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Thread: Footnotes from the Ukrainian "Crisis"; New High-Points in Cynicism Part III

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    'Sucker' is the kindest thing I might say, but I think it much worse.
    Yeah, I'm thinking that it is "much worse", too. It looks like thorough going collusion, maybe some kind of pay-off, or skin-saving...
    "America was never great"

    "Anyone who analyzes the state of affairs in the world will find that it is the imperialists and capitalists, who subject the world to the worst poverty, the worst backwardness, and they are simply the scourge of mankind." - Fidel

    "Privilege begets psychopathy" - blindpig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhalgren View Post
    I think el Murid is saying that the People's Republics could defeat the Ukes right now, flat=out, but they are not doing so (I think that is what the drunken translator is saying?) What I couldn't get was who he is blaming. The 'leadership' of the Republics or the Kremlin or both?
    I think he's talking about last year, when I think the only question is how far NAF could go. Nowadays not so much, unless the Ukes behave as stupidly as last year, which I find unlikely. Both sides now are made up largely of green recruits and if Donbass has the better morale the Ukes still got the numbers and hardware. He is blaming Kremlin and their puppets in Donbass, I cannot see an alternative explanation.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Portraying Minsk

    September 5th, 23:31

    The LC issued a lengthy rebuttal of the statements made ​​on the transfer of border LC Ukraine. LUGANSKINFORMTSENTR DENIES INFORMATION TRANSFER LIMITS OF UKRAINE

    Published today LuganskInformTsentrom material stating that provided a set of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement transfer of control over the border of Ukraine will not affect the safety of the LC, caused very ambiguous reaction of the public and the media.

    In this regard, editorial LuganskInformTsentra considers it necessary to clarify a set of measures that the alleged transfer of Kiev control of the border is possible only after the Ukrainian side all the points of agreement in Minsk. It is absolutely clearly and unambiguously stated in a set of measures. It really is item 9, which refers to the transfer of control of the border to the Ukrainian authorities. However, according to the document, such a transfer may take place only after Kiev all the preceding conditions, namely the constitutional reform, legislative recognition of the special status of Donbass on an ongoing basis, the local elections in accordance with the law, to be agreed with the LC and DNI . "Thus, in accordance with the package of measures, if Ukraine becomes a true democratic state, which will be on a contractual basis to develop cooperation with the Republic that are in it, but have a sufficient degree of autonomy, if implemented the right to a special order of the local government in the constitutional law field, as it requires complex measures - in these conditions control of Ukraine over the border is the implementation of measures and in any degree does not pose any problems for the People's Republic ", - said in a commentary LuganskInformTsentru authorized representative of LC at the Minsk talks Vladislav Dane." That ie the transfer of control of the border Kiev is possible only in the circumstances described above, and subject to "the assistance of the central authorities of cross-border cooperation in selected areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the regions of the Russian Federation" with the aim of "economic, social and cultural development of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions "- he explained, quoting the text of the Package of Measures." The transfer of border - the final step of a set of measures which is possible only if Kiev all the conditions of the Minsk Agreement ", - explained Dana. We recall that paragraph 9 of the Set-up to the Minsk Agreement states that "restoration of full control over the state border from the government of Ukraine in the whole conflict zone," "should begin on the first day after the local elections and end after a comprehensive political settlement of the (local elections in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions on the basis of the Law of Ukraine and constitutional reform) the end of 2015, subject to paragraph 11 - in consultation and in agreement with the representatives of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the framework of the Tripartite Liaison Group ". Thus, the transfer of control of the border Kiev is possible only after the constitutional reform in Ukraine" with the entry into force to the end of 2015, a new constitution, involving as a key element of decentralization (taking into account the characteristics of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, coordinated with representatives of these areas), and the adoption of the permanent law on the special status of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, in accordance with the measures specified "in the footnote to the package of measures. These measures include:" - exemption from punishment, harassment and discrimination of individuals associated with the events that took place in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions; - the right to language self-determination - participation of local authorities in appointment of heads of prosecutors and courts in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions; - the possibility for the central executive authorities to enter into with the relevant local authorities an agreement on economic, social and cultural development of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions; - the state supports the social and economic development individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions; - assistance from the central government cross-border cooperation in selected areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the regions of the Russian Federation; - the creation of units of the militia by the decision of local councils in order to maintain public order in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions; - the powers of local council deputies, and officers elected in early elections, appointed by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by this law, can not be terminated prematurely. "EDITORIAL LUGANSKINFORMTSENTRA DECLARES that about any" concessions "Kiev on the issue of control over the border in the previously published AT OUR sites is out of the question, and could not. LuganskInformTsentr 77 - zinc

    PS. In the umpteenth time to have to point to the inadequacy of the "Minsk rhetoric" when its wires are sometimes terrible nonsense, then they themselves are compelled to refute that harvested themselves. And it did the first time, is it? Remember the epic bredyatinu about the fact that the DNI and LC agreed to accept part of the Crimea They then also because of the language no one pulled, just left of the line of Ukrainian law in their "offers", then long justified in style - "we did not mean it." And such zalety constantly. Now here is the statement released Dane, hysteria fanned themselves in the style of "All is lost, the plaster is removed, leaving the client", and the next day start traditionally excuses, we misunderstood. And then blaming "putinslivschikov." Well, do you let go of the news, there is not yet such is hysterical. In general, the information policy in the republics still leaves much to be desired. Well, plus a comment on the subject of General Petrovsky border.

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    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Euromaidan in Moldova

    September 6 19:12

    Briefly about the beginning in Chisinau "euromaidan."

    1. Immediately necessary to specify that the authorities in Moldova are so-called "pro-European forces," which a few years ago by including street pressure shifted from the local authorities "multi-vector" of the Communists led by Voronin, who wanted to and from Moscow and feed gesheft receive from Europe. The upshot was that the communists to power instead led "democratic coalition", which represented the interests of the local "semi-major" business, smugglers, supporters of reunification with Romania and other anti-Soviet-Russophobia.

    2. Immediately after coming to power, these leaders have announced a policy of "European integration" in the best traditions of Ukrainian counterparts on reason. Estestestvenno over the years in Europe certainly do not fall, and the country continued to sink further into economic ass. Numerous elections, corruption scandals, rising poverty, all this on the one hand led to increased influence formally pro-Russian forces, but on the other hand, a massive disappointment current government, which is "not effectively" holds "European integration" and mired in corruption Aki "zlochinna Vlad . "

    3. As a result, today in Chisinau began mass protests, which left tens of thousands of people. Just have to point out that "Maidan" is not pro-Russian, it set the tone for the characters screaming about "zlochinnuyu Vlad" and "European integration". What then reminded the situation in Ukraine, which began when "euromaidan" among the major claims to Yanukovych and Azarov put forward "fast enough European integration" and "corruption". So the similarity of sounding promises and slogans quite obvious. It is worth noting that "rumynofily" stands for "reunion" of Moldova (Transnistria of course) with Romania, also support the protests. What is important, the protesters put forward tough political demands associated with both the planting current leadership, and with the local Communist Party leadership plantings coupled with Voronin. Protests are quite organized, observed the work of organizational structures providing infrastructure protest. Obviously such a mass rally was preceded by serious preparatory work. Deplorable economic situation (is part of the requirements of socio-economic nature) of course objectively helps the mood of protest.

    4. As a result emerges scheme similar to the Ukrainian events, although the external control protests still evident not show. In general, there is a situation when to replace the anti-Russian and Russophobian regime in Chisinau can come even more anti-Russian and Russophobian (here the difference is about the same as that between Yushchenko and Poroshenko), which is due to greater radicalism may try to engage in a civil war in the Ukraine by intensifying actions against Transnistria, even if put into question the integrity of Moldova (it is no secret that in Moldova there is a very diverse separatism associated with the autonomist tendencies of some areas).

    5. In general, that the current government that the protests did not bear a good Russian, just those who can replace the "European coalition" are likely to be more uporotyh and possibly intensify the Transnistrian conflict. Russia certainly desirable every effort is made ​​to bring to power a coalition of pro-Russian or even centrist parties in order to freeze the situation in this area to reduce the risk of the Transnistrian enclave, which in case of war is very difficult to defend due to heavy geo-strategic position of the unrecognized republic.

    6. At the moment, the government is trying to exhort protesters, but judging by the fights occurred, radicalism protestvuyuschih quite high. Much will depend on how attitudes evolve in the United States and representatives of Brussels. If the current government will receive political support, it is very likely it will stand. If the West pretends that "did not notice" of what is happening, then it is obvious that the current leadership of Moldova need for various reasons, has disappeared and replaced are very different people, as for example happened in Georgia, with the permission of the United States to other pro-American forces allowed to dismantle the regime of Saakashvili. Hope ordinary Moldovans that they can improve their surroundings are clear, but they are unrealizable. So well, how they lived in the Soviet Union, they will not live.

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    Other photos at link.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    The Offensive

    Posted by babeuf79 ⋅ September 6, 2015

    Original: Kotych
    Translated by Alya & Alan Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf

    Briefly on the military situation (based on personal analysis of the available data):

    •Currently, Ukrainian troops have almost completed their concentration of forces for the planned offensive. In the areas selected as the direction of the main strike (to the south of Donetsk) their superiority over the opposing portions of the NAF [Novorossiya Armed Forces –ed.] is estimated at approximately five-fold. Under the cover of defence in depth, the UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces –ed.] grouping has a pronouncedly offensive configuration.

