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Thread: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part III

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid of the Black Hole View Post
    Actually, yes

    (my first foray into colored pencils)
    Cool, the snails look like 'crazy eyes' to me, which proly sez more about me. Or mebbe it's just my old eyes. I've got a late 19th cen print of European newts done in a similar style.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    "You will pay in blood for Motorola" - Givi

    And ya wonder why they killed him...

    Collaborators and Nazis to the wall.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    The Wrong Genes
    POSTED BY BABEUF79 ⋅ MARCH 6, 2017
    Original: Colonel Cassad
    Edited by @GBabeuf

    News from the occupied territories.

    The Mayor of Krasnogorovka, in that part of the Donetsk Region under the control of Kiev, Oleg Livanchuk, said in an interview with that the majority of the local inhabitants support the DPR Militia.

    “There are also people who are pro-Ukraine. However, in the entire city, I know of perhaps fifty people who are for the Ukraine. Among ten thousand,” he said. According to the official, at municipal festivals, such as Vyshyvanka Day [vyshyvanka: traditional embroidered shirt considered part of Ukrainian ‘national costume’, promoted by ‘nationally conscious’ Ukrainians –ed.], barely “a dozen” people come with Ukrainian flags. Livanchuk explained the antipathy towards Ukraine as the result of “a large percentage of stupid people in the population.” “The genes haven’t changed. It originates in the genes. That’s the gene-pool for you. It needs extirpating, needs stirring,” said the Mayor. Livanchuk is convinced that the authorities should “re-educate” the local population and “make them love the Ukraine by force.” In particular he said that teachers should be forced to speak only in Ukrainian, although he himself speaks in Russian.

    Those who speak in Russian or who express discontent with the Ukraine, have to write explanatory notes. According to Livanchuk, a headteacher who complained of shelling by Ukrainian troops was ordered to write an “essay” on how she “does not like Zakharchenko”. “And then I made her rehearse: two weeks she had to walk with the flag. All activities—she walks with the flag,” said the Mayor.

    PS: It is enough to show clearly the nature of the junta’s occupation in the Donbass, and how it plays out on the local population, trying to reduce it to the status of untermenschen in the spirit of its historical predecessor.

    “What happens to a Russian, to a Czech does not interest me in the slightest. What these nations can offer us in the way of good blood of our type, we will take, if necessary by kidnapping their children and raising them here with us. Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only insofar as we need them as slaves for our Kultur; otherwise, it is of no interest to me.” © Himmler

    “With regard to the newly acquired territories, it should be noted that our task is not to scrape the dirt on a daily basis with the conquered population, or to try to raise him in the habits of German accuracy. To us it is entirely no matter whether they clean their homes daily with a mop or not. Our mission, after all, is not to oversee their daily lives, but to ensure the satisfaction only of our own interests.” © Hitler [this quote appears to be taken from “Hitler’s Table Talk” –ed.]

    In the Ukraine there is no fascism © any idiot.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    The loud statement
    March 10, 19:52

    A little bit of foolishness. I read a funny headline "The OSCE has made a loud statement at Donbass". The following is a breakdown of the type of sheets, that is:

    First Deputy Head of the OSCE monitoring mission of the Special Alexander Hug says that heavy weapons not only diverted from the contact line in the Donbass, but before the allotted back to the forefront.

    "Over the past week we have recorded the presence along the line of demarcation 69 units neotvedennogo heavy weapons. 47 units - on uncontrolled official Kyiv, 22 - in the controlled, "- Hug said at a briefing in Kyiv on Friday.
    On belief of the first deputy head of the mission, as of today there is a "trend is not stable retraction of heavy weapons and the return of the weapons allocated to the position."
    "In particular, our observers recorded no 20 and howitzers in places retraction forces ATO, in places so-called retraction "DNI" is not enough 17 tanks and 9 mortars ", - said Hug.
    In this regard, he lamented that the OSCE SMM continues to face cases of obstruction of access to places of discharge, "where the parties do not want to show us something."
    "On Friday, in the village Khreschatytska, controlled by the so-called "DNI" armed men carried out the warning shots. In this village, our observers saw two howitzers. The area was hit by Yasinovataya our drone, which recorded the presence of large-caliber weapons, "- said the first deputy head of mission.
    He noted that 31 times per week to restrict the movement of observers to 9 times in the controlled territories of Kiev, 22 - on the uncontrollable "The perpetrators are not identified and punished," -. Said Hug / ? = 1 frommail - zinc

    PS. This is a discovery. Open the material 78634.html for March 6, 2015:

    Some actual details of a fictitious discharge of artillery, which is carried out in the framework of the APU "execution" of the Minsk agreements.

    The general mechanism of the following - a chamber of representatives of the OSCE and Ukrainian journalists (for the Ukrainian media), Ukrainian artillery and "Grad" are removed from the position and go to the rear. Then after 3-5 kilometers make a detour and returned to the front line in the spare position (usually prepared in advance, indicating the systemic nature of such "maneuvers"), which is further camouflaged and are in a state of readiness to open fire. Another camouflage level for this process is the removal of a whole marginally useful 100 mm "rapier". The main efforts are aimed at preserving the front of heavy artillery and MLRS.

    To better be clear what it looks like, here's scheme of maneuver in the area of human settlements Bugas Volnovakha district (where there is an accumulation of manpower and equipment for the likely impact in the region and Dokuchaevsk Yelenovka - at the moment there is concentrated 12-15 thousand people and a significant number. -in vehicle). Vents in the rear of the gun, concentrated to the west of Bugas, and after all the necessary filmed on camera, artillery returned, making a kind of circle in Bugas area.
    According to local residents a standard situation looks like - 27 February at 12.00 in the presence of OSCE observers (two white machines with large letters OSCE) proceeded about a dozen "Ural" with the D-30 howitzers. On the track for Bugas, uncoupled guns. From the Volnovakha came BMP, hitched howitzers and dragged them not even to spare, and on old positions through local beams. As a result, the OSCE formally documented withdrawal of heavy artillery at Volnovakha, de facto - guns remained there where were, APU even too lazy to prepare a replacement position for them.

    A similar situation is observed in the area Artem. Through Artemovsk again in the presence of OSCE observers passed column with howitzers D-30 MLRS "Grad". Officially, they were allegedly withdrawn through Artemovsk from the front in the vicinity of the arc and Svetlodarsk Popasnaya. In fact, after leaving the west of Artemivsk, these columns make a detour and go to the north of the village Vasyukivka Artemovsk, where there is a concentration of artillery systems, MLRS and various armored vehicles. This relocation is carried out in the interests of operational reserves accumulation necessary for support in the area of the front and Svetlodarsk Popasnaya, and in case of possible attempts of offensive operations in the area. Total in the district Artemivsk and surrounding villages now worth up to 2 battalion tactical groups and different parts of the gain. By the end of the month it is expected that Artemovskaya enemy force to grow to 3 BTG.

    To the south of Volnovakha, removal almost done. In the area of Granite and Novoselovka it marked not only the accumulation of infantry and tanks, but also a considerable amount of self-propelled guns.
    In fact, where OSCE observers did not appear even to type, tap the junta did not even think to produce, limited masking artillery positions, or at least its relocation. What's remarkable, those self-propelled guns which require repair, and which can be repaired without having to send to the rear repair shops or factories, are trying to repair the closer to the front, that is, even the need for repairs (not to mention the implementation of the Minsk agreements) not spodvigaet to send faulty machines rear.

    And it's not isolated cases, and the elements of the common system of hidden redeployment of artillery and MLRS APU directly violate the agreements reached in Minsk on the challenge of heavy weapons. Not that it gives some decisive advantage, just as long as the BCH in the event of renewed intense fighting will return to the position assigned to the artillery (it's a matter of hours), the junta may in some areas to provide local superiority in artillery fire. On the one hand this benefits of tactical nature, but on the other it perfectly illustrates how the junta is trying to deceive (which, incidentally, is not a novelty), even in such obvious and easy-open details.

    ● ● ●

    That is, Hug years later, continues to pretend that the OSCE, even the role of extras do not pull, but still in 2015 observed facts, when the OSCE observed a fictitious withdrawal of troops and heavy weapons APU, but pretended not to understand, this scheme rabotaet.Prichem Hug here essentially switchman, but European leaders, who insist on a more active role for the OSCE observers, for some reason not in a hurry to put pressure on Kiev to ensure unhindered access to the areas of concentration. While it is obvious that in this case the systemic violations of the APU will be verified at the official level and it becomes clear that Kiev is never going to perform military items Minsk soglasheniy.No is "too simple", it is better to make an unprecedented opening and make "loud statement "in the press.

    Google translator
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Lugansk Defense Video Report, 03/15/2017

    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    "There are no Nazis in Ukraine....."

    The Manifesto of Ukrainian Nationalism
    Anatoly Karlin
    2 hours ago 2 99

    A Ukrainian nationalist movement which is politically increasingly in the ascendant has unveiled a manifesto which underscores its growing flight from reality.

    On March 16, representatives of the political party Svoboda, Right Sector, and the National Corpus (i.e. the Azov batallion’s political wing) gathered to sign a National Manifesto.

