not deal with the negative consequences for the peoples of the EU and the refugees themselves.”

    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    The endless hypocrisy of the new social-democracy

    The CC of SYRIZA, which met last Sunday 6/3, published on 9/3 its specific decision on the refugee issue. What does SYRIZA say in this decision? That a "mass Europe-wide anti-war movement needs to established as well as the struggle to form a road map for peace in the Middle East" is necessary to deal with this issue.

    So, at the same time when the SYRIZA government is supporting the warmongering plans of the EU, when it has provided military bases in Crete and other areas in Greece to the USA, when it is actively participating in the NATO plans, i.e., in everything that lights the "fuse" of imperialist war in the powder keg of the Middle East, the leadership of the "left" party strolls about here and there smoking the "pipe" of peace.

    The decision of the CC of SYRIZA also says that what is necessary is "the just and viable solution to the Palestinian problem" and that "Greece is called on to contribute in this direction, by recognizing the state of Palestine."It says all these things at a time when the SYRIZA government has elevated the Israeli state into being its privileged interlocutor and strategic partner in the region, deepening its military, economic and political cooperation with it. It says these things when it is planning to further reinforce military cooperation with Israel. The governmental party says these things about "recognizing the state of Palestine" when the leader of SYRIZA and Prime Minister, A.Tsipras, states that it is not the "right time" yet to recognize the Palestinian state, despite the relevant and unanimous decision of the Greek parliament.

    And while the government celebrates that the Prime Minister went to Brussels to the recent Summit of EU leaders with a "national line" after the consent given to him by the leaders of the rightwing parties of ND and ANEL, as well as of the social-democratic parties of PASOK and Potami, the CC of SYRIZA discovers that the refugee issue demonstrates the demarcation lines between "conservativeness and progress, left and right", which "in essence do not allow national consensus"...

    Hypocrisy without any boundaries...

    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    The position of the militant class-oriented forces has been strengthened in the trade union movement

    A few days ago the 36th Congress of GSEE (General Federation of Workers of Greece), which represents the trade unions of workers in the private sector, was held.
    In the elections for the new administration of GSEE, the list of DAS, which was supported by the All-workers' Militant Front (PAME) achieved the 2nd position (it was 3rd in the previous elections).And this despite the corruption and fraud that prevails in the trade union elections.
    The specific election results were:
    DAS (supported by PAME):83 votes (22.55%) and 10 seats.
    PASKE (list of the social-democratic PASOK party):119 votes (32.33%) and 15 seats.
    DAKE (list of the rightwing party of ND) :67 votes (18.2%) and 8 seats.
    META (list of SYRIZA and Popular Unity):53 votes (14.4%) and 7 seats.
    New Democratic Independent Initiative of Workers (split from the DAKE grouping):31 votes (8.42%) and 4 seats.
    EMEIS (split from PASKE): 9 votes (2.44%) and 1 seat.
    Militant Class Unity (Antarsya and others):6 votes (1.63%) and no seats.

    Organization-regroupment is our path

    In its statement, PAME notes that the results f the elections demonstrate "the trust, stability and dynamism of PAME's forces in the sectors and workplaces. This was also expressed at the Congress of GSEE, in conditions where once again fraud, the adulteration of the real correlation of forces, under the table deals, bribery, the complete degeneration of collective procedures were prevalent. Phenomena that are alien to the working class, far removed from the worries and concerns of the thousands of workers and unemployed."
    "The difficulties are in front of us!" notes the statement which continues:"We have to face the escalation of the onslaught on the social-security and pension rights and then a new round of attacks on the labour rights, salaries, trade union rights, as regards taxation and the "red" loans etc.
    The only response that can create strong obstacles and reverse the onslaught, push for the restoration of the losses of the working class and popular families and struggle for new demands on the basis of the contemporary needs of the people, is the organization in the workplaces, the sectors, the organization in the trade unions.
    The organization in the trade unions, the intensification of the collective activity linked with all the values of the class struggle, the implacable struggle against capital and its political personnel, the exposure and isolation of the representatives of employer and government led trade unionism, the ceaseless conflict against the ideological constructs and "values" of these forces are preconditions for the change of the correlation of forces that exist today and are the basis for the regroupment of the labour-people's movement.
    The forces of PAME will utilize the results of the 36th Congress of GSEE in this direction. They will continue in a more organized, decisive and combative way and will devote all their forces to the class struggles, will focus their fight on the workplaces and sectors."

    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    CP of Greece, Symbolic occupation of the Finance Ministry
    Tuesday, 29 March 2016 15:20 Communist Party of Greece E-mail Print PDF

    The forces of PAME from trade unions had from early in the morning on Tuesday 29 of March carried out a symbolic occupation of the Finance Ministry in Syntagma sq., protesting against the new anti-worker measures as regards the social-security system, taxation and house repossessions.

    PAME calls on all the workers to take part in the demonstrations today in Thessalonica and on Thursday in Athens, demanding in a mass way that the draft law should not be brought before parliament. And at the same time they are preparing their response with their participation in a 48 hour general strike if the government dares to bring the measures to parliament.

    In the area around the ministry PAME"s trade unionists handed out leaflets to passersby and shopkeepers which called for mass participation in the demonstrations on Thursday 31 March, while the larger banner, which had slogans calling for participation in the 48 hour general strike, that had been draped over the facade of the building, attracted the attention of many people in Syntagma sq. The forces of PAME also shouted slogans such as:"Hands of social-security, it is not something to be bargained over and destroyed."

    In his speech, Alekos Arvanitidis, member of the Executive Secretariat of PAME, denounced the political line of the EU and capital which as he said is the source of all the anti-people reversals regarding the social-security system, taxation, labour rights etc, while afterwards an EU flag was burnt by the demonstrators.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    The political line that supports capital and intensifies the anti-people onslaught is the "great scandal"

    On the 29th of March 2016, a pre daily discussion agenda was held in the plenum of the parliament about "the developments in the field of justice", which are connected to a "convenient" controversy between the bourgeois political forces, which accuse each other of corruption and relations with specific interests. This controversy-between the SYRIZA-ANEL government and the other bourgeois parties- is convenient for these parties because it does not touch on the causes of these phenomena. This controversy also seeks to conceal the real causes of the workers'-people's problems, to hide the convergence of these parties as regards the service they provide for capital's strategy, the implementation of which deepens the bankruptcy of the people.
    The Prime Minister and leader of "leftwing" Syriza, A. Tsipras and the leader of the rightwing ND party, K. Mitsotakis, with their speeches crossed swords and provided various pieces of "evidence", seeking to demonstrate that the only "responsible" ones for the torments of the people are some "corrupt" politicians and businessmen. Of course, they accused each other of having relationships with certain "corrupt" figures and in this way exonerated the system as a whole, the system that they both serve. The rest of the political leaders of the bourgeois parties contributed to this political theatre with their speeches.
    In contrast, the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, stressed that the basic lesson that the people should draw from yesterday's discussion is that any political force that does not dispute the dominance of capital in the economy objectively supports the framework in which the phenomena of corruption and relations between businessmen and politicians acquire enormous proportions and in fact becomes a part of this process.
    He stressed that in the name of combating corruption, under the table dealings, they are attempting to restructure the state sector in order to facilitate the activity of the capitalists, the big businessmen and the redivision of the market shares between old and new business interests.
    The people are faced, as D.Koutsoumpas stressed, with greater "scandals" and injustices, which are coming again in the form of a storm, as a continuation of the previous anti-people measures, and are focused on the social-security system, taxation, the "red" loans, i.e a raft of measures that will sound the death knell for the workers'-people's rights.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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