    •At the front, additional exploration of the PRs’ [People’s Republics –ed.] army positions is actively conducted by professional reconnaissance (presumably PMCs [Private Military Companies –ed.]). The number of drones and electronic warfare equipment used by the Ukro-Army is impressive. A considerable reserve of ammunition for all kinds of weapons is concentrated near the front.

    •The power available to the UAF is sufficient to effect a defeat of the opposing People’s Militia corps within a week or two, while profound breakthroughs can already be effected in the first day of the attack, giving access to the rear communications.

    •The offensive may be “general” in character (aiming at accessing the border with the Russian Federation all along the line and the subsequent complete destruction of republics), or limited, the aim of which might be the capture of the southern part of the DPR and of vital infrastructure, without which even partial economic autonomy of the Donbass would be impossible.

    •A full-scale offensive should be expected before the autumn muddy season; thus there remains for the UAF not more than a month and a half before its commencement. And taking into account the need to not only start, but to finish the operation before the onset of the autumn muddy season, the time-frame for the offensive moves to September 20-25. If an offensive does not start before this specified time, it will be possible to predict with a high degree of probability the preservation of the status quo before the winter frosts.

    •Nonetheless, although postponement of the operation is possible, it is unlikely, as the deteriorating economic and political situation for the Kiev junta does not guarantee their ability to re-assemble an equally powerful group for an attack six months later.

    •The most suitable time for the attack (putting oneself in the enemy’s place) would appear to be Putin’s visit to New York for the UN General Assembly (20th of September)—so an effect can be achieved by the application of massive pressure on him by the so-called international community when it comes to adopting the strategic decision of whether to provide or not to provide military assistance—or the scale of any aid—to the PRs.

    •Let me remind you that the “War of 8.8.8” [The Georgian War began on August 8, 2008 –ed.], and the decisive events of the “Revolution of Dignity” [the Maidan coup –ed.] occurred at a time when V.V. Putin was outside Moscow (in China and at the Olympics in Sochi). In the first case, the effect was not achieved. In the second—the question for me is not so clear.

    Original: El Murid
    Translated by Alya & Alan Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf

    Regarding Strelkov’s analysis-prognosis on the timing and possibility of a UAF offensive, I can say the following.

    Firstly, Strelkov is quite logical in indicating the beginning of the last third of the month as the most likely date for the offensive, but at the same time very preclusive. Putin’s visit to New York is considered very important for the Kremlin; the “dancing” concerning the issue of a meeting between Putin and Obama has already commenced. The Normandy Four format and the Minsk agreements have been demonstrated to be ineffective by the fact that Europe does not appear to be independent in making decisions on sanctions (and it was precisely they who were the reason for surrendering a military victory last year); and the fact that Ukraine in general is a completely controlled territory and it is impossible in principle to conduct a dialogue with it—there is not a single responsible politician there. To solve the problem, one has to deal with the actual organiser of the catastrophe, and therefore the meeting in New York is extremely important for Putin and for the, still very strong, party of the “peacemakers”—or, rather, the traitors.

    It would be absurd not to take this factor into consideration and not to try and sabotage it (or reduce its meaning to zero). A UAF offensive during this time will present Putin with a choice—either to leave New York, or to make any such meeting meaningless. In this sense, September 20 as a possible date for a UAF offensive is very likely. If we bear in mind that Kiev is run by Vice-President Biden, the personification of Washington’s hawks, one can say that the probability of such a development is very high.

    On purely military grounds the analysis is also quite sound—after September 20 there is not enough time before the onset of the bad autumn weather and the weather is beginning to play a significant role. In principle, the military equipment (especially the Soviet equipment) is designed for any conditions, but when everything is on the brink, the risks become unacceptable. That is why if the situation remains more or less stable after September 20, we can expect it to remain unchanged for the next month-and-a-half or two, and after that the Minsk agreements will begin to become a factor, with their elections, the surrender of borders and so on will.

    On the other hand, Strelkov did not delve into the political background of events. Sabotaging Putin’s visit and risking the entire strategy in Ukraine—is not an equivalent exchange for the west. The Kremlin is now in such a situation that either the implementation or the failure of the Minsk agreements are equally ruinous for it; thus there is no consensus in the USA about what is the more promising in personally “degrading” Putin. Nobody is particularly hiding the fact that the issue primarily concerns precisely the Russian president. His exit—even his exit in disgrace—is a very important goal for the USA. Therefore all calculations concerning Russia are made in light of it.

    Surrendering the Donbass might come as a heavy blow to Putin’s position, and thus already in Moscow they are trying their best to pass off everything that is happening as a victory. This is precisely why the conditions put forward by Kiev appear unacceptable to the Kremlin—they believe they have already done more than enough in that respect.

    For now, both the USA and Europe believe that implementing Minsk agreements is more beneficial for them; there nonetheless remains a problem with maintaining Ukraine: the country is running out of resources, but neither the USA nor Europe is willing to pay even the minimum needed to keep it afloat. Restructuring of debts (which is actually slavery) is the limit for the West. So those who insist on using Kiev to continue blackmailing Russia into allocating additional funds also have a very strong position. It is evident that the Kremlin is already unable to keep on supporting Ukraine without risking its own stability.

    This battle of different approaches will determine the probability of a UAF advance. Kiev already decides nothing. This is probably why Kravchuk and Gorbulin [Leonid Kravchuk, first President of Ukraine, ’91-’94; Volodymyr Gorbulin, first head of Ukraine’s National Defence and Security Council, now an official advisor to Poroshenko –ed.] are quite hysterical and almost in a panic demand to turn everything into the siege of Donbass: this will eliminate the possibility of implementing the Minsk agreements, and on the other hand also will not require an immediate military solution, which would run the danger of becoming another disaster. This is not the final decision but, at the moment, nobody is trying to construct any long term policy.

    The result is that Putin’s visit to New York becomes, in a certain sense, a reference point. Of course the Kremlin will try to secure both themselves and the situation and most likely will demonstratively inflate the military presence in the “people’s republics”. Here too there are dangers—it is easy to go too far. Yet there are already no simple solutions. The simple and clear-cut solution would be—a military victory and the surrender of the enemy. Everything else—trading and bluffing. Whoever deceives whom will have the upper hand.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Reports from the militia of New Russia
    today at 4:45 am
    7.9.15. Posted by Andrei Smirnov. "Political Terror in Ukraine as an example of Mariupol. According to some data, in the period, the activities of the secret police of Ukraine in Mariupol, they were seized for political reasons, to 3,800 people. On the fate and whereabouts known to no more than about 1,500 of them. Moreover, the greatest scope of the arrests took recently (summer 2015). This is due to the factors that the population already intimidated by the atmosphere of fear and silence covers all the actions of a punitive system. Which, in turn, grew, and constantly requires new victims and results in exposing the "terrorists" and "agents" of the enemy. As a result, re-arrest suffered by those who detained earlier in the summer of 2014 and released for lack of evidence. At that time, the inquiry by the investigating authorities of the SBU carried out even without such widespread use of torture as it is done today. (torture, in that period, as well as today, uncontrollably applied punitive volunteer battalions) Now, in order to achieve high performance, SBU with the assistance of parts Nat. Guard carries out mass raids in the evening and night-time areas of the city. Often, the victims are completely random people who throw up their arms and recorded in the "separatists". Elevated to the rank of valor, and the practice of denunciation stukachestva. Calls to inform on neighbors and phones, which can be accessed are shown in TV channels and posted on advertising planes streets. A separate article should highlight the work of "death squads" composed of employees volunteer battalions ("Azov" and others) that produce the physical elimination of persons, suspected of sympathy for Russia and New Russia, against which there is no direct evidence from official authorities. The first burst of uncontrolled killings took place in the summer of 2014, when the volunteer battalions were a little unruly gangs. Murder for robbery, murder ideological opponents, murder for the sake of entertainment or simply as a result of indiscriminate firing claimed the lives of hundreds of people. Then, periodically, such cases are made ​​public, and even seeped into the Western press, so now, "death squads" are more organized in close cooperation with the Security Service. Their main task is to eliminate the persons who have other, as they seem "anti-Ukrainian" views, and are capable of active operations, even though the nature of the information. In other words, destroyed the pro-Russian activists in relation to which there are no prospects to initiate criminal proceedings or whether they were acquitted or sentenced to a suspended sentence by a court. Such a policy was already long been tested in Western and Central Ukraine, and provides a complete "reformatting" of the political world population Within one generation, by the destruction of 1% of politically active citizens and the total intimidation of others. Another method of elimination of political opponents is being sentenced custodial and then escorting to prison, located in western Ukraine, where prisoners are subjected to cruel tortures had by prisoners with the connivance and assistance of the administration. In this regard, the content of Mariupol in jail awaiting trial, is perhaps the salvation for many of imminent violence. Today there are more than 700 political prisoners and their number continues to increase. The problem of political prisoners can not be solved through an exchange of prisoners. Since exchanges between LDNR and Ukraine is almost spent, and most importantly, with a few exceptions apply only to those who fought or registered on the service. The political terror in Ukraine can only be stopped with the full dismantling of the punitive machine. "

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    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Three variants of Poroshenko

    September 6 22:57

    Poroshenko previously saying that Russia no special conditions for the return of debts will not be announced three scenarios on Donbas according to the junta.

    The first - radical offensive military liberation of territory and a trip to Moscow. Who's it offers? Please look at the effects of these adventurous and irresponsible exemptions, and the people of this position is not supported.

