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  1. Impressions of an Occupation, Part I: Occupy Chicago Who and Why

    I spent 48 hours at Occupy Chicago, including the overnight hours, with the majority of my time spent talking one-on-one or in small groups to other people who were there. Some people were die-hards who were committed to being there as much as possible. Others came by every few days when they had some free time. There were even people who walked by, unaware of the occupation, and decided to stay for hours. ...

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  2. Impressions of an Occupation: Preface

    At this point, the majority of my knowledge of what is really happening on the ground at the various Occupy Together movements is based on videos, live streams, Twitter feeds, discussion boards and 48 hours spent at the Occupy Chicago site. I am deliberately avoiding most major media coverage because of its inherent ruling class bias, partisanship, and opportunism.

    I will be attending Occupy Wall Street in the coming weeks and hopefully other locations as well. I am approaching this ...
  3. DEAR MR. 1%

    I spoke with you for a moment when you were waiting to cross the street to the Chicago Board of Trade on Monday. I wonder if you are the one who put the now infamous message in the window up there announcing your membership in the 1%. I overheard you telling your friend that none of us had jobs. I leaned over to assure you that you were mistaken, you'd be surprised how many of us do have jobs. I told you ...
  4. Occupy Wall Street -Part 2 (Postal Workers, Unionized Pilots protesting)

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    Part 1:

    'Postal Workers, Pilots' is at the end of the last thread. Word is the Teachers union is joining tomorrow.

    Livestream here:

  5. Occupy Wall Street - over 80 arrested (Part 1 of WallStreet Protests

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    UPDATE: At least eighty arrested. Reports of police kettling protesters with large orange net, using tasers, at least five maced.

    UPDATE: follow @pulseofprotest for live twitter updates from police custody.

    UPDATE: Some pictures

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