    The document affirms the ideological unity of the three main forces of Ukrainian nationalism, and conveniently summarizes its core vision.

    Considering the Poroshenko’s governments ever greater submissiveness before Ukrainian nationalist forces, and the specter of them assuming an even more central role in the regime that might well soon replace his, it is now all the more vital to understand their vision for Ukraine.

    Below, I provide a translation of this document, stressing readability over word-for-word accuracy.


    We, Ukrainian nationalists, understanding the catastrophic state of our country and with the goal of acquiring and developing a great national state, capable of securing the prosperous existence of Ukrainians and a future for Ukrainian children, are uniting our efforts on the basis of fundamental, unambiguous, and unchanging principles and goals, and thereby offer a concrete plan of action that we can embark upon straight away for the achievement of these goals.

    Define as a priority of state policy the realization of Ukraine’s national interests.
    New vector of Ukrainian geopolitics – orientation not to the West or the East, but the creation of a new European unity – that of the Balto-Black Sea Union.
    Recognize the Russian Federation as an aggressor state… break diplomatic relations, blockade the occupied territories, end Russian business activities in Ukraine, sanction Russian capital, goods, and services.
    Recognize [the LDNR] as occupied territories and develop a real plan to liberate Crimea and Donbass. Immediately embark upon economic, informational, and reconaissance-sabotage actions in furtherance of these goals.
    Return the right to recreate a nuclear weapons capability as a foundation of national security in light of the violation of the Budapest Memorandum.
    Create a high-tech professional contract army, and a reserve army, based on the territorial principle.
    Legalize the right to armed defense and gun ownership.
    Eliminate hostile propaganda from the Ukrainian information space. Cultivate traditional values, strengthen national consciousness. The Ukrainian language should be the only state language.
    Carry out a real lustration… strengthen criminal punishments for corruption.
    Introduce a workable procedure for impeaching the President and make a law about the recall of deputies of all levels and judges.
    Introduce elections for judges and certain categories of local bureaucrats.
    Liquidate the oligarchic system: Return subsoil ownership to the state, as well as strategic objects and enterprises, illegally privatized after 1991; liquidate private monopolities, end capital flight to offshore havens.
    Guarantee the labor rights of Ukrainians and create conditions for an effective labor union movement.
    Create a new socially just tax code, which will encourage the development of small and medium businesses.
    Encourage the development of national atomic and alternative energy as a foundation of energy independence.
    Ban the trade of Ukrainian strategic resources, such as agricultural lands.
    Introduce real self-government by creating self-sufficient territorial units with a large degree of authority.
    Rationalize immigration law, including effective provisions against illegal immigration and the creation of conditions for the return of Ukrainians to the motherland.
    Restore positive dynamics in the national demographics; strengthen the traditional family, strengthen national-patriotic education, and place our bets on the young generation.
    Encourage the creation of a single local church based in Kiev.

    You can read my full analysis of each of these points at my article on The Unz Review: The 20 Theses of Ukrainian Nationalism.

    But to briefly summarize:

    (1) Part of the opening paragraph is pilfered from David Lane’s 14 Words. While I do realize Ukraine is one big cargo cult, maybe try making it a bit less obvious?

    (2) It is schizophrenic in its simultaneous advocacy of repression and liberalism. The extension of local powers, conscientiously carried out, is basically equivalent to federation – that is, what Minsk II formally calls for – and which Ukrainian nationalists have always unconditionally opposed. That is because they know that local government across much of Novorossiya will imply the emergence of Russophile administrations and the rejection of the unitary model imposed on Ukraine from Lvov. This suggests that that any self-government provisions they have in mind would end up being cosmetic, at most. Therefore, reading between the lines, it calls for Ukrainization at the barrel of a gun, and its conversion into a repository of cannon fodder for Poland

    (3) From a realistic perspective, it is unfeasible on multiple geopolitical and economic levels. Ukraine doesn’t have the money for a high-tech professional Army, and it will have even less when it defaults as a result of the IMF withdrawing from the country as soon as they start implementing their economic program. If they do go for nukes, Russia will quickly become an aggressor country in reality, as opposed to just fiction.

    So then, Brown Shirts.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Sevastopol Is Not Ukraine

    Preamble: March 16 was the third anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. As the Ukraine continues to claim jurisdiction over the territory, and claims that the population has been forced into accepting Russian rule, we thought it would be instructive to see what was written about the Hero City of Sevastopol in 2009, by Mustafa Nayyem, one of the main proponents of Euromaidan, and now a People’s Deputy in the Supreme Rada in Kiev.

    Original: Ukrainska Pravda
    Translated by @TamrikoT / Edited (and pictures) by @GBabeuf

    This is a very beautiful city, proud and genuine. There is little affectation here. Moreover—there’s an openness, that converts one from rudeness and bluntness into an admiring, sincere person.

    By the will of fate, of politicians, and of history, it is now a Ukrainian city.

    And yet.

    It’s a Ukrainian city, in which Ukrainians are called invaders.

    It’s a Ukrainian city, where if your business card isn’t in Russian as well as in Ukrainian and English, you’ll get a smirk…and your card returned.

    It’s a Ukrainian city, where people go to the cinema more readily when there’s a rough and clumsy Russian dubbing, on top of the already Ukrainian-dubbed film, added by local craftsmen. Because otherwise the little children wouldn’t understand.

    It’s a Ukrainian city, in which the Ukrainian flag is called a “dirty rag” while the Russian tricolour is proudly flown in windows.

    In this Ukrainian city one scarcely finds the Ukrainian coat of arms. It’s not even on the signs of many government institutions.

    In this Ukrainian city, the employees of the Ukrainian Navy do not understand why they are paid between two and two and a half times less than the same sailors of the Russian naval forces.

    In this Ukrainian city everyone prays for the Russian fleet. Because if it sails away, twenty thousand people will be left without work.

    It’s a Ukrainian city, whose anthem glorifies it as the “pride of Russian sailors” and has not a word about Ukraine.

    It’s a Ukrainian city, on the territory of which the Moscow government looks after Russian sailors by building them apartments year after year, while many Ukrainian servicemen have been waiting in line to receive their square meters since 1987(!).

    In this Ukrainian city, the official representative of Kiev is called just “the latest nit”.

    And it’s hard to believe that in this Ukrainian city you’d find even a hundred people who would take up arms if Russian tanks appeared, in order to proudly defend their right to be called Ukrainians.

    But, you know what? Somewhere out there, far away in the truly Ukrainian city of Kiev, people are still convinced that this city is really Ukrainian. Drivel! This city is called Ukrainian only because on the map it falls within the geographical borders of the country. That’s all.

    Because in this Ukrainian city, Victor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko, and Viktor Yanukovich are plainly called “Malorussian invaders”. The first two—due to the obvious difference in views. The latter—due to unfulfilled hopes. And all three—for their deafness and silence.

    And if, on January 17, many people won’t go to vote because “they’re all the same”, then in this Ukrainian city they won’t go because they don’t understand why they should choose the president of a foreign country.

    In general, this city is a political orphan that was forcibly adopted by political bums who earn their meagre ratings on its desperate scream. True, these marginal bums either sincerely, or naively, believe that they have a home—Russia, whose mirage they shamelessly wave before the empty eyes of their voters on the eve of each election.

    I don’t know everything that the Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities are doing in order to change this situation. I don’t know even in this Ukrainian city. And honestly, it’s hardly worth considering.

    Although, no, you can look for easy ways. You can go into history for a long time trying to understand who got mistaken and when. Deport hundreds of unwanted people and declare them personae non grata. Argue from the tribune that this city is Ukrainian and keep a huge staff of special services so that they can harass journalists and take photos and videos of live broadcasts.

    It’s possible. Everything is possible. One can even turn a blind eye to the fact that this is a Ukrainian city that has never considered itself such.

    But there is NO TIME for all this.

    It’s necessary to give up everything and save forever the elusive territory! Don’t eradicate Russian, don’t hate others. But sacrifice ratings, reputation and health, so that this city itself begins to call itself, if not Ukrainian, at least not anti-Ukrainian.

    With such a Ukraine, Ukrainian Kiev must reach an agreement. Conclude a social contract. In exchange for adopting the Ukraine, offer—not the Ukrainian flag, coat of arms, history and passport—but Ukrainian standards of quality of life. Moreover, offer it today and now, not sometime after joining the European Union, let alone NATO.

    And finally, just for information.

    Population of Abkhazia: 215,000 of whom the Russian population is slightly more than 10% (about 23 thousand) (2003 data)

    Population of Ossetia: 72,000 of whom the Russian population is approx. 2.8% (approx. 2 thousand) (2008 data)

    Population of Sevastopol: 377,153 of whom the Russian population is 71% (269,953). Ukrainian ‒ 20.6% (2001 data)

    Total in Crimea, according to 2001 census – 2.031 million people. Of whom 65-70% describe themselves as Russian.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Explosion of ammunition depot in Balakleya

    March 23 10:08

    According to the Ukrainian authorities, sabotage and the subsequent fire led to the detonation at the largest ammunition depot in Balakleya.
    According to current data, between 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning, in one of the storage areas of 122mm and 152mm artillery shells of ignition occurred, which led to a series of powerful explosions.
    Fire and explosions continued until morning. Has begun the evacuation of 15 000 people from Balakleya and bordering villages, some residents evacuated on their own, leaving the villages outside the defeat, so at least a few days will be dangerous in Balakleya.