    The position of the second - to build a wall, to give part of the territory, living without Donbass ", - he said, noting that as head of state no one is going to give" a single piece Ukrainian land.
    "The third option, as the President said - is" the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty, the Ukrainian authorities in this area. " "This path is called - Minsk agreement", - said Poroshenko.

    In addition, he commented on the anti-Russian sanctions, calling them "pay-for aggression against Ukraine." "Russia has a drop in gross domestic product in the world oil prices fell, Russia has a serious reduction in social payments", - said the president. According to him, Kiev convinced the world that Ukraine is "fully committed, and Russia is lying." "We have won the confidence and attitude to Ukraine more than a year ago. We have complied with their obligations regarding the beginning of the constitutional process, "- said the head of state.

    In this Poroshenko noted that in the case of the elections in the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic (DNI and LC) Kiev require tougher sanctions against Russia. "Now there is a danger that the October 18 or November 1 occupying power may hold illegal elections. This is very dangerous for the Minsk agreements ", - quotes the president of TASS.

    Http:// ko1 / - zinc

    PS. As mentioned earlier, the elections will indeed be a bifurcation point in the development of events in the Donbas and how they will be and in what form, will determine the future of the "Minsk process" as well. In the Russian Federation has already started to seriously push through diplomatic channels, threatening new sanctions if the elections are held. In fact, from Russia will demand anything at all to abandon the idea of elections, or else hold them strictly according to the Ukrainian laws Ukrainian parties. These requirements will be sounded in Kiev and Brussels and Washington. Therefore, as we approach the date of the election (if Russia does not step back), the event will twist as the local elections will mean another landmark step for the actual separation of the Ukrainian Donbass.

    PS2. And regarding information 2456.html this post. General Petrovsky said that among the 4 mentioned commanders who will soon be back in the New Russia, and he will Bezler. If there was nothing goes wrong and these people come back, it is quite clear that these people are not returned for "peacekeeping" activities. We will see.

    PS3. Regarding the ongoing buzz about "retirement" Purgina. Again, I personally do not care which of them will win, because that one the other will hold the same course, which can be carried out and Pushilin Purgin or only one of them or both of them not at all. People continue to stubbornly refuse to understand that not Donetsk defines Minsk course. Donetsk it performs. Just like Kiev and forced to do it. Disappearances functions of the Minsk process does not lead to change it, because these people are not involved in the strategic decisions that are taken in very different places. Here Nalyvaychenko removed from the post of head of the SBU, and that, unless the structure itself has become less controlled by the United States? Or anyone believes that shifts in Donetsk from the top lead to loss of control? Therefore, taking place online war for and against Purgina I look calm. Where it is possible to agree with its defenders, somewhere with his opponents or completely agree with the critics Pushilin. But seriously discuss dependancy of political functionaries, as depends on them all in my opinion a bit naive. Well find Purgin support in Moscow, strikes its lobbyists in the AP or to the Lubyanka, it will say "He gives us another useful", followed by a call to Donetsk and Purgin will return to the same position or get another. In the course held DNI will not be affected. When another scenario, when no support lobbyists Purgina in Moscow will find the same Minsk course will voice all the same Pushilin (oh I do not envy those who have to work have to advertise such people - have had a chance to hear a funny passage that "management experience from Pushilin took from his MMM-last "). It is that voice, but not to define. So the big difference in the context of the general policy of the DNI is not. Of interesting personalities except that the fate Zakharchenko, the rumors about the resignation that "sickness" have been circulating for a long time, but as long as he retains his post. Regarding allegations that Zakharchenko at a recent meeting of Surkov allegedly sent three letters, then there did not hold a candle can be true, maybe not. Zakharchenko as Purgin with Pushilin was an active conductor Minsk course, but as it is known occasionally bucked (unauthorized operation by Marinka which is held separately from the body of a very memorable). The fact that in the ranks of artists Minsk DNI are differences, is a reflection of the fact that the Minsk process is stalled, and therefore at stake is not that artists and, above all operators of the process, debriefing which take place in "the dense layers of the atmosphere." Future Zakharchenko naturally also depends on the decisions in Moscow. If it is decided to replace the first person, it is somehow to be made. If Zakharchenko will be submitted to the most preferable option, he will get strong support enough not to be able to change to Purgina, Pushilin or Khodakovsky.

    PS4. Regarding the overall situation. Now the situation is somewhat different. Donbass has long been a hostage of going cold war between the US and Russia. It is neither good nor bad, it's just a given. This war will not end soon. Those who naively believe that in 2015, all completed, will be unpleasantly surprised when it's the year 2016, and the conflict will continue. Romantic period of the war ended in September last year. Are tough, "Minsk" routine, in which a lot of blood, dirt and crap and the people there are now fighting for something that ultimately the post-war world (and the aim of any war is peace is better than before the war, at least from your point of view) was perceived as victory, not a defeat, even seeing clear guidelines. These people, many of which there are now at the front, has shed more than enough blood to win for Donbass right to independence. In this respect, with democracy well-known reasons related to the oligarchy in the Donbas not happen. But national liberation uprising, it just led to some results. There were two unrecognized republics in which nationality was very limited, but who won the right to build a future separate from Ukraine. Some say so, I will not support the Donbass, it did not work as desired. Well, it turned out not so anxious, in many areas, very wrong. But not people out there who are a half years fighting and dying do not deserve your support? They're not going anywhere. They will be there tomorrow sidit in the trenches and in their "boxes", including under fire. And the day after. And a month later. And in the next year. Because the business for which they fought and died, in spite of the different "but" is right.

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    Other photos at link.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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    Boardroom disposition

    September 7th, 23:20

    About negotiating dispositions around Ukraine and the Donbass. A few days ago passed the first anniversary of the Minsk Agreement. Over the past year none of their points have not been fulfilled. However, vigorous activity continues negotiations and it should be noted a number of points.

    1. In the near future will be held in Minsk next consultations in groups dedicated to political settlement in the Donbas (there has long been a steady deadlock due to the fact that the parties have different understandings of the Minsk agreement). Pushilin already announced that if an agreement on the withdrawal of weapons Caliber less than 100mm, then immediately there will be peace. Here you can only shrug. In August, it had "agreed", and so that on some days were dozens of dead bodies. At the same time, in parallel statements Pushilin MO DNR continuously records transfer of heavy weapons to the front line. It seems that peace has come, that which is above 100mm take is not necessary. In general, these passages about millimeters can be attributed to the inadequacy of Minsk traditionally rhetoric divorced from the realities of what is happening at the front.

    2. Due to the fact that Minsk agreements are not implemented and this year is unlikely to be implemented, both sides talked about the fact that the process should be extended to the year 2016. It just is not surprising, since there is an understanding that the conflict will soon be completed in advance to test the waters for the conservation of a certain format of the negotiating process, in general, a very distinctive marker indicating that the fall of a diplomatic solution can not be expected. The fact that the process of negotiation rather sloppy Purgina uncoupled, the maintenance will not affect the negotiations. As Pushilin, there is little that he has decided.

    3. Traditionally, before the next stage of negotiations between Russia were promised "carrot" of Europe. French President Hollande said that if the Minsk agreement, with Russia could lift the sanctions. The question of in whose reading (Moscow or Washington) to perform the agreement, he did not elaborate. In Russia, by the way, too, continued to talk about the "lack of alternatives in Minsk" as usual complaining that it is difficult to perform, because that Kiev does not fulfill them, and if not satisfied, then on borders and other matters can not be considered. These issues are likely to be discussed at a meeting hastily-collected "Norman Quartet", which is likely to take place before Putin's visit to the US, where held in a particular format of the talks on the future of Ukraine and Syria.

    4. Depending on how the negotiations will be held in Washington and how the situation will develop with the increased Russian military presence in Syria will depend on assessment of the allegations on "sharing" and "bargaining" linking the fate of the fate of Donbass Syria. Currently, the United States expressed a very negative about the Russian military involvement. Russia obviously will offer to Washington to spend the reconfiguration of the coalition against the Caliphate, which will participate the legitimate government of Syria and the Russian armed forces. Overall, not the fact that Washington would such an alliance, although certain forms of cooperation between Russia and the United States in opposition to the Caliphate can not be excluded.

    5. Regarding the US position on the Donbas, it remains unchanged. Russian Federation must fulfill the agreement in Minsk, "the American reading" hand over control of the border, and topple the junta from the Ukraine. The fact that Kiev does not fulfill the Minsk agreement, Washington is not particularly care Poroshenko issued carte blanche in this matter and all his actions are recognized as correct contrasting "wrong" Russia's actions. Russia at the next talks will try once again to convince the US to a more constructive discussion of the future of Ukraine.

    6. Negotiation process in September - in Minsk, possibly in France and in the United States, will be preceded by major events of October - elections in Donbass (not yet clear form of their conduct and their legal content) and the announcement of the Dutch report on the Malaysian "Boeing" (the report is likely to be anti-Russian tone and lead to a revival of the topic "International Tribunal"). After passing through these points of bifurcation, we are likely to see a change in the political and information component of the war in the Donbass.

    Google Translator
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  9. #49
    The rats on the ship or banditry in the DNI.

