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  1. Right-Wing Hoaxster's Attack on Labor Educators Is Defeated
  2. Reformers Win in California Grad Union Election
  3. Michigan Governor Takes a Walk of Shame in Benton Harbor
  4. In an Old City, Building a New Common Sense
  5. VIDEO: Wisconsin Governor Gives State Workers Some Love
  6. Nurse Unions: Florence Nightingale Doesn't Work Here Anymore
  7. Rite Aid Warehouse Workers Win Contract after National Push
  8. The Mood in Wisconsin: Shaken, Angry, but Proud
  9. Victory in Lancaster! 500 Rite Aid workers win first contract
  10. ILWU women: 2011 Summer Institute for Union Women, June 16-21 in Honolulu
  11. Workers Memorial Day: Remembering those killed on the job
  12. FDR denounced Koch-style coercion of workers in 1936
  13. Letter: Are working class voters helping elect anti-union candidates?
  14. Billionaires and Politicians Test Chicago Teachers Union
  15. Excluded Workers, AFL-CIO Build Addition to the House of Labor
  16. Labor radio show features Rite Aid workers’ victory in Lancaster
  17. Don't Take Medicaid Cuts Out on Us, Say NY Nurses
  18. VIDEO: Lessons from the Freedom Rides
  19. Payback Time: Activists Shine a Light on Billionaires and Bankers
  20. Unequal Pay for Equal Work
  21. Syria: ITUC Supports Call for General Strike on Wednesday 18 May
  22. Global: World-wide economic crisis opens up new space for discrimination at work, ILO says
  23. UK: PCS - Cyber Criminals Attacks Union's Website in Preparation to Conference
  24. Bahrain: VIDEO: The ILO's Guy Ryder speaks to Al Jazeera about the mass sackings of workers
  25. Swaziland: Police detain 10 unionists holding an 'illegal' meeting
  26. Iraq: Oil workers face resistance, crackdown if they strike
  27. Finland: Paper Strikes Escalate Because of Strike-Breaking
  28. Swaziland: Cash strapped Swaziland says will be unable to pay civil servants
  29. Iraq: Wildcat strikes engulf oil industry
  30. How to Monitor the Monitors
  31. Egypt: Just Jobs Network to hold 1st AGM in Cairo
  32. July 9th performance will celebrate Labor Archives 25th anniversary, commemorate the ’34 SF general strike
  33. California Teachers Declare State of Emergency
  34. Turkey: Union action criminalised with mass indictments of union leaders - Act Now! to defend trade union rights
  35. Minneapolis Grocery Store Cleaners Launch Hunger Strike
  36. USA: AFL-CIO's Trumka looks to ‘independent’ labor movement
  37. California ports meeting focuses on infrastructure, Panama Canal, jurisdiction issues
  38. Earl George, Civil Rights crusader from ILWU Local 9
  39. Rite Aid workers score victory in 5-year fight
  40. Botswana: 1 