    Regarding the causes of the explosion, the equally three versions:

    1. Diversion.
    2. Violation of safety.
    3. Samopodzhog.

    In the first case, if it really was a diversion, we can only be glad only for the fighters invisible front, which caused significant damage to the APU for a single share in the spirit of undermining warehouse Svatovo.
    In the second case, the conditions of storage of ammunition on the surface were far from normal and regular explosions and fires on Ukrainian warehouses stretched since the Kuchma era.
    In the third case, we can talk about sweeping traces of the illegal arms trade, when using arson, conceal significant deficiency related to ammunition sales abroad (eg in Syria).

    The military prosecutor Matios an explosion in Balakleya.

    Of course, on any particular version is still too early to say. As it is difficult to judge what has been damaged, but judging by the fact that the burning and exploding with the night, it will be significant.
    A special commission to investigate the causes of the incident, which included the Groisman, representatives of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, etc.

    UPD: 10 hours of the kill zone evacuated more than 16,000 civilians.

    What is the storage in Balakleya?
    This is the old Soviet military ammunition storage facilities, where in addition to land-based storage facilities, there are underground tunnels.
    At its peak, the warehouse can store hundreds of thousands of tons of ammunition.
    More details about the warehouses, storage, and military unit guarding their conditions can be read here ml

    Google Translator

    Other imagery at link.

    Yup, arson to cover up Ukraine supply of munitions to ISIS.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    killer Voronenkova
    March 24, 12:53

    Certificate issued by the National Guard of Ukraine Parshovu Pavel Alexandrovich, who shot and killed March 23 Voronenkova former deputy in the center of Kiev.
    And confirmed that he was more than a year in the Donbass, taking part in punitive operations. The junta has pereobuvatsya jump and says that yes, there was, but did not take military actions participation (then how he had an old bullet wound in the abdomen), and in general back then was recruited by the Russian special services. Gerashchenko in terms of replication delirium as usual fails.

    The murder of Denis Voronenkov was committed by a national of Ukraine Parshovym Pavlom Aleksandrovichem, born in 1988, native of the city of Sevastopol, the Russian special services agent.
    During his life, Pavel Parshov never officially went abroad Ukraine.
    But in February 2015 he crossed the border of Ukraine after having walked through one of the checkpoints on the border with Belarus.
    In Russia, where he stayed before getting to the Ukraine, he underwent a course of special training at a school for spies, established during the time of Stalin's NKVD.
    He has been tasked, to infiltrate one of the units of the armed forces or the National Guard, preferably having a big name in the public mind and pretend that he was an ordinary soldier.
    A healthy, strong young man, a citizen of Ukraine, has successfully completed the task of the Russian special services and served a year in one of the units of the National Guard.
    The fighting did not participate.
    He resigned in August 2016.
    Then waiting for receiving a command to operate from Moscow.
    Yesterday he got it, and now performed, taking with him to the grave of Dennis Voronenkova.
    The investigation examines the circumstances of preparation and organization of the murder of the former deputy of the State Duma, Ukrainian citizen Denis Voronenkova. Over the past from the moment of the murder investigation clocks already know a lot.
    Hard revision will undergo testing criteria for admission to the MAT, the National Guard under the power of Ukraine and other structures for possible involvement in the work on the Russian secret service.
    Since it is not known yet how many of Pavlov Parshovyh send to us in recent years in the Ukrainian special services, the police, the National Guard, armed forces and other authorities.
    And how much more they can bring misery to our long-suffering Ukraine from terrorist attacks against prominent journalists and politicians , up to sabotage transport and military facilities.
    But soon we will know it! nko.7 - zinc

    PS. The last sentence seemed to hint that soon someone else killed. He may not like the deputy Ponomarev (two deputies in a row it would be a bust), and any blogger or journalist - Kiseleva there or simply Vova (hehe). For the intensity of hysteria must be maintained, otherwise the citizens are more determined will pay attention to the bills for communal and state of affairs in the social sphere and the economy, not to mention the flow of coffins from the Donbas and salute in Balakleya.

    And as we already know in advance if someone is killed, then the order of the Kremlin's course. And how can you doubt it, if you believe Gerashchenko, the FSB spies filled all the Ukrainian authorities and the security services, and if something happens, anything, it is surely the machinations of the enemy agents, and some believe Poroshenko also agent and Tyahnybok agent and Yarosh agent, and the agent Tymoshenko and Savchenko because no agent and Putin torpedo. Easier to list those who are yet to agents are not ranked. And these people something else to talk about the spy mania in the Soviet Union.

    Separately pleased with references to Stalin and the NKVD school where supposedly trained killer Voronenkova. Reached cursed Stalin to discrediting the high title of deputy Communist.

    All classified documents.

    Google Translator
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    A Colonel of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), who served as the counterintelligence chief, has been killed in the central neighborhood of Mariupol.

    Photo: RIA Novosti / Main Directorate of the National Police in Donetsk region

    On Friday, a car has exploded in the Kiev-controlled city of Mariupol, killing Colonel of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) Alexander Kharabyush, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing a statement of SBU head Vasily Hrytsak.

    The head of the special service noted that Kharabyush, who served as the counterintelligence chief of the SBU regional administration in Donetsk region, had a wife and two children. Hrytsak assured that those guilty of the killing would be punished.

    This SBU division in the Donbass is one of the most odious in terms of the used methods. As it was earlier reported, they made tortures a usual method of intimidating and extracting information from detained citizens or captured fighters of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

    In his turn, head of the police department of the Donetsk region, Vyacheslav Abroskin, wrote on his Facebook page that the explosion occurred at the intersection of Metallurgists Avenue and Kaffaiskaya Street in the central neighborhood of Mariupol at 8:35 am local time. He did not mention the killed person’s name and only noted that it was a law enforcement officer. At the same time, Abroskin said that one of the incident’s versions was a terrorist attack, and accused the DPR government of the killing.

    As the Unian news agency reported, citing Ukrainian Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko, Kharabyush lost both his legs in the explosion and died of blood loss in an ambulance car.
    According to RIA Novosti, an operational-investigations group of police and SBU operativists, headed by the head of the Chief Directorate, as well as an emergency response group, are operating at the site of the incident. The area is cordoned off.

    The colonel’s killing is the last in a series of high-profile murders in Ukraine. On March 23, a former deputy of the Russian State Duma, Denis Voronenkov, was killed in the center of Kiev. A bodyguard of the ex-deputy wounded his murderer during the shooting, later, the attacker died in a hospital. In July 2016, journalist Pavel Sheremet, who spent about ten years, working on Russian television, and had been living in the Ukrainian capital for the last five years, was killed in a car explosion in Kiev. A criminal case was initiated under the ‘Intentional Homicide’ article, the police have not yet named the names of suspects.

    Ain't that a heartbreaker? A little cheer in a generally ugly world.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Ain't that a heartbreaker? A little cheer in a generally ugly world.
    A score is a score - and we don't get many points these days.
    "America was never great"

    "Anyone who analyzes the state of affairs in the world will find that it is the imperialists and capitalists, who subject the world to the worst poverty, the worst backwardness, and they are simply the scourge of mankind." - Fidel

    "Privilege begets psychopathy" - blindpig

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    Prosecutor General of Ukraine: "Mercy and amnesty Donbass will not be"
    In Kiev expect the fighters of People's Republics come to confess
    Svetlana Gomzikova

    Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko (Photo: Mikhail Palinchak / TASS)

    Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko recently gave a very remarkable interview with Bild, German readers acquainted with their own interpretation of the Minsk agreements. Ever, by the way, for which Germany has been one of the guarantor countries - ie should, it would seem, to see to it that the parties did not freely interpret the existing agreements.

    But in this case the Western "freedom of speech", coupled with the excessive ambitions Ukrainian officials to light up in the Federal Republic of Germany limited edition tabloid edition, the Attorney General went sideways. And not even because Lutsenko once said about the presence of Russian troops in the Donbas - the song of the representatives of the Kiev regime sing at every opportunity. Especially for a Western audience.

    Attorney General "pierced" on the other. He rejected the possibility of amnesty for the militia of Donbass and the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the South-East.

    Despite the fact that the fifth paragraph of "Minsk-2" just demands of Kiev "to provide pardons and amnesties by the enactment of a law prohibiting the prosecution and punishment of persons in connection with the events that took place in certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine."

    Lutsenko expects that forty thousand "separatists" lay down their arms, accept the blame and will submit individual applications for clemency. And the Ukrainian court, for its part, will examine each case individually and decide "who deserves forgiveness, and someone - no."

    Clearly, he did not talk about that for a long time Ukrainian Themis tore the blindfold as a symbol of impartiality - there are things that it is better not to spread the Europeans.