    In my last text I wrote about the Donetsk clan and its influence on Ukraine. I also mentioned that Mr Akhmetov still retained their power and authority in their OPG Donbsse. I told him about his links with the high command DNI and specifically with the commander of the battalion "Vostok" Khodakovsky. I told him about how Khodakovsky undercover Akhmetov cranked criminal schemes in the DNI, I talked about. Khodakovsky that in fact an agent of influence Akhmetov in Donetsk. In my LJ immediately flew a swarm of "commentators" and "Diwali analysts" who called me dezinformatorom, alarmist, supercharged environment and other unflattering words. More adequate asked me to confirm the facts of my accusations. Well, like any self-respecting man I am responsible for his words and is ready to give you the facts. (Sweet couple.) Hackers. calling themselves "Anonymous international" documents posted MGB DNI, of which we can find some very interesting details of life in the DNI. I note immediately that there were written as I know. I would say more, based on information from these documents, and I wrote the lyrics (the good people of the militia have shared with me the information before the declassification of these documents). Now, too, when this information is leaked to the network, I can lay out the cards on the table. (Anonymous hackers we have to say 'thank you' for what we now know the truth!) In fact, in his text about the Donetsk clan, I told you not all ... Banditry in DNR recently reached a horrifying Ranges ... "Smooth corners" I was asked to militias, to share information, "not to wash dirty linen in public" and to give a chance to fix the NPT. But the more I can not remain silent, such plagues society can not hide! It all started a year ago, after the expulsion of Igor Strelkov and signing the first "Minsk". Together with the shooting took most ideological militia. This gave Akhmetov hold his men in power! He was able to establish contacts with Khodakovsky (which was not possible when in Small). Moreover, 19 October 2014th Akhmetov personally came to the DNI for "negotiations" with the warlords and the administration Zakharchenko. Then we achieved the following agreement: 1) The appointment of key ministerial posts DNI people Akhmetov. 2) Re-election of the national council DNI and flooding his people Akhmetov and Surkov. I note that this task was completed only the day before, with the removal Purgina as chairman of the National Council and the appointment of the DNI Pushilin for the position. 3) holding of local elections in the DNI, after which a new government DNI Donbass prepare to return to Ukraine. Let me remind you that the local elections will be held November 2, 2015. You're two months ... 4) The adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the constitution for the Donbass, Crimea similar. The first steps have been made ​​by August 31, the parliament adopted in first reading a draft law on the decentralization of power. 5) Zakharchenko Khodakovsky and all the warlords, who confirmed the loyalty Akhmetov guaranteed exit in Russia and fully funded at the expense of Akhmetov to the end. As you can see the plan of pushing in Akhmetov Donbass back to Ukraine implemented frightening accuracy! (One of the pages of declassified documents MGB DNI) Special thanks to the past in the DNI and LC "elections", which won stavleniiki Surkov and Akhmetov. These "elections" were sfalsifitsirovanny 95%, all the "non-system" candidates. who refused to sell Akhmetov Donbass, it was simply denied registration! But that's half woes. According to declassified information by hackers, after the elections, voting lists were handed over to the citizens DNI Security Service of Ukraine and as a result, Ukraine has stopped the payment of pensions and other social payments Donbssa residents who took part in these "elections". Such hyper-villainy even I did not expect !!! We strongly recommend that residents of the DNI and the LC did not appear at the polls on November 2 Pushilin let himself puts a tick on the ballot papers! (Page declassified documents, which tells of the "elections" in the DNI and LC.) Absolutely everything is bad in the coal industry in the DNI. Half of it is owned by Akhmetov, as the cornfields that nothing had happened, after years of civil war, peace is sponsoring junta Russian coal without letting it freeze in winter. It is because of the threat of termination of deliveries of coal and the inability to continue preying on residents of Donbass, Akhmetov, a couple with Surkov forced the militia to stop before the empty Mariupol. This is a disgrace to you and I survived! Russian national movement is running for a criminal empire snickering oligarchs! Do not be surprised if the residents of Mariupol after a while begin to spit the word "of New Russia"! This over-the betrayal was not expecting them to anybody! City with a full Russian population and the lack of garrison punishers was not taken because of the whims of the coal tycoon and swindler Half-Blood in AP! (Patience, patience, a Russian city, Ukrainian occupation. Without you, dear partner, Rinat Leonidovich, can not charcoal trade.) The other half of the coal mines in the DNI and the LC into the hands of criminal elements and unscrupulous warlords in the DNI and LC. The first person in the government of the DNI and the LC for personal selfish purposes established criminal scheme of the business in the coal sector. Especially this distinguished batialon "East", completely controlled by Akhmetov, who on a regular basis by financing Battalion, instead requiring unshakable loyalty! (Personal Guard Akhmetov. I think Battalion "East" should be replaced with St. George ribbons on yellow-Blakytny so honest will .) This crime VOSTOKovtsev not end there. Since June, the 2014th Battalion East carry massive cutting of scrap metal (!) Freight cars and taken to the production of metals Mariupol, owned by Akhmetov! In one car which was brought Akhmetov received a net profit of $ 50,000! The cars belonging to private companies (and they all are controlled by Akhmetov) and not the Ministry of F / A tract DNI, "East" categorically not touch. (Donbass - the region with the highest density of w / e ways in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. I feel that soon the value of the railway line Donbass significantly reduced ... Thus, the head of the Security Council DNI, Khodakovsky AS Akhmetov at the direction of the railway infrastructure completely destroys the DNI, which is the strategic direction of the economy! Khodakovsky also took personal control of all bus stations and the travel industry in the DNI. East abduct major carriers, put them in basements and under the threat of physical destruction forced to transfer their ownership of road transport companies, passenger transport vehicles. (page declassified documents tells about the slitting of metal ministerial cars in the DNI.) At the criminal adventures of "Vostok" battalion did not end there. In November 2014th VOSTOKovtsy carried out an armed seizure of the largest in the territory of the DNI object trading network "Eldorado", where they carried out retail sales of household appliances. The funds appropriated mercenary militia and transported to Ukraine for storage. Taxes on businesses and citizens, controlled by the "Vostok" battalion assigned personally by Mr. Khodakovsky. About a month ago, I made ​​an unsuccessful attempt Khodakovsky capture 2nd National TV channel. It is planned to the second, more thorough, the attempt to raider attacks for the purpose of public relations and increasing the rating Akhmetov and Khodakovsky population DNI. So obrpazom Khodakovsky carried out planned Akhmetov and president of Poroshenko opperatsiya to seize power in the DNI and the return of the Donets Basin in the "United Ukraine" .. (Page of declassified documents about the raider attacks from the militia battalion "Vostok") What can I say? After leaving the government Strelkova DNR began the penetration of people Akhmetov and criminal element that led to today's situation in the DNI. Banditry, raider grabs, SPIN property became commonplace in the young republic ... Donbass now seriously ill, his corroding internal problems. it is not known whether the DNI with such acute problems survive if punitive go on the offensive? I told you about this a long time, trying to prevent a disease than to treat it. Upon my word I was called "a liar, and enemy alarmist" I hope after reading this document you will be more serious about my words. (Summary of declassified documents.) PS I also want to provide you with the results of surveys of residents declassified DNI.

    Google Translator

    Other phoyos at link.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  10. #50
    DNR stopped coal supply to Ukraine

    colonel cassad
    September 8 9:56

    On the eve of negotiations on the Donets Basin in the DNR decided to gently stimulate the junta blocked and legal supply of coal to Ukraine.

    The government proclaimed the People's Republic of Donetsk (DNI) stopped coal supply Kiev to remove the blockade of the supply of spare parts and fuel for the railroad. This was announced by the Minister of Transport DNI Semen Kuzmenko.
    "At the moment we are in response blocking the Ukraine with the supply of coal, we have strict requirements. In Ukraine is now a critical situation, they need 1 million 200 thousand. Tons per month of our fuel, we will deliver in the case of lifting of the blockade on fuel and spare parts for cars and locomotives, and if the fire will not be "- quoted him as saying Donetsk news agency.
    According to the minister, until these conditions are satisfied," no supplies to Ukraine DNI not going to do. "
    "At the moment we employ only a third of locomotive economy, and we need to increase our capacity for our needs," - said Kuzmenko.
    Kiev stopped supplying fuel to the DNI in the end of June since the railroad work on the remains of stocks of petroleum products.
    The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Andrew Pivovarsky previously stated that in August Ukraine exported about 700 thousand. tons of coal from the zone of military operation in Kiev Donbass. According to him, the last ten days of August have worked all the transitions in the region - "all three of which were repaired."
    The Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Volodymyr Demchishin August 28 said that Ukraine lacks 1.5 million tons of coal for the heating season. "Over the last week on the stocks received 120 thousand. Tons of coal. Still need to 1.5 million, while for this is" - he said.
    To pass the winter, Ukraine needs to save 3.2 million tons of coal before October 1, including 1 4 million tons of anthracite. 243369 - zinc PS. In this case, in a reluctance to withdraw the economic blockade of Kiev republics completely, an attempt is made ​​to go to the other side and through the coal blackmail to force the junta to give up not as a whole, a number of questions to get things off the ground blockade. At a time when the junta coal is really necessary, waiting for the fall, trying to play the card coal, as there is a clear understanding that the delusional plans deliveries of coal from South Africa or Australia are not worth a penny ruptured. Gray and black coal supply scheme in which criminals cashing in on both sides of the front line not fundamentally alter Ukraine's problems associated with the need to supply coal from the Donbas. In summer, the threat to cut off supplies was not so relevant, but preddeverii heating season and in conditions approaching negotiations, the move is an attempt to put pressure on the junta on economic channels. The reaction of the junta, I think we will see in the near future. Needless to blockade lifted will not, but some concessions from the junta on specific issues can not be excluded. PS2. Interesting difference. In the DNI Tass called the proclaimed and RBC - the self-proclaimed.

