Forget what the politicians are saying....

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and pay attention to what the real bosses are saying. This quote was taken from a slide show on a business site:

It's going to be difficult to significantly reduce unemployment without a softening of wages. You are going to have a real reduction in real average wages in order to reduce unemployment substancially.

John Lonski
Chief Economist
So there it is, the capitalist solution. Employed or not employed, all must feel the pain, all of the working class that is. A real jobs program like the WPA is out of the question, beyond the pall for these guys. The priorities of capitalists are not those of your average human, are in fact anti-human. We must all suffer so that the mechanism of capital might function as it should. We are all subject to this mechanism and it's beneficaries, but only until we decide not to be and and work towards replacing this sorry state of affairs with one which serves all of us.
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  1. Michael Collins's Avatar
    Sounds like the "Phillips Curve" - one of the dumbest ideas ever.

    Moody's wages should be softened. They were indicted for fraud in Connecticut in 2010 or so and did a consent decree - 'we're guilty but not groveling'. The fraud was misrepresentation on bond issues.