    But the revelation of the main lawyer of "independence" was still loose. Since all earlier statements by President Poroshenko that the Ukrainian side "Minsk-2" performed by 95%, Lutsenko that actually disavowed his interview your best.

    That is, it is not only the public, "uncover" to Western audiences. He announced that the country's leadership keeps in mind, but apparently embarrassed to say ...

    Question: when the West troubled, and wail, it's time to impose sanctions against the Ukrainian authorities?

    - To begin with, I would recall that Lutsenko though the Attorney General, but a man without a higher legal education. Therefore, its legal culture is highly questionable, - commented the head of the Fund for the Development of Civil Society Institutions "Popular Diplomacy" political analyst Alexei Kochetkov . - He's a very bad imagines that such an amnesty, as it happens. Besides, a man reputed to be heavy drinkers, as the president himself. Therefore, it would make this statement in a state of a passion. We also remember the scandalous story of how the German police detained Lutsenko at Frankfurt airport for a drunken brawl.

    "SP": - It was, it seems, in the spring of 2009, and while he was in the position of Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. What is interesting, it is journalists Bild gave then this event publicity ...

    - What is very significant. And it proves once again that in Kiev Attorney General not only poorly educated people, but not quite adequate. As a matter of fact, and a large part of the current political establishment in Ukraine.

    In this Lutsenko made a very significant statement, which confirmed that the Ukrainian elite has never Minsk agreement was not going to perform. It was the only opportunity for them to delay the inevitable military collapse.

    They still continue to play their game, but they have very little of this work. Because the reality has nothing to do with the fictional reality in which they prefer to be.

    With regard to sanctions by Europe, then they will not. Ukraine - it is their client, the tool and the puppet. And, of course, her they will not be punished.

    Or Paris, or Berlin, or in Europe as a whole for a long time do not believe in the possibility of the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Just play for time, considering the agreements as an element of propaganda war, and an occasion to put pressure on Russia.

    "SP": - But what about the most important values ​​of Western democracy? How can the rule of law? Kiev for more than two years has done nothing to implement the "Minsk-2", and European guarantees - even for the sake of his own face - he has never publicly indicated it's tough. Why?

    - the rule of law and there is no smell. It all returns. Otherwise, the West had never had affairs with these people, who came to power illegally. No.

    And talk about a possible rule of law in Ukraine, if journalists are killed in the streets, and catch the killer then released on bail. There is no rule of law in Ukraine, Europe and looks at it through my fingers.

    And remember, that did the West in Yugoslavia ... and a "rule of law" was there when the prosecutor Carla Del Ponte , who is accused of all mortal Serb sins then, already deprived of the post, said: "Yes, we know that the Albanians were selling Serb authorities We knew what atrocities were happening. But we had their hands tied. " That is to defame and to bomb the Serbs, it was possible, and to tell the truth - hands are tied.

    The same story is repeated here. Absolute trickery. Everyone understands that Ukraine was never going to fulfill Minsk agreements. But they hoped that they could, in the late 80's and early 90-ies., Cheat Russian diplomacy. It did not work. no one was able to deceive. So now even a good face on a bad game no one is trying to do - well, blurted and blurted. As they say, to sue us.

    "SP": - It turns out, we live as if in two different dimensions. How, then, to negotiate?

    - Nothing will come of it. I believe that it is high time the story of the Minsk Agreement to end. DNR and LNR pretty far advanced in the creation of their own state. They need to be recognized as an independent state. And we need to raise the question of whether these states to back the territory, which is now occupied by Ukraine - the parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are part of the APU and punitive nationalist battalions.

    "SP": - But we continue to talk about the inevitability of Minsk, however ... although I understand that neither Kiev nor Washington nor NATO in the peace Donbass not interested ...

    - In this case, the ball is on the wrong side. Of course, we all understand. But the West, by and large, do not care who and what to think. All of the media there, it can be said is completely controlled by supporters of confrontation with Russia. Moscow is to blame - that's their formula. So they pumped their own people, making us guilty already and that even they had refugees on the streets of crowds want.

    We continue to try to find them some common ground. They are - do not want it. Hope that we will eventually descend hands - put the squeeze on the Soviet Union ... Now they think Russia also dozhmut.

    Push, push, push - that Western policy towards Russia. I hope that we will once again some new Gorbachev, who will hand over all the guts to the Urals. And on this all over to the universal joy of the West and our liberals.

    But it will not. Russia too has changed dramatically. Dramatically. Other people. Attitude of the authorities and the people - the other. Self-perception of others. Therefore, I think the second "adjustment" will not succeed.

    Head of the Institute of Contemporary Development Dmitry Solonnikov State does not consider, however, that the statement of Lutsenko may be regarded as the official Kiev rejection of the Minsk agreements:

    - Officially, the Ukrainian authorities do not come out of agreements on peaceful settlement in the Donbass. It claims that these agreements are no longer a priority and are not considered by the government as a starting point in the resolution of the conflict, while it was not. While various political leaders periodically express different versions of how the events will develop in the Southeast on. It is said that the Donbass would be occupied and returned to the Ukraine in the coming year. Or like now that the militia will not be subject to amnesty.

    In this regard, Lutsenko does not stand out against the background of Ukrainian "hawks", who do not consider themselves to Minsk agreements as the basic format of the future development of events. And in this respect he plays on the side of the "party of war" that exists in Ukraine.

    But this view is not yet official

    "SP": - Nevertheless, in reality, Kyiv is precisely in this direction. The West remains silent, not outraged ...

    - And this is understandable. Almost all the Western elite represented by people who were on the side of the current regime in Kiev. And the German government, and French - is personally people who from the beginning supported the current leaders of the Ukrainian "revolution of dignity", committed in fact a coup d'etat.

    There was clearly an active assistance of Western countries in the overthrow of the elected president Yanukovich.

    All of them from the very beginning on the same side of the barricades. And the struggle against the "common enemy" for some common interests. Therefore, to attract Western politicians will not be responsible of their own puppets. It is their children. Their comrades. They are all simple.

    And here is how to change US policy in this situation, let's see. There came a new administration, which is in no way linked to personally organized Ukrainian revolution. They have no personal obligations towards the current Ukrainian authorities. Therefore, there is the situation may change.

    Google Translator

    Meanwhile Lavrov insists that Ukraine must comply with Minsk......
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  13. #693
    April 10 - Day of liberation of Odessa from fascist invaders

    April 10, 16:34

    Material for the anniversary of liberation of Odessa from fascist invaders nemtsko.
    This year, the Ukrainian Nazis also tried to stop people 8059 v-odesse--na is-allee-slavy-podralys-ra dykaly mark liberation of Odessa from their historical predecessors, but those who was not afraid to go out, we could be reminded of this date.

    From August 5 to October 16, 1941 lasted for defense of the city. Soviet troops Coastal Army under the command of Lieutenant-General George Sofronova, October 5 - Major-General Ivan Petrov, with the support of the Black Sea Fleet under the command of Vice-Admiral Philip Oktyabrsky in heroic battles reflected the number of assaults by the superior forces of the 4th Romanian Army. 1-16 October on the orders of Bids from Odessa troops were evacuated to Sevastopol. The occupation of Odessa lasted 907 days. During the occupation, which lasted 907 days, died in Odessa 82 thousand people, 78 thousand people were deported for forced labor in Germany.

    Tens of thousands of residents were digging trenches and antitank ditches, put barbed wire, bunkers were built. On the streets grew barricades. Many of the workers went to the front, to the machines became teenagers, women and pensioners. Fascists in the vicinity of Odessa managed to capture the water pumping station. Water in the city (the only case in the whole war) issued on cards. In commemoration of the defenders of Odessa by the decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from December 22, 1942 was established the medal "For the Defense of Odessa", which is more than 30 thousand people were awarded. From 16 October 1941 to 9 April 1944, Odessa was occupied by the German-Romanian fascist troops. During the occupation, the town had five guerrilla groups, 45 underground patriotic groups.

    The liberation of Odessa allowed to put an end to the actions of the occupiers. It occurred during March-April 1944 and was named Odessa operation that was part of an offensive movement of Soviet troops.

    When the guards went into the part of Odessa, started fierce battles for every home, which lasted all night. By the morning of April 10 fighting reached the central city streets. Hoisted over the opera house banner of the Red Army has become a symbol of what the city was liberated. At the cost of this operation, there were thousands of dead soldiers and civilians who were not able to see the final victory over fascism.


    And today, true Odessans have not forgotten about the soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of their beloved city.

    Next post from odessa_avant 648.html

    "For the 73rd anniversary of liberation of Odessa from fascist invaders ."

    Belt of Glory Odessa
    gathered to ride Martial places Odessa 11 cars.
    The route was as follows: Odessa - New Dofinovka - Black - Grigorievka - Aleksandrovka - Bright - Nerubayske - Cold Beam.
    Weather is not happy, is very strong cold wind, light rain.
    But we did it.
    We have honored the memory of those who defended in 1941 - 1945, our right to life.
    We bowed to those who defended Odessa, those who liberated Odessa.
    Eternal memory to the heroes!
    We - remember, we - proud!
    Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten!
    Odessa - The city hero.


    Dekommunizirovali have not ...