    Google Translator
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  11. #51
    Ukrainian economist: Goodbye Russia, goodbye economy
    September 6, 2015

    September 7, 2015
    Translated from French by Tom Winter
    Original title:
    Ukraine confronted with a massive disindustrialization

    Breaking ties with Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Community has caused many companies to close their doors, says an expert on Ukrainian economy.

    The fall in production recorded in several branches of Ukrainian industry is a very bad sign, said Ukrainian economist Alexandr Koltunovich on the digital information portal "Ukrainian choice".

    After analyzing the data on industrial development in Ukraine, Koltunovich indicated that production levels had dropped in mining (23.4%), automotive (22.1%), textiles (8.5 %), iron and steel (25.4%) and in refineries and companies producing coal (38.5%).

    "As we can see, Ukraine has been facing a process of de-industrialisation for two years now. On one hand, the breakdown of cooperation with Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Community has caused many industrial high-tech companies to close. Other joint ventures are also on the brink of bankruptcy. Millions of Ukrainians have been left without work," noted the expert in economics.
    At the same time, according to the specialist, relevant government policy is "poor, populist, pseudo-economic" and a total failure.

    "Instead of mechanisms to stimulate entrepreneurship, we see new taxes; instead of simplified conditions for starting a new business, we see the creation of new barriers," said Alexandr Koltunovich.

    Bottom line, millions of entrepreneurs throughout Ukraine are forced to abandon their business because of the actions of the Kiev authorities, the expert concluded.

    "I'll take 'Imperialism' for 20B hryvnia, Bob."
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  12. #52
    How A FARC Loyalist Became A Pro-Russian Rebel Fighting In Ukraine

    The unlikely tale of how a young Colombian's communist convictions led him to leave his family in Spain to fight with Ukraine's Putin-backed separatist rebels.

    Article illustrative image Partner logo A masked pro-Russian rebel in Ukraine last year
    DONETSK — Some people wind up finding their tribe, wherever it may be. For "Alfonso Cano," a 27-year-old Colombian, his ideological family turned out to be the Russian-backed rebels fighting the Ukrainian state.

    It's an emotional thing, and certainly political, but not unique, as other young activists have joined separatist forces that accuse Kiev authorities of being "fascists." Kiev's pro-Western government doesn't hide its hatred of Russia, which dominated the Soviet Union until the collapse of the communist empire. Cano, who was born in western Colombia's Valle de Cauca, joined up two years ago with the rebels who most international observers believe are backed by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

    The young man decided to change his name to honor Alfonso Cano, the late leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country's primary leftist rebel force, who was killed in army operations in 2011. Cano admires his namesake, but also changed his name to make his identity more difficult to track down if he were caught.

    "For me, Alfonso Cano represents the people's fight," he says. "It's a way of telling the FARC they are not alone, that there are people elsewhere in the world who are also resisting injustice."

    On the ground in Donbass

    Everyone seems to have a pseudonym, or nom de guerre, here. Cano is the only Colombian fighting with the separatists, but there are other fighters from Latin America and Europe. They're not mercenaries or recruits, but instead volunteers who traded their day-to-day routines in Brazil, Chile, Spain, France or Italy for a rifle and a life in the trenches.

    "You feel most defenseless when there are bombings, because you hear the noise but don't know where it will fall," Cano says. "If the missile is coming your way, it's no use hiding." He has learned about different missile types from their particular sounds.

    Before the war, he lived in Spain. He moved there with his mother when he was 10 because she thought Spain would give them opportunties Colombia couldn't. As soon as he arrived in Europe, Cano says, "I began asking why things were the way they were, why we had to leave Colombia, and I understood about social injustices and class distinctions. I think that is when I began moving toward leftist movements and communism."

    The immigrant family lived between Madrid, Murcia and Zaragoza. Cano studied music, served in the army for a while and founded the Movement of Young Murcian Communists.

    When war in Ukraine began, he organized pro-separatist protests but felt the efforts weren't enough. Disregarding caution, he traveled to Russia and illegally crossed into Ukraine to join the communist militias in Donbass. Other foreigners had been fighting there for a number of months.

    Cano regularly posts photos and videos on his Facebook page, which allow his family and friends to view them: dodging bullets in one post, picking up firewood in another.

    If detained by the Spanish government, Cano would face a 15-year jail sentence on terrorism charges, as happened a few months ago with other Spaniards caught fighting with the Donbass rebels.

    The Kiev government and the European Union consider these fighters terrorists, which is confirmed by the entry pass we're given to the ATO, or Anti-Terrorist Operations Zone. We're taken to meet Cano at a big camp with a firing range, though it's difficult to interview him amid the shooting and distant noise of bombardments.

    It didn't take long for the rebels to discover he had a talent for sharpshooting, and he sports a medal he earned for his actions in the battle for Donetsk Airport. He says he's now accustomed to the sounds of missiles but not the "winter of 30 degrees below zero." He has also learned some Ukrainian and Russian, not like his first months in action when he carried out orders he didn't even understand.

    Civil war changes everything. We see homes, ambulances and buses turned into skeletal wrecks. The Donetsk football stadium has become a refugee camp. But as long as there is war here, Cano intends to remain in the Donbass region. "I don't have a return date," he says. "The only date here is the end of the war, which will come, and we shall win.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  13. #53
    The Odessa Massacre – Part 1: Traumas and emotions

    September 7, 2015
    People will respond different when confronted with traumatic experiences and emotions. Some will be silent for a while, locked inside themselves with their thoughts. Others will scream and shout to express their feelings, anger or frustration. When I am confronted with emotional trauma, two things happen. The first thing that happens is that I become unaware of my surroundings and I stop caring that everything is in the right place. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is very strange behavior for me. The second things that happens is that I start to feel my feet, the feet I don’t have any more for over a decade. This might be difficult to imagine but I literally feel my feet turn cold and I already know that when I will be finally able to sleep, my night will be disrupted by phantom pains and nightmares of the explosion.

    The evening of 2 May 2014 started very nice for me and nothing pointed at having my feet turn cold that day. After a good wheel-tennis tournament in which I managed to finish in 3rd place, my friends and I went to our favorite fish-restaurant overlooking the harbor of Amsterdam. When the food was being served, I noticed an incoming call from a friend in Odessa but I decided to call him back after dinner. A decision I still regret! We enjoyed our food and some nice wine and when we left the restaurant I remembered the missed call and tried to call my friend back. Busy signal, it took me some attempts before I could finally reach him.

    They are killing us! Our people are burning, they are killing us!

    A very hectic conversation, panic and fear in his voice. Bits and pieces of what has happened and what was happening. My feet turned cold while trying to understand what my friend was telling me. A protest and a counter-protest escalated, people locked up in a building, shots fired, fire everywhere, the building set on fire with people inside. Many died, didn’t know how many but must be many. Escaped with his younger brother, beaten by hooligans. Cousin still missing, very worried and afraid.

    My friend wanted to go back to search for his missing cousin and I tried to convince him to please stay away. In my utter naivety, I urged him to call the police and let him handle it. My feet reached the freezing point when my friend told me the police was there, watching and doing nothing. He ended the call with the words “I have to go back to find my cousin” and left me in fear about his safety.

    I rushed to the metro to get home, all the time checking all news apps for news about Odessa. There was nothing, absolutely nothing! When I finally arrived home, I turned on the TV and flipped through the news channels to see what was going on in the city of Odessa. Not a single word about it. Until I had completed all Western channels and arrived at the first Russian channel on my satellite… A shaking recording from a mobile phone, I couldn’t understand a word the reporter was saying but that wasn’t necessary, the video said more than any words could express…

    In need of some words of strength and wisdom, I tried to call my best friend but he didn’t answer my calls. Later I learned that he himself was trying to comfort his girlfriend who was going through the shock and trauma of what was happening. I decided to do something I have done a lot since that horrible night. I called all my friends in Ukraine just to see if they were still alive. Nowadays I call them at least once a week, making up silly excuses to call them but they know by now that I call to see if they are alive. As soon as they answer my call, my fear for that person disappears and my friends are happy about my caring for them. 4 friends will however never answer my calls again, they have fallen in this horrible war. Other friends grieve for the family and friends they have lost and there is no end in sight. But that night all other friends were still OK and in shock about the Massacre of Odessa.

    4 friends will never answer my calls again

    A couple of days later, I had another shock moment while reading a report about survivors of the Odessa Massacre being held in custody by Ukrainian authorities. I immediately called my friend from Odessa, wanting to tell him to get out of there. He told me that he had already left together with his brother and was on his way to Crimea but they had some challenges getting through undetected on the Ukrainian side. And then he turned silent and I felt my feet turn cold as if already knowing what would come. His cousin had died from his burn wounds. The doctor had told my friend that his cousin would have still been alive if he would have had timely medical treatment but it lasted hours before medical and rescue services were even allowed in the building. When they tried to rush his cousin to the hospital, protesters had blocked and attacked the rescuers while a handful of policemen were standing close by and watched. When they were finally able to leave, his cousin had already died. A reporter had told my friend that the crowd cheered when the rescue worker pulled the blanket over his cousin’s head on the stretcher…

    Earlier this year, I was having dinner with my best friend. Relaxing, having fun, talking business, kids, life, future, past. Suddenly he gets up and starts to make calls, write messages, his friendly smile is replaced by a grim look and the friendly voice is now demanding, calm and cold. I know this man for many years and know that something made him very angry. It turns out that he found out through a common friend that Anna Schalimova was banned to enter Ukraine and “locked up” at the airport without any support. Anna, who we both respect for her critical reporting about the situation in Ukraine and especially the aftermath of the Odessa Massacre. More calls were made, Anna seemed to be ok under the circumstances and I thought we would return to our dinner but there was something in his look. As if a different person had returned to the table.

