What the hell is a "blog", anyway?

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I mean, i know it is a "web log" - "blog"; but what is its purpose? Isn't it kind of egocentric? To blog or not to blog? I don't understand it enough to even address the question...
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  1. blindpig's Avatar
    Read Chlamor's blog, he explains everything.

    Hell, I don't know what to do with it either. It's like one of those Christmas gifts ya get and ya blurt out "What the fuck is this?" before thinking and ya get those looks...
  2. starry messenger's Avatar
    I figure its a good way to park shit that doesn't necessarily warrant discussion, but you think other people might want to see it.
  3. anaxarchos's Avatar
    They are sort of the web version of syndicated editorials. They serve two purposes: the one starry mentioned and also so people can follow the writings of a specific individual. Lots of people use them pretty effectively (including chlamor). There are also many people who use it to, "let me tell you about this and that..." as chlamor implied in his satire.