    Well, not held Sautonkova reconstruction. As said lead - The battle did not take place because the Germans did not bring.
    But there was a field kitchen with huge queues, and sounded good our songs.
    Truth and maydanutye in the crowd, too, were unhappy with their allocated persons. 3.html - zinc

    And comrade Dambieva about the first military commander of the liberation of Odessa.

    From the memoirs of Colonel Stepan Shabaeva about his meetings with the Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Ilya Baldynovym.

    "After the war, Ilya Vasilyevich studied in Moscow at the Academy of the General Staff at that time I was a student of Frunze Military Academy.
    Our hostel students Frunze Academy was on the street Kropotkin, 6, and on the odd side of the house 11 studied a general, but he lived . near the Academy of Frunze in the morning and in the evening we are constantly met and exchanged greetings, and sometimes a short conversation this time I invited him to my room, "Is it for an hour," -.. he agreed Taking full of books briefcase, I almost was. I dropped it: "Well, well, there at your books? "

    - What could be a poor student - Ilya Vasilyevich smiled - I have two days free, here and picked up the books.

    As I was laying bachelor table, he could see my room and my student life. but our conversation was about the war all the time, I asked if he took the general's interview..

    - Yes, after the Academy, in 1937, I was appointed chief of staff of the 11th Cavalry regiment in Belarus And then, at the request of his native republic leadership. He was transferred to the division at the same position. Paid dearly for his translation of this: two years spent in the Chita prison. "And if he served in Belarus would not be arrested?" - I asked. "I do not know, it's hard to predict what will happen in life."

    Our conversation continued a few days later.

    - How is it that became commandant of Odessa?

    When I asked Ilya Vasilyevich replied briefly:

    - Above this never imagined. - And then he added: - That's what it was then. The Germans waited for the impact from the east and northeast. The western part of the city was defended by Rumanian 14th Division. In the east, fighting for Odessa continued for several days. We were to the north of the city of Split master station. We walked at night. Can you imagine what dark night in the south. Torrential rain was a gusty wind. We ordered: turn to Odessa. I stopped the convoy, waited until the others catch up. Next came the azimuth between the lakes, in the sand and reached the western outskirts of Odessa. The town itself is in a relatively wide estuary. With the regimental commanders studied the map all the approaches and, after hearing the opinion, I have decided to step on the estuary. And we went. This "invention" the enemy did not expect. We went out to the rear of the 14th Division, and Romanians panicked. And then shortly Pliev his Cossacks on horseback held up to the attack - Romanians rushed to the port. Their losses were great, only captured about five thousand soldiers and officers. About trophies do not say.

    Ilya Vasilyevich looked carefully studying the reaction to me:

    - So we got to the city center, met with the guerrillas led by the chairman of the City Council. Soon he arrived at the front commander, General Malinovsky's army. "Comrade General, - reporting to him - the city released commander of the 109th Guards Rifle Division, Guards Colonel Baldynov.". Commander shook my hand and thanked him. Acquainted with the civilian, he again turned to me: "Comrade Colonel, I appoint you to the commandant of the city, to maintain order, and when they are, - he pointed gaze on partisan - to set the power, will overtake us." It was a new big concern of all my subordinates. In every area of the city commandants were commanders of regiments and battalions. Residents treated with different questions: one cared about the apartment, other efforts - to help track down missing relatives. We have done a lot for the city and the population, carrying out his military and civic duty ... His army I caught up in Iasi.

    Who it is appropriate to recall that the 109th Guards Division, having fought their way from the Caucasus Mountains to Prague and in the Trans-Baikal Front of Khingan mountains to Port Arthur, has been awarded two Orders of the Red Banner and the Order of Suvorov of the second degree. In honor of her guards saluted the capital of our country 15 times. And we are proud of our countryman Baldynovym Divisional Commander, an honorary citizen of Berislav, Odessa and Ulan-Ude.

    Ilya Vasilyevich was born in the district Moloevskom Ekhirit-Bulagat district herder family. One day I said to him: "You are the first of the Buryats became a general, and I think not only in the first one." He looked at me: "I do not understand what you mean?" I said: "Well, for example, who was the first in Buryatia received the Order of the Red Banner?" He protested: "We also were five of us first!" I said with a smile: "You - and positions, and in alphabetical order." He smiled: "Let us." I added: "You are the first cadet, as they said, the normal military school." Ilya Vasilevich said: "This is not true, we had 25 - all members of the Komsomol volunteers." I agreed, and then he added: "But no one of them, but you did not return to the Upper Berezovsky, and you have arrived and became the first commander of the machine-gun platoon."

    I kept her, "You are the first chief of staff, the first commander of the regiment and division commander first holder of a commander of the Order of Kutuzov II Degree The first students of the Academy of the General Staff..."

    Ilya Vasilyevich laughed: "That's what I'll tell you supplement your list - I had the first police officer, if not in Buryatia, in Ekhirit That's right.!"

    So, dear countrymen, you know, who was the first policeman.

    About our meetings, I told my classmate even at Tambov Ivan Tukeevu. He is three years older than me, the war was the commander of a separate battalion of guard Marshal Tolbukhin. He became interested in my story and expressed his desire to meet with the general. And I took up the organization of such a meeting.

    In Khamovniki lived a good friend, he worked there nachprodom military courses, most of those courses where IV taught before the war Baldynov. Here and we met. The landlord and his wife, Ilya Vasilevich and his wife, Ivan and his wife, too, and I - a bachelor. Talk well, it seemed, everyone remembered. Singing and dancing. Yes, it was a great meeting of countrymen. The general told us how he was received in 1945 in his native place, remembering his youth, and then the fun Buryat song with jokes, rhymes sung yes, we are, of course, supported.

    Valentina on behalf of all the guests warmly thanked the hospitable owners of the apartment.

    In essence, this was our last meeting. Once again we have seen literally on the move. In my pocket was a prescription to arrive at the rate of the Far East Command. He wished me to rise to the rank of general ... ml - zinc

    Congratulations, Odessa! And thanks to those who remember!

    Google Translator

    many more photos at link.

    Odessa was always a Russian city. Odessa will always be a Soviet city.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  14. #694
    An excerpt from a letter sent to Vladimir Putin from a member of the Russian milita

    As a result of the Minsk agreements Ukrainian side is actually re-recreated his army; It increased its quantified after spending several waves of mobilization; It has built three lines of defense; He pulled more military equipment to with even greater ferocity bombard settlements LDNR. Whereby it occurred Debaltsevsky boiler attacks before and after it.
    Humanly, I would say that the one who came up with this "truce", the one who allowed the enemy to increase its military strength when it can be fairly easy to dislodge from the territory of two regions, the same shall correct its own mistakes. Because let this happen, and then say "we are not party to the conflict", "we are here to do with it" - is not in Russian, but somehow the Hebrew work. But life always turns out that the error politicians rake ordinary people.

    And because you did one time feared, Vladimir Vladimirovich, and therefore respected. You're well aware that 28 February 2014 was a meeting of the NSDC of Ukraine, where it was a question whether to start military action in Crimea or not. As Turchynov admitted, then called Western partners and were asked not to go to war over the Crimea, because 5000 was only active military personnel in Ukraine. In the west feared that Russia will go further, and under its influence will be all the regions of the south and east, where 2/3 of the Ukrainian population lives. E. No one in the West was not going to fit for Ukraine. Even Sergei Markov, a deputy of the State Duma of the 5th convocation, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia, admitted that he did not send troops - this is an error on the part of the Kremlin. I quote: "Look, how to behave law enforcement agencies (the army, SBU) in the Crimea! 90% of them wrote a statement about the desire to continue to serve in the Russian army. And this despite the fact that Kiev has made sure that there were more anti-Russian security services in the Crimea. Therefore, we can say with a high probability that, if the liberation forces entered the territory of the south-east of Ukraine, they have received the full support of the population and the army would not shoot Russian soldiers, they just mass began to move to the side of the liberation forces. " Ukrainian soldiers really were ready to surrender, but they were waiting when will the Russian troops. The fact that the surrender by the former miners and hard worker for a soldier, especially an officer, it is dishonorable. But if you would have gotten a professional army, then all rank by rank.
    Instead, you abandon the policy of non-recognition of the Kiev junta when your Lavrov shake hands with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and then the Ukrainian side has evolved from a rogue in the partners and began to actively use their weapons in the Donbass. You have recognized the new Ukrainian fascist power, calling Petra Poroshenko partner, and saying that they were the first who supported him, and will continue to support. Russian spring-summer 2014 gave Ukraine arms and military equipment from the Crimea - whole trains. Although Donetsk warned that this can not be done, that he who does so, will share responsibility for the escalation of hostilities, will be complicit in the crimes perpetrated. Shoigu wrote letters asking them to stop all this, just indicate that this technique will then be used against LDNR. It was then used. All Ukrainian ATO then carried out on the Russian fuel. And for a long time with regard to Ukraine by the Russian did not have any restrictive measures on deliveries to any fuel for military purposes, no spare parts, no military technology. My words in his recent interview confirmed Boris Borisov, a former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DNI, and for this truth for a long time spent "on the basement", which still sit those who spoke the truth about the Minsk agreements. I'm not talking about the fact that Russia is trying to the last to support the Ukrainian economy afloat, the economy of the State which committed genocide in the south-east.