    Ice cold wide spread eyes, an even colder voice and a facial expression which can’t even be properly described by grim. It wasn’t just anger, it was fury, pure and burning fury. I know this face, this look, this voice that gives my chills. I know this man from our years in the military services, leading us but since those years I haven’t seen him like this. Now a friendly person for years and suddenly this other side of him returned, my feet freeze instantly and I shiver as I intuitively address him by his rank instead of his name. I asked him what caused his fury and I expected some strong statements but nothing like that happened, nothing of what I was expecting. A private detail I wasn’t aware of explained his concern but not his fury, so I asked again.

    They did it before, they enjoyed doing it again

    His eyes burning straight through mine, he showed me a picture on his phone. A black and white picture of a burning building and with his icy voice he explains what this picture is. 1942, Eastern Ukraine, people of a village forced into a building by UPA forces after which those butchers set the building on fire. Everyone inside burned to death, including members of his family. “They did it before, they enjoyed doing it again”. He left after those words, with all his fury. That night I wasn’t able to sleep at all. Worried about my best friend leaving in this state of mind, shocked about what he told me.

    The following day I called everyone in Ukraine I know, long talks just to be sure that they were ok, that they were being careful. Grieving together for the friends we have lost. Once again going through every thought about the Odessa Massacre. And finally, an online message from Anna that she arrived safe back in Germany! I wrote friends the good news, opened up a bottle of wine and celebrated the “happy ending” of Anna’s adventure in the country she was born in. At that moment I realized that this horrifying war had impacted me so much that I had already started to fear for the lives and safety of people I don’t even know personally, like Anna who I respect but have never met in my life. And there is Trevor, who has family in Donbass, I worry with him about them and feel better when my online friend writes me they are ok. There is Gleb, good old Gleb, who I jokingly call my partner in crime but I feel his worries about his family in Mariupol where he has enjoyed his youth. There are days where I could scream in anger at Graham for taking so much risks and thank him at the same time for doing his dangerous job to let the world know what is really happening. Although I realize Val has a very busy schedule with lots of traveling, I still get mad at her when she doesn’t give a sign of life for a days, overplaying my worries for her safety.

    None of this really existed for me before the Odessa Massacre

    I have to admit that until this horrible Massacre I wasn’t taking the revolution in Ukraine very serious. Just another revolt where the parties opposing each other would form the next coalition like they have done so many times before. Just reshuffling the cards and power, that’s all or at least that was how I registered the events in Kiev until 2 May 2014. Not anymore after seeing the images of Odessa on Russian TV, not anymore after talking to my friend who barely escaped a curtain death with his brother. Not after seeing how the Western media ignored this massacre but kept reporting on the “democratic process” in Ukraine and the “Russian aggression”. That night was my wakeup call, the rude and traumatic smack in my face I needed before I finally realized what the threat against the population of Donbass really means.

    And after the Odessa Massacre, the violence against the population of Donbass escalated, erupted throughout the region. As if Ukrainian authorities tested the responses of their partners that night. As if this night had shown Kiev that it is ok as long as the violence is directed against anything and everything Russian. Since that horrible evening, I worry every day and night about the many friends in Ukraine. Some have left the region and found a safe place in Russia, other have moved to western parts of the country or Europe, and too many are still in the middle of the war. Either not able or not willing to leave the place where most of them were born like the generations before them.

    And 4 of the people who have been a part of my life in one way or the other have fallen victims of this war, lives which will never return to us, never will they be part of my life again. A close friend of my family, her family friends of my family, has lost her mother, her sister and her brother in this war. The house she grew up in is completely destroyed, the orphanage that her father and my father once proudly helped build and supported for many years is turned into nothing but rubble and a huge crater. At first the playground was destroyed by grenades and a few weeks later an unguided missile hit the building, leaving nothing behind of what so many had worked for to give orphans a safe home.

    Demonic escalation of violence in the war against Donbass

    The bizarre escalation of violence reached another dark demonic level with the downing of Flight MH17, making even more innocent victims in this war. With friends and former colleagues on various investigation and recovery missions, others securing their safety in the warzone of Ukraine, I found myself worried for them every second until they returned. My fear of further escalation and abusing their presence for political goals became so strong that I never felt truly assured when they departed from Ukraine. I could only relax and breath normal again when they landed safely on the airbase in The Netherlands, fearing that their plane could be attacked during their flight back.

    When I was finally able to lay down and try to get some sleep, all this wend through my mind again and again. I decided that I wanted to write about the Odessa Massacre and what my friend told me, honor Anna for her work and bravery with my humble words and somehow express my respect for her few colleagues amongst the reporters who do report about what happens without following the “blame Russia” narrative in all they say and write. Eventually I did some time later (The Odessa Massacre – How History repeated itself!) when I was finally able to put my thoughts and the emotional experiences in words.

    Threat no more, it is real and I finally understood

    Now you might understand a little bit better why I care and write about the Odessa Massacre and investigate the events of that horrible evening and the aftermath. Because this horrible evening finally opened my eyes for what is happening in Ukraine, this evening where my friend barely escaped with his brother and his cousin unfortunately didn’t. This evening in Odessa followed by that afternoon in Lugansk where an airstrike killed the mother of my former exchange student made me realize that the fear ethnic Russian citizens of Ukraine feel is not just empty words based on propaganda, their fear is real and based on a real and serious threat coming from the country which name is in their passport and on their certificate of birth…

    Next: The Odessa Massacre – Part 2: Interview with a survivor

    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  14. #54
    Sudden Yatsenyuk

    September 8 21:11

    Against the background of rumors about the imminent resignation of Yatseniuk and his replacement by Yaresko or Saakashvili (hehe, let two), all the money made by the Investigative Committee of Russia Yatsenyuk accused of participation in the first Chechen war on the Chechen rebels.

    Bastrykin told about participation Yatsenyuk in the first Chechen campaign,

    the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin said that the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk during the first Chechen war (1994-1995) was involved in clashes against the federal forces. The statement regarding Yatsenyuk, Bastrykin made , answering the question, to whom the investigators have any questions in connection with participation in the armed conflict in Chechnya and the Ukraine. "The investigation also revealed that in the same period [years 1994-1995] along with them as part of the punitive group" Argo " and then "Viking", led by Alexander Muzychko against servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces fought Yatsenyuk "- said in an interview to" Rossiyskaya Gazeta "Bastrykin. According to the investigation, Yatsenyuk took part in at least two armed conflicts: December 31, 1994 Square Minute in Grozny in February 1995, near the city hospital number 9 in the Chechen capital. According to Bastrykin, Yatsenyuk also took part "in the torture and executions of captured soldiers of the Russian army in the Oktyabrsky district of Grozny on Jan. 7, 1995." "According to our information, Yatsenyuk among other active members of the UNA - UNSO [organization recognized as extremist in Russia, its activities are banned] in December 1995 was awarded the highest award of Dzhokhar Dudayev "Honor of the Nation" for the destruction of Russian military "- said Bastrykin. According to him, questioned associates Yatseniuk characterize him as an educated, smart, but cunning and resourceful, "they say, from an early age to get power and publicity." In Ukraine Yatsenyuk, according to Bastrykin, back in early 1995 through Georgia as part of a group of journalists. As the head of TFR, "later he was repeatedly seen at conventions and other events of the UNA-UNSO in Kiev". Bastrykin did not say whether the Russian law enforcement agencies open criminal cases and impose Yatsenyuk charged in connection with these events. According to Bastrykin, Raman stated that "most of the leaders of the right-wing radical nationalist movements," participated in the February 2014 political events in Ukraine in his time at war in Chechnya on the side of illegal armed groups, and also took part in the conflicts in Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia and other hot spots. Among "the most odious figures", to which the Russian investigators have questions, Bastrykin called in including the leader of the UNA-UNSO Dmitry Korchinsky and his colleague Igor Mazur, the leader of the banned in Russia "Right Sector" Dmitry Yarosh (the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine) and the leader of the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok. According to the official biography of Father Arseny Yatsenyuk, which is published in the Online Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in the period from 1992 to 1997, he was president of the law firm "Yurek Ltd" in his native Czernowitz. ef131a9a7947be1d0b311e - zinc PS. In general, a powerful approach. But then of course I would like to see the actual confirmation of such documents or the testimony of witnesses. And yes, the recent exposure of the loudest, of course if it is confirmed. In Korchinsky is worth recalling that at the end of its zero quite officially invited to Seliger. According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine - the best option certainly Saakashvili, it is necessary to increase the degree uporotyh and inadequate.

    Google Translator
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  15. #55
    Plan and apply single fire damage

    September 9 14:50

    "CyberBerkut" posted another batch of documents junta. At this time, regarding the issue of targeted shelling of civilian targets.
    That is to say within the documentation Ukrainian troops committed war crimes.