    Everywhere you one big partnership: partnership with the Kiev fascists, partnership with Europe, the partnership with the United States - some fucking partners. And the West does not respect the partnership, but the power. As the long and loud applause of the RF State Duma victory Trump, as if he were their president. Footmen welcomed the new master - it is unworthy of a sovereign state.

    You know, I do not believe, what prevents you from "5th column". Why then climb to the Crimea and to Syria, to disperse the rallies objectionable to you "5th column" does not interfere. More recently, the so-called "5th column" Few said. Now, talk about it, even the old lady at the entrances. The impression is that the information about the "5th column" catapulted into society on purpose, to be blamed on the "5th column" all the sins of the Russian government. Who was the first shouts "stop the thief"? Of course, the thief himself. According to this principle, it is not difficult to guess who are the ones who are still blamed on the so-called "5th column".
    The main thing to understand is the fact that the "5th column" made up entirely of people affecting the domestic and foreign policy of Russia. That is - it powers. No bulk, Kasyanov, Nemtsov and other liberasticheskie pro-Western lackeys do not have the leverage that has the president.
    You yourself straight text said: "If I believed that totalitarian or authoritarian system is the most advantageous for us, I would have simply changed the Constitution. As you can imagine, it was easy to do. It does not even require some sort of popular vote, it was enough to hold this decision in Parliament, where we had more than three hundred votes. " Here is the video with your direct speech: b4To

    You can, of course, choose a wait, wait for the US and the EU will fall apart when something suddenly happens to Ukraine, but it does not have the power, but a real weakness. Although, if you all of a sudden this happens, your advocates will present it as only your personal achievement. Or again, another "dogovornyachek", which only postpone the inevitable event? But the Western partners still perfectly see and understand. Respect so you do not deserve. As for the Donbass, the sacrifice of normal, adequate Russian people and wait with the Kiev regime something happens against the background of the fact that you did this regime and maintained - is not a method. You agree to sacrifice such events for their loved ones?

    Vladimir Vladimirovich, you have one last chance to redeem and earn respect among Western partners and thinking citizens - is more decisive action in the Ukrainian direction, up to the application of the asymmetric impact of the APU for the US action in Syria, and in general to put an end to fascism. Because you are his flirtation with the West and it's abnormal partnership turned into a whipping boy. States have shown you this openly. And the more you give in, the more you will be beaten, and no propaganda will not save you, t. To. All becomes too obvious. And in the end you will have to beat in the Russian Federation, but then can really start World War III won, unfortunately, on Russian soil. West understands only force. That is your strength (if any), not lies and propaganda on TV, waiting is not clear why, but the real power actually can prevent a major war.
    Russian volunteer, a member of the fighting in the Donbas from May 2014 to April 2015, the first years., Andrew A., call sign "Viva" .

    Goddamn Google Translator
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  15. #695

    © Sputnik/ Lugansk People’s Republic people’s militia
    By Zorana Dobriza; Originally appeared at Globalresearch

    The Ukrainian army continues to increase its activity in the east of the country in the combat zone between the Ukrainian armed forces and the Luhansk People’s Republic’s units. Thus, in the morning of April 23 a patrol vehicle of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) blew up on a mine in not controlled by Kiev Slavyanoserbsky district of the Lugansk region. As a result of the explosion, a US citizen working as a medical officer of the mission was killed and two mission employees were injured.

    Being unable to conduct active armed actions, Kiev focused its efforts on asymmetric combat operations against the Donbass insurgents through sabotage actions.

    A.Marochko, an official representative of the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic, said that the undermining of the cars of the OSCE mission is a terrorist act of Ukrainian special services that was committed by saboteurs of the 8th Special Regiment of Special Forces of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The possibility of execution of such terroristic acts was previously officially announced by the Minister of State Security of the Luhansk People’s Republic L. Pasechnik.

    On February 4, 2017, he noted that the the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic had information concerning the Ukrainian special services attempts to assassinate international mission personnel working in the Luhansk People’s Republic. S. Ivanchuk and I. Deyev, servicemen of the 8th Special Purpose Regiment of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukranian Armed Forces arrested in February being interrogated confirmed the fact that the Ukrainian Special Forces had the representatives of the OSCE shadowed. Major Ivanchuk, the head of the Ukrainian Group of Diversions and Reconnaissance confirmed during the interrogation that he had shadowed the movements of the OSCE staff and then had passed this information to the Ukrainian Security Service. He also admitted that the corresponding task was assigned to him by Colonel Sandursky known by the call sign “Khutor”, his curator from the Security Service.

    In the course of the engineering reconnaissance of the area conducted on April 24, 2017 by the units of the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic at the zone of the diversion aimed at the crew of the OSCE, a so-called “lying place” organized by the Ukrainian Group of Diversions and Reconnaissance was identified at a distance of 500-700 meters from the indicated location. Based on the evidences found and the nature of the actions it was established that the group consisted of three people. The senior serviceman of the group was Major Goluzyak Sergey Vyacheslavovich from the 8th separate special regiment of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    It is noteworthy that at present units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are being trained by military instructors from Poland, Lithuania and Denmark at the Yavoriv training ground in the Lviv region. The training of the Armed Forces is led by Colonel David Jordan of the US Armed Forces, who may become the head of the “OSCE peacekeeping mission” in the Donbass region.

    Undermining of the OSCE vehicle is another attempt to disrupt the Minsk settling process within the South-East of Ukraine which goal is to create preconditions for the unarmed OSCE troops entry to the territory of the unrecognized republics. The question is who from the Ukrainian governance will be able to provide guarantees for their security?
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  16. #696
    Donetsk celebrated Mayday many thousands procession (photo)

    In Donetsk, took place many thousands march to mark International Workers' Day, the correspondent of IA Red Spring May 1 from the scene.

    Day demonstration in the center of the capital of the DNI has collected several thousand members of trade unions, social movements, activists and ordinary citizens, who came to the festival with their families. Citizens carrying the DNI carried flags and banners with Soviet symbols and slogans "Peace! Work! May! "," The strength of our "unity," Peace will win the war! ". People chanted "Glory to working people!" And "Hurray!". After marching on Lenin Square held a solemn meeting.

    Recall that May 1 was declared the International Day of Solidarity of Workers at the Paris Congress of II International in July 1889. The date was chosen in memory of Chicago city workers who spoke in defense of their rights and of US police shot May 1, 1886.
    We previously reported that in Ukraine, under the "de-communization", raises the issue of the abolition of the celebration on the state level March 8, 1 May and 9 May. On the development of the bill, said the director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, Vladimir Vyatrovich.

    More photos at link
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  17. #697
    Date of publication: 04 05 2017, 17:26

    Kiev, Ukraine. A recent visit by Italian Communists to the Donbass region of Ukraine, has resulted in the US-backed puppet Poroshenko administration indicating they will request European Union authorities arrest the tourists upon return to Italy and extradite them to Kiev for prosecution by Ukrainian authorities under Ukrainian anti-terrorist laws.
    Kiev to seek prosecution of Italian delegates who visited occupied areas of Donbas as The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has confirmed the fact of the visit of Italian MEP Eleonora Forenza as part of a delegation of the Communist group visiting the temporarily occupied part of Donbass, and said it will seek her arrest and others with her on the tour of Donbass recently.
    “We sent a note to the Italian Foreign Ministry back on April 28 about the inadmissibility of violating Ukrainian legislation and demanded that measures be taken to prevent such a visit. We demanded she be arrested and her group be stopped before physically coming to the Donbass.” Ukrainian spokesperson Betsa said in Kiev.
    “As the result of these contacts, the Italian Foreign Ministry sent all the competent authorities and organizers of this provocation the information regarding criminal liability for violation of Ukrainian law. Italy stressed that its government supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and this position remains unchanged,” the Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maryana Betsa, said in a comment to international press in Kiev Thursday evening.
    The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that the Italian side stressed that this was a separate initiative of individuals and it in no way reflected the official position of Italy.
    Betsa also said Kiev will demand the arrest and extradition of these persons to Kiev for trial on charges under Ukraine’s anti-terrorist laws.
    Eleonora Forenza is an Italian politician, spokesperson for culture and communications in the Communist Refoundation Party and a member of the European Parliament.
    According to a number of media reports, Forenza visited the occupied areas of Lugansk and Donetsk during May holidays, in the company of 50 plus Italian Communists and a unknown number of intoxicated musicians.

    "in the company of 50 plus Italian Communists and a unknown number of intoxicated musicians." and a good time was had by all...
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  18. #698
    Odessa. Shame. Deception.
    POSTED BY BABEUF79 ⋅ MAY 6, 2017
    Original: Politnavigator
    Translated by @TamrikoT / Edited by @GBabeuf

    Valentin Filippov, a TV journalist, left Odessa after the victory of Euromaidan

    One of the main topics in Ukrainian news today is the refusal of the Odessa City Council to rename the city’s streets in line with Kiev’s wishes. The Deputies, in place of the Heroes of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation –trans.] and the “Heavenly Hundred”, assigned other names.

    However, this is, in fact, just grandstanding for the public. Odessa politicians portray themselves as fighters against Kiev nationalists. The capital’s nationalists portray a struggle against a “Muscovite revanche” in Odessa.

    In this story, both sides are the very same “sons of bitches”, writes the PolitNavigator observer, Valentin Filippov.

    …But we have been flashed by the device from Men in Black, and we have forgotten everything. For example, the fact that the staff of this City Council has officially recognized Russia as an “aggressor country”. We suddenly did not notice apartments being distributed by the City Executive Committee to ATO veterans. We did not notice Ukrainian anthems and flowers on the Foundation Day of the UPA [Ukrainian Insurgent Army, who collaborated extensively with the Nazis –ed.]. In general, everything is fine. They just “rebelled”. They didn’t allow the streets to be renamed! Well, how didn’t they allow it? Well, they renamed them, but not like that, and not all of them. So not one was named after the “Heavenly Hundred”. Here they renamed the street “Heroes of Kruty”, but “Heavenly Hundred”—not a single one.*

    But what was renamed, well yes, it was renamed, but without pleasure. It was absolutely implemented as the last choice. The Nazis even threatened them, tried to disrupt the voting. But Mayor Trukhanov hushed them, telling them “you were allowed in here and you can be ejected.” Why should he be afraid? It’s not just the Nazis who are protecting him, but the most eminent of them. The ones who proved their ability to kill Odessans at Kulikovo Field on May 2, 2014.

    No. I’m not kidding. Exactly the executioners of Odessans are today on the payroll of the Mayor of Odessa, Gennadiy Trukhanov. It is exactly they who disperse any protests of other nationalist groups against the “pro-Russian mayor.” And this is known even to the Pushkin Monument on Dumskaya Square in Odessa, diligently installed by Odessans with its back facing this whorehouse.

    So there’s no need for fairy tales. There’s no need to pass the story from mouth to mouth of how on May 3rd, 2014, Trukhanov sat on a curb near the House of Trade Unions and quietly wept, smearing tears over his bald head. It’s a lie. He had a chance to remain a man. He had enough strength and resources, ‘athletes’ and bandits, to throw the Nazis out of the city even then, on May 2, 2014. And do not tell me what he was threatened with. What? Is he going to live forever?

    This way is no longer life, it is Hell and shame in the eyes of descendants.

    So what is this all about? Do they really think we don’t know? For example, the preparation of a draft decision on renaming [the streets –trans.] in the context of decommunization took place under the close supervision of SBU [Ukrainian secret service –ed.]. And not just the SBU. Each letter received approval by the higher authority. All this fuss with criminal cases and threats from the Nazis is a clear spectacle that can have real consequences only within the framework of absurdity and the general disorder that has overtaken the former Ukraine.

    If we examine the renaming list, we will see that not only all communist, but everything historical that ties our people into one whole unity is suppressed. Even mention of the colour red is eliminated. That is to say, the word “red” is considered to be unacceptable in every case. Besides that, it turned out that the street cannot be named Leningradskaya, for example. The “Heroes of Stalingrad” somehow offends them. The heroes of the battle that changed the history of mankind. Indeed. This street became “Defenders of Odessa”. In the abstract.

    But the most significant is the renaming of Pravda Street into Happiness Street. Even a child understands that you cannot rename Truth into Lie [“Pravda”, once the official newspaper of the CPSU, means “Truth” in Russian –ed.] . You need some kind of transitional option. And “Happiness” suits this purpose.

    Therefore, don’t get carried away. There will be in Odessa a “Heavenly Hundred”, and a “Defenders from Russia”, and a “600 years of Kochubey”.†

    Just not all at once.

    In the meantime, while some Nazis run after other Nazis, while in Kiev they continue to be outraged by the decisions of the “separatist authorities in Odessa”, our heroic City Council will be engaged in its habitual business. Robbing and dividing the spoils.

    Once again, for example, very few people noticed, but at the same time as the scandalous decision to rename the city streets, it was decided to transfer a publicly owned residential building located on Langeron Beach [a seafront district of the city –ed.] to private ownership. For peanuts. And every citizen of Odessa knows that now, absolutely free of charge, the piece of land on which the building stands will be transferred to a new owner. After that the building will be demolished, and new construction will begin.

    This decision officially is explained by the need to improve the coast. Every resident of Odessa knows exactly what kind of municipal improvement this means. This ‘Maecenas’ has already ‘improved’ the embankment with swimming pools which, as a result, passed into his private ownership. And just a week after the solemn gift [of the ‘improved’ embankment to the city –ed.] with the participation of the mayor’s office, the entry there was set at 200 hryvnas per person.

    By the way, this ‘Maecenas’ is also known in Crimea. It was precisely he who tried to seize a piece of Art-Bay [Artillery Bay, Sevastopol –ed.] along with a dolpinarium from the city of Russian sailors.

    In this way, on the day of a dubious victory over the renaming of the streets, the citizens of Odessa were deprived of their favourite recreation spot, Langeron Beach.

    It was plainly stolen.

    And the fact that the thief is a member of the Communist Party—makes no difference. Decommunization does not apply to him.‡

    *Reference to the Battle of Kruty, January 29, 1918.

    †Kochubey was a nobleman of the Zaporozhian Host. He was executed by Ivan Mazepa in 1708.

    ‡The author appears to be mistaken. Trukhanov is a former member of the Party of Regions.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  19. #699
    “We were running across a burning bridge…” Pt. 1
    POSTED BY BABEUF79 ⋅ MAY 16, 2017

    Original: Colonel Cassad
    Translated by @TamrikoT / Edited by @GBabeuf

    Interview with Mikhail Chaliy, the brother of Aleksey Chaliy, who took an active part in the Sevastopol uprising in 2014, the year in which in fact the Crimea’s return to Russia began.

    Mikhail, unlike Aleksey, was always somewhat in the shadows, but in the days of February 2014 he did great organizational work, ensuring the functioning of the transitional government and preserving the city’s life support systems.

    The Word and The Deed. Mikhail Chaliy: “We were running across a burning bridge”

    Journalistic materials, like children, have differing births: some ‘deliveries’ go easily and without pain, others in torment—for yet others, one has to resort to extraordinary measures. For this material, I had to resort to such extraordinary measures. To wit—I had to tell Mikhail Chaliy, to whom Sevastopolitans need no introduction, some obvious nonsense. Perhaps it was not quite ethical. But much of what has been said here was said only due to the fact that Mikhail Mikhailovich ‘buttoned up’, and was not prepared to talk about the difficulties he experienced…

    “You acted more than right”

    Looking back at February 23, 2014, all of the people of Sevastopol whom I had the chance to talk to, told me about the incredible relief that came to replace the uncertainty and fear. The rally on Nakhimov Square showed that the city was united and intended to fight. Most importantly, there were those who were willing to take responsibility for making decisions. And these weren’t some random, mindless citizens [Russian idiom “without king in the head” –trans.], but people who had a proven loyalty to Sevastopol and an ability to do real work, rather than just empty tongue-wagging. The proof of this was the rally itself.

    Aleksey Chaliy did not promise citizens a life of ease—he said that the situation was critical, that every hour counted, and he left the tribune with the words “I’m off to work.” These words affected the people more than some optimistic promises from anyone else’s lips could have done: some of the participants of the meeting tried to convey their feelings using the eloquent expression “otpustilo” [relieved, lifted a burden –trans.].

    But it’s one thing to know that someone reliable has taken responsibility on himself—it’s absolutely another thing to feel that burden on one’s own shoulders. Only the very naive could suggest that the rally put Aleksey Chaliy himself and his closest associates into a state of euphoria. Taking on this particular role allowed me to hear a candid account of how the protagonists of history actually feel in reality.

    Mikhail Chaliy:

    “I want you to understand how things actually happened and under what conditions we acted.

    “On February 22 and in the first half of the next day there was a feeling of impending catastrophe. To anyone who knows Sevastopol and its people, it was clear that there would be a massacre, because the Banderites have their own bones to pick with our city. Up until February 22 we still had hope that Yanukovich would create an alternative government in the south-east of Ukraine, and we prepared the resolution of the meeting correspondingly—regarding our accession to the South-East. But it soon became clear that there would be nothing of the kind because Yanukovich had fled. All the regional, district and city councils, including those in Crimea, swore allegiance to the junta. The Sevastopol authorities showed no determination to resist either—they vacillated, argued amongst themselves, while time passed like sand through the fingers. The internet was riddled with reports that on February 23 the evacuation of the Russian fleet had begun. There was also “official information” being spread about an American warship entering our waters. The atmosphere was very tough—as if an enormous leaden cloud was hanging over Sevastopol.

    “Events were developing from bad to worse, but we knew that it was necessary to act under the most difficult, the most odious and unfavourable circumstances, because otherwise the Pravoseki [Praviy Sektor militants –ed.] would have come here and they wouldn’t have stood on ceremony with Sevastopol or with Sevastopolitans. We didn’t expect any help either—the story of the 1991 referendum and subsequent events didn’t give any grounds for that. So any nonsense, even the creation of a city-state, seemed more realistic than the hope that we could become part of Russia. After the meeting on February 23 ended, everyone was well aware that in the case of unfavourable developments, payback for what we were doing would not be long in coming. The state machine which we were opposing could run us over without batting an eyelid. So, we didn’t have any euphoria, we couldn’t have!