    Evidence of fire Donetsk School troops controlled Kiev We CyberBerkut finally have at their disposal conclusive evidence of the use of artillery against women and children, the troops under control of the Ukrainian state (HS)! Back in March, with the computer network of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we have been extracted package tactical documents. Among the large number of moving coded telegram and reconnaissance troops of the Ukrainian State (HS), there were documents which contained information about DNR order in the territories and LC, as well as orders for their immediate suppression of artillery fire. However, given the fact that operational maps numbering of the squares of the axes X and Y are always applied in a chaotic manner to comply with the non-disclosure of information about the target to - we are until the last moment could not identify the real targets that Kiev ordered to destroy the ... However, at the beginning of September 2015 we finally managed to get a few pictures of operational maps, which "worked" the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in winter 2014 - 2015. Among the cards received, given the coincidence of all the set parameters of the original document - we can safely say 99.9% of that in the following document Ukrainian gunners used map sheet (M-37-136,137 L-37-4,5) in 1:25 scale 000. Thus, using the actual numbering of axes X and Y - listed in the "Ukrainian" document "the headquarters of the NFP," ie, "the headquarters of the illegal armed (Zbroynih) groups" are the following objects: GOAL 2801: 1) real coordinates: X = 05325220, Y = 07405178; 2) address: Donetsk, str. Luzin, 71 (pr. Cooperative, 1), Gymnasium №41; OBJECTIVE 2802: 1) real coordinates: X = 05325351, Y = 07406653; 2) address: Donetsk, str. Warriors 34, school №74; OBJECTIVE 2803: 1) real coordinates: X = 05325731, Y = 07409463; 2) address: Donetsk, pr. Guerrilla, 68A, School №58; OBJECTIVE 2804: 1) real coordinates : X = 05326077, Y = 07409433; 2) address: Donetsk, str. Annunciation, 3 School №117; We are aware that for the European and US residents of Donbass and children - are not people! .. We are aware that Europe and European values, one sunk and beached sea 3-year-old Syrian boy - causes more pity than hundreds of innocent children killed Donbass! .. But we can not understand the fact that the sergeants, officers, politicians and public figures of the Ukrainian State still hope that justice, revenge of the people and their tight noose around his neck - will pass them by! .. War criminals will be punished! And we, like all the other defenders of the Donbass - will fight with the fascist reptile until the bitter end! By the end of the very last Nazi war criminal and murderer! We CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We do not forgive! Http:// - zinc

    PS. Judging by the mention of staff sector C 2452.html and already familiar to us the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion 5897.html, documents were among the trophies trapped under Debalcevo.

    PS2. The material itself is very suitable. I recommend it translated into English and distributed in the western segment of the Internet.

    Google Translator

    Photos of documents at link.

    It is to be hoped that the good folks at Slavyangard take the hint and translate this properly.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  16. #56
    It is to be hoped that the good folks at Slavyangard take the hint and translate this properly.
    I agree, it would be a tremendous help. But in light of Steppling's piece you posted last, it will probably make very little difference if this information is widely disseminated or not. Every time I read a piece like this, the first question to my mind is, 'So what?' The West has gone so far down the 'rabbit hole' that it is hard to contemplate what might make a dint in its massive media shield. So many Westerners have become "Good Germans". But real material data is always welcome, you can't make bricks without straw...
    "America was never great"

    "Anyone who analyzes the state of affairs in the world will find that it is the imperialists and capitalists, who subject the world to the worst poverty, the worst backwardness, and they are simply the scourge of mankind." - Fidel

    "Privilege begets psychopathy" - blindpig

  17. #57
    Ukrainian buntokratiya

    September 9 19:52

    As a result of the coup d'etat in Ukraine under the "yellow-Blakytny" banner came to power people who support Nazi ideology. Those heroes of the Ukrainian people declared Nazi collaborators - men UNA-UNSO and the SS "Galicia". Today, the country is in chaos, and violence against dissidents, persecution on ethnic grounds have become commonplace. Fascism disguised as Ukrainian nationalism today is thriving in the country. And no matter how tried to deny the government and the West to ignore this fact, but the reality shows the opposite. Under the flags with Nazi symbols are fighting today in the Donbas Ukrainian penal battalions and outdoor visual propaganda promoting Nazi ideology.

    In the editorial e-mail came a letter from our reader, in which he said that "... in Kiev Victory Park all plaques depicting Ukrainian border guards and veterans sealed Nazi posters." The writer is outraged by the fact that at a time when a high tribunes say that in Ukraine there is no fascism, visual propaganda with Nazi symbols pasted in place, which is designed to resemble a living now about the heroism of Soviet soldiers in the fight against the Nazi invaders . The horrors of war, its victims of the crimes of the Nazis.
    According to eyewitnesses, posters glorifying Nazism and fascist ideology today stuck in different parts of the capital. And it is with the tacit consent of the Kiev authorities. So, if there is fascism in Ukraine? There is. And this fact can not be a fig leaf to cover up, as they try to do today Kiev Zinc PS. Characters are trying to find a bottom in a non-creative copying famous Nazi Agitplakat. In this regard, once again may be mentioned that Ukrainian fascism is evil parody of their historical predecessors. On the content, the next fascist fringe, the ability to manage. To start this project seems to have recently - site and Page http: // is empty. There are specific references to the fascists of the "Azov". In general, it is not excluded that the Ukrainian fascist menagerie soon filled up with another portion of immigrants from the historical garbage.


    Google Translator
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  18. #58
    Do not fantasize
    10-Sep-2015 12:23 am
    The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said the questions visitors to the page BBC Russian Service. In particular, one of the questions she answered as follows: Question: is it possible, in the case of a referendum in the DNI and LC accession of these territories to the Russian Federation in case if the citizens of these republics decide that Russia is closer and dearer to them? Maria Zakharova: Russia, like the rest of the world, it comes from no alternative to the Minsk agreements. But they clearly stated that the Donetsk and Lugansk - part of Ukraine. Under these documents signed by representatives of the DNI and the LC. Let's not dream, and Let us implementation of this document. [Emphasis mine] Despite persistent requests "do not dream", around this very clearly the stated thesis continues pandemonium all sorts of propaganda, not knowing how they would polovchee lie brainwashed with their help electorate that somehow the word "betrayal" of the characteristics of the Russian policy towards the Russian population of Donbass, clearly expressed in a referendum on May 11. Then, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that "respects" the opinion of millions of people. Who is this "respect" no one remembers, but all offer us "not to dream." It is interesting how this whole audience to explain this unobtrusive somersault?

    Google Translator.

    If this is true then the people of Donbas better think about moving East, enmass.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  19. #59
    Quote Originally Posted by Dhalgren View Post
    I agree, it would be a tremendous help. But in light of Steppling's piece you posted last, it will probably make very little difference if this information is widely disseminated or not. Every time I read a piece like this, the first question to my mind is, 'So what?' The West has gone so far down the 'rabbit hole' that it is hard to contemplate what might make a dint in its massive media shield. So many Westerners have become "Good Germans". But real material data is always welcome, you can't make bricks without straw...
    Kafka was not a social critic, he was a prophet.

    More fuckin' work.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

  20. #60
    Andrey Purgin: we need to show people DNR what we want
    Irina Chumakova, “”, Sep 9 2015

    Ex-Chairman of the people’s Council of the self-proclaimed DNR Andrey Purgin was detained by officers of the so-called MGB of DNR on Sep 4. He and the head of the office of Parliament Alexei Alexandrov (one of the ideologists of DNR) came back from a trip to St Petersburg. The fate of Alexandrov unknown, and Purgin spent 5 days under the protection of the staff of the MGB. The Parliament voted for his resignation. The chair was taken by another well-known figure of the DNR, Denis Putilin. In an interview last with “Fontanka”, Putilin explained that the cause of the trouble with Purgin that he “came under the influence of” Alexandrov. Field commander and head of the security Council DNR Alexander Khodakovsky offered to “Fontanka” another version: in the Republic there is a struggle for power between radical Purging and more tractable Pushilin. Now expressed himself Andrey Purgin.

    Q: Andrey, what were the conditions in which you were held?

    A: Normal conditions. Everything the MGB can provide. In this regard I have no complaints.

    Q: What was it? Was it detention, or were you, as Denis Pushilin told “Fontanka”, being protected so that you would not be attacked by Ukrainian saboteurs?

    A: Detention, of course. I couldn’t leave the room. I spent the evening trying to find out whether I could use the phone or not. I have not been able to reach anyone. My phones and other electronic devices were seized. I was isolated.

    Q: How do you explain it?

    A: Well, the working version is to protect me from Ukrainian DRG (saboteurs – RB).

    Q: You agree with that?

    A: Well, yes, of course I do! And they released me because they phoned the Ukrainian DRG and found that I’m no longer a target, so they let me go!

    Q: I’m glad you’re joking. How you explain what happened? Why did you have to remove you from power?

    A: I don’t know. I think maybe some very serious political ambitions… Denis Vladimirovich (Putilin) collects posts. He is the head of the Executive Committee of the public movement “Donetsk Republic.” He is the head of the Minsk group. He heads the football committee. He solves the issues of humanitarian missions and the movement of “humanitarian aid.” And so on. Coke chemistry and agriculture. Now he took the post of head of Parliament.

    Q: For a simple collection of posts, is not a tall price? After your suspension, all saw that the leaders of the DNI quarrelled.

    A: For me this story was a surprise.

    Q: What is the fate of Alexei Alexandrov, your former chief of staff, with whom you were detained at the border?

    A: I don’t know where Alexei Alexandrov is. His son is here with me. But if you delve, Aleksei Aleksandrov is one of the most influential people in the Russian movement of Ukraine, a longtime Deputy leader of the party “Russian Bloc,” the creator of the “Russian world” in Ukraine. This is a man who has a very great reputation. He devastated the Ukrainian nationalists in 2006. They barely survived.

    Q: So how is it now arranged your colleagues in Parliament?

    A: I don’t know. He has held technical positions. In public you will find very little.

    Q: I read his statement. Short, but expressive.

    A: He expressed his opinion on one possible variant in the development of events, nothing more.

    Q: Pushilin said that you “fell under the influence of Alexandrov.” You were influenced by him?

    A: We are adults. I have a lot of (theoretical) luggage. I am even kind of hurt. I am very respectful to Alexei Georgievich, I mostly agree with him, somewhat disagree. We have known each other well for a long time. I don’t understand this “fell under his influence” stuff. They’re saying I “fell under his influence,” so I had to be removed from the post of head of the People’s Council?

    Q: I didn’t say it! your colleague Pushilin said it!

    A: You do realize that the post of the Chairman of the Parliament is basically just technical, organizational? I mean, what’s in my head does not affect the work of the Parliament. The agenda is forming a Coordinating Council, which includes Denis Vladimirovich (Putilin) and three others.

    Q: That makes it all the more incomprehensible, why it was necessary to suspend you.

    A: I don’t have a logical, coherent explanation for the actions of Denis Vladimirovich and those who helped him to do it.

    Q: Pushilin said that you were warned, that Alexandrov should be fired.

    A: Some guys claim that. Who warned me? We recorded all sessions. Even closed meetings are recorded without video. Could he provide a record that I was warned?

    Q: Probably, informally warned.

    A: Ah, unofficially! You know, this is the inscription on the fence. The Parliament may vote on any resolution, such as withdrawal or the appointment of a chief of staff, about changing patterns. And I can’t do it without a Parliament.

    Q: Why then it was necessary to detain you at the border, to keep under guard?

    A: You ask questions that have no answer. For me it was a complete surprise.

    Q: Maybe it had something to do with the next round of negotiations in Minsk? You should have to participate in them, in the end, they passed on Sep 8 without you, and now you have released

    A: I don’t think so. It is possible to associate it with that, but I deeply doubt it. Minsk is a very long process. Of course, it is very important who is in a working group, but these people do not sign the final documents.

    Q: Some say you are more popular in the Republic than Denis Vladimirovich. Could you exploit your popularity to recover your position?

    A: Frankly, I don’t really want to. I don’t intend to fight over it. Now it is more important to restore people’s trust, to develop a positive agenda, to build horizontal links, some way to break the social immobility. We are at war. We’re in a very serious situation. We have people from from Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye. From Kharkov alone, 500 political refugees. They need to work. We need to understand the general ideological context of what’s happening.

    Q: Sorry, I don’t understand. Refugees from peaceful Kharkiv and Odessa are in Donetsk?

    A: Yes indeed. Many people from Kharkiv are fighting in the militia, and many more of them are work in our state structures. These people cannot return home. The people there are suffering killings, extra-judicial prosecution, they’re being jailed for the distribution of newspapers.

    Q: What do you now plan to do now?

    A: I still plan to engage in political activities, ideological projects. As the founder and longtime builder of the “Donetsk Republic” public organization, which practically created the Donetsk People’s Republic and wore the flag which the Donetsk People’s Republic now bears. The “Donetsk Republic” officially came into existence in 2005, but we created it even earlier…

    Q: Yes, after the “orange revolution.” Were you helped by anyone? Who, for example, funded it?

    A: Who “funded” us? Criminal volumes (уголовными томами)! It was not based on a party structure, but on a network structure of a horizontal nature, it almost funded itself. This horizontal network structure involved endless meetings, endless consultations, it pained society and the professionals of the concept. But we created a systematic discourse, which actually came at the right moment and broke the situation, We were able to set up public opinion so that when events occurred in 2014, a whole layer of political structures was set up so that we were able to do what I could.

    Q: I’m sorry that what you did isn’t better known. And now what you going to do?

    A: The state is not its borders, and it is not its power structure, it is primarily the people that feel a sense of ownership of the state, of the territory. We had a negative agenda. Today the society is sick of it. People need to understand why we are fighting.

    Q: But still, fought for what?

    A: I already told you, we need a positive agenda. The power is often in the framework, sometimes even gets the system of discourse. IT focuses on what the people want, what the people think. And it needs structure, to attach, to show people what it wants.

    Q: You haven’t invested in showing people what you want?

    A: No, no and no! We settled for a negative agenda. We need to form a positive one. Otherwise people just will not forgive us for what we did. The formation of a positive agenda is an ideology in the form in which it is.

    Q: I think now in the Donbass, the agenda is very clear.

    A: What is it then, over and beyond just fighting?

    Q: You have no money for pensions and salaries, factories, economy even, are all destroyed. You have simply no resources of your own. You are totally dependent on neighbouring states…

    A: You sound like you think it is a matter of “either-or.” I suggest it’s a matter of “and.” In addition to the restoration of the economy, and everything else, we need to understand generally where we’re going, what we will build. Even restoring the economy, we see a lot of questions. Back to the property of the oligarchs: what do we do with that? Will it become state property again, or what? What we do with the infrastructure? And so on.

    Q: You will deal with the ideological part of it?

    A: Of course. This is the ideological part, but it bears directly on the actual real world.

    Q: There at the head of the Executive Committee is now Denis Pushilin. Has he managed to take over your “Donetsk Republic” too?

    A: Well, it’s a social movement, I don’t understand why you should look at it in the party sense. It doesn’t have a party structure.

    A: Is the “Donetsk Republic” still you, or is it Denis Pushilin?

    A: He is engaged in the social movement “Donetsk Republic.” I am engaged in the same movement. Also “Donetsk Republic.”

    Q: You will both go on calling your respective “movements” by the same name?

    A: The movement “Donetsk Republic” belongs to me by right. I don’t see any reason to drop the name. People died for it.

    Q: Are you planning to create another structure? A “popular front”?

    A: The “Popular front” was perceived me as a political structure, and as the focus for an anti-corruption campaign. I understand that now in Russia it becomes a kind of “people’s management.” It is very popular in our conditions of poverty, for the distribution of humanitarian aid and dealing with other problems.

    Q: You planned to do it as something related to the Russian “Popular Front”?

    A: It was originally planned to do it together with some representatives of the “Popular Front” from neighboring regions of Russia. It seemed foolish to create something else, when this powerful movement was already on the territory of the Russian Federation. But that did not work, this idea was postponed indefinitely.

    Q: At what point it became clear that the idea will have to be shelved?

    A: I’d rather not comment on that.

    Q: For some reason, it had to be postponed?

    A: Well, it is now too big a political issue. There were too many political stratifications and speculations developing. It turned out to be the wrong approach.

    Q: I ask because it sounds like your suspension with plans to create a “Popular Front” was because it could become a competitor of Pushilin’s “Donetsk Republic” in the struggle for influence.

    A: Maybe, maybe. I’m not very versed in these twists and turns. I’m an inexperienced person.

    Q: Aren’t you afraid that without your personal involvement the project “Novorossia” will be, as is sometimes said, “merged”?

    – I do not think that the situation is as bad as that. There is still very much to be decided among people in general. If people disbelieve what we are building, if people cease to understand what happens, when people do not have a positive agenda, if they get the wrong idea about what we are fighting for, if they fail to appreciate that we stand for freedom and justice, if they don’t get the understanding of what we are trying to build, it will lead to internal civil war.

    Q: You mean the civil war inside DNR?

    A: Yes.

    Q: When you hear talk about the reintegration of Donbass back into Ukraine, how do you feel about that?

    A: I don’t think it will happen. If Donbass is ever returned to Ukraine, then this country of Ukraine will already be in other borders, will be called differently, and Poroshenko and Turchinov will be sitting in jail. But to make that happen, Ukraine needs to dramatically change, within human beings and within the state.

    Q: What would happen if Russia stopped helping the Donbass?

    A: It would be a disaster, because the Donbass today is totally dependent on the Russian Federation. On her goodwill. In fact, Russia saved us from freezing to death, when Ukraine blocked our gas. The Russian Federation is in fact the saviour of the people of Donbass.

    Q: And yet… if Russia stops helping, the Donbass will be forced to turn to Ukraine?

    A: In Ukraine, there is a very bad change. Absolute winter will be a lockout, emergency outage. Ukraine is falling off a cliff, it’s already in default.

    Q: Your ally in the white house was saying diametrically opposite things: that we underestimate the vitality and buoyancy of Ukraine.

    A: No. Khodakovsky meant that Ukraine may take a while to rot and decompose!

    Q: Well, actually, that’s not what he said at all. Anyway, if Russia stops helping, and as I understand it, Donbass cannot exist independently, then what do you think should be done?

    A: We shan’t give in to Ukraine! No way! The market for our engineering is located in Russian Federation; our energy resources are located in the Russian Federation; our cultural, mental, all our communication is with the Russian Federation. We can’t build machines and mechanisms and sell them to Ukraine, they’re not needed there.

    Q: I understand that your machinery is needed only in the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, if the Donbass will remain without support, how will it survive?

    A: Well, you’re asking too much of me. I’m home all day.

    This entry was posted in Uncategorized on September 10, 2015.
    "We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."'

    MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

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