    “I remember it well, immediately after the meeting, as soon as people began to disperse, we moved to the inner courtyard of the Navy Sports Club. There were six of us, a light rain was falling… Going to the administration building would have been pointless—without reinforcements we would just have been sent packing. The first thing I did—I turned to the former head of the department of the state security service in Sevastopol, Lyosha Kabeletskiy [Lyosha, diminutive form of Aleksey –ed.], who knew all the security structures in the city, and appealed to him to provide security to Aleksey Mikhailovich [i.e Aleksey Mikhailovich Chaliy –ed.].”

    Aleksey Kabeletskiy:

    “I responded that they had until the morning: during the night the Ukrainian special services would come to their senses and everything would be over. Therefore it was necessary to immediately run and knock on the doors of whatever Russian military unit—it was impossible to ensure the safety of Aleksey Mikhailovich and the others who ‘came to light’ at the rally of the leaders in any other way. Opposing them on the one hand were the Ukrainian authorities, on the other—the militants by whose hands the ‘revolution of dignity’ was made. Those people did what they wanted and they went unpunished. Going to the meeting, I saw one such group—a dozen guys in tracksuits. That’s why at the end of the rally I was really scared—Aleksey Mikhailovich and his team seemed really defenceless.

    “There is one important point I want to make here. Everyone who participated in the ‘Russian Spring’ has their own story and all of them are great lads. But giving an opinion or shouting it out in the crowd—it’s not much of an achievement. Someone’s presence at a rally is meaningless—they can always say they weren’t speaking ‘for’ it but ‘against’ it, they just weren’t heard. And if Vasya or Petya say the opposite, then it’s just slander. You can even stand relatively quietly at the roadblocks if nobody knows you. The only one who truly takes a risk in this situation is the one who identifies himself, that is, the one who ascends the tribune and openly declares himself and his intentions. It’s like stepping off a cliff, after which there’s no turning back. Especially if we’re talking of a famous person, known by everyone in the city. Give me the name of at least one public figure who would identify himself thus in the first days! Later, when it became clear that there wouldn’t be any beatings, other heroes appeared. And then…”

    Mikhail Chaliy:

    “And then Lyosha Kabeletskiy said that we needed to take our families and run to the Russian military, and then evacuate to Russia with their help. But nobody did so, and we continued to be guarded by two men, one of whom had a traumatic pistol [a pistol firing supposedly non-lethal rubber or steel rounds –ed.] and the other a combat Makarov. I knew Lyosha’s advice was of no use, because it’s impossible to intimidate Aleksey Mikhailovich. Also, it was unimaginable that he would abandon the people who believed in him. A huge plus was the fact that everything we had done in previous years—supporting pro-Russian movements, the 35th Battery [the restoration and conversion into a museum of the so-called Maksim Gorky Fortress, north of Sevastopol, in which Aleksey Chaliy played a large role –ed.], all our resistance to the Ukrainization of the city—my brother had managed to organize it so that we were out of sight of the Ukrainian security forces. Those who shouted too loudly and tore the shirts on their chests, they surveilled them and realized that they weren’t serious. But we never sought publicity, our work was ‘encrypted’ [Russian slang meaning “unnoticed, without attracting attention” –trans.], so we went unseen. Well, he built some crazy memorial—obviously there’s nothing for a man to do. Well, he published textbooks on Sevastopol Studies—nonsense. And suddenly on February 23 we went, in all our glory, under the cameras…

    “So when you say that after the rally everything was good, it’s complete nonsense. We had only the smallest chance to sneak between the raindrops and somehow navigate out of this situation. That whole month we were following some kind of intuition at the edge of consciousness—it was like a running across a burning bridge that’s collapsing behind you. And you can never turn around or slow down, otherwise the abyss will swallow you up. Later, very serious specialists told me: you didn’t act right, you acted more than right. Because if you’d acted according to the rules, you wouldn’t have succeeded…”

    Not to be victims

    The state machine would really have easily crushed those who stood in its way if it had not been for the people of the city. Only because of the unity and organization of the people who hurried to the centre of the city at the first call did the attempt to arrest Aleksey Chaliy fail and the session of the City Council take place where the deputies confirmed his authority as the head of the executive power. The most tragicomic now is that some of the People’s Deputies of that time who in every possible way tried to prevent this, and who threatened the People’s Mayor with severe penalties, are already writing “heroic memoirs” of those days.

    But let’s not get distracted. The people of Sevastopol began to fight for the right not to act as resigned victims much earlier—soon after the well-known events began to unfold on Maidan. There were, of course, also optimists who didn’t take another bout of Ukrainian infighting very seriously. But it soon became clear to us that it would not come to any good.

    Mikhail Chaliy:

    “We couldn’t just wait for the Pravoseki to arrive in Sevastopol and start to make everyone kowtow to them. The people of Sevastopol are unique, many also have a military background, so the citizens started to organize themselves into self-defence groups. But their level of organization was very variable. There are several categories of self-defence units, and anything lower than the third category has no chance of survival in a collision with organized enemy forces. And the highest of them, in addition to requiring self-organization, implies communication and direct contact with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Exactly the kind of unit we had created back in January. Prior to that, we had thoroughly studied the experience of Bishkek—at that time the most recent experience connected with mass riots and killings. The main conclusion drawn from that study: trying to sit things out in one’s own courtyard, taking a double-barrel in your hands and letting the dog off the leash—it’s no more than a complicated method of suicide. Imagine—there are three hundred courtyards in the street, in each of them frightened people have locked themselves in. A gang of twenty people takes one yard, slaughters the family and the dog, and then goes to the next house. And like that the whole street is destroyed. But if those three hundred people with hundred guns came together, they would have gone through this gang like a hot knife through butter…

    “We really were prepared to defend our families, our city, and if necessary, to evacuate people and to provide cover. There were many such groups at different levels of organization in Sevastopol. After February 23, when it became clear to everyone that there were people capable of taking control of events, we didn’t lack people wanting to help. On the contrary, we had more than enough. The unity of the city was incredible, just crazy, it’s true.

    “I had a genuine problem—as soon as I appeared on the street, people would grab me by the hands and offer their own solutions for saving Sevastopol from the villains. If I had listened to them all, it would have taken exactly twenty-four hours a day. Which is to say, the activity of the helpers was such that it also had to be digested. Organizing the people, many of whom had never even taken an oath was difficult. But it worked out. I think what helped was that at the time all the people of Sevastopol wanted the same thing. Also, this greatly helped to avoid misunderstandings.

    “Many had come to the rescue of Sevastopol even from other cities. Some offered material aid, others just came and asked—what do you need us to do? There were also Ukrainians among the non-citizens, for each of whom it was an act of state treason. Unfortunately there were also those who from the beginning expected to receive from this fantastic event the maximum dividends, to monetize patriotism. You could spot them straight away—they’d only display frantic activity when the TV cameras appeared. Eventually I simply forbade them from entering the government building, because their aim was obvious. But it only surfaced later, once we had started to win. During the first five or six days, when the danger was real, everyone, including thieves, prostitutes and scoundrels abandoned their bad ways and went to the barricades. Observing people on February 24, I didn’t see a mob, but a highly organized group of people. Even transport went among them normally—when the bus appeared, everyone parted, let it pass, and then closed ranks again. The people became the power in Sevastopol, that’s why we won. But they didn’t in Odessa, because no worthy leader was found…”
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  20. #700

    In a recent interview(dutifully translated by the Saker network), General Reshetnikov claimed that Novorossiya failed (was failed) because it was not sufficentlyright-wing and imperial(ist), but too much communist and leftist in terms of the people’s original aspirations and inspiration:

    Reshetnikov: “Novorossiya was not created as some theoretical project; it was born through an explosion of the Russian historic self-awareness; an explosion unexpected for all – including Moscow, the Kremlin, the Russian public. Something that is hidden in the sub-consciousness in all of us – the yearning for the recreation of the Orthodox Russian Empire. Many have not yet realized what is Novorossiya, why it created such an enthusiasm in the society and why so many people went to defend it even at the cost of their own lives. That is because the idea of the Russian unity has survived under the layer of the dead ideology of the last hundred years. Why, then, the “project Novorossiya” wound down? I believe the reason is not only that some high ranking officials disapprove of it and closed it down (although that happened, too), but the main reason is that such project cannot be based on the Red Star: then that would not be Novorossiya, the resurrection of Russia, but an imitation of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, many in the political leadership and expert community returned to the Soviet paradigms of 1970-1980s of the last century. Those paradigms have shown their ineffectiveness long ago, and attempts to reuse them now could lead to the collapse of everything. Old Soviet schemes aren’t viable but the new ones – not Soviet, but liberal – have not been taken on by the majority, so for now there is no ideological foundation for Novorossiya . . .

    Bolding added. What a piece of shit, but there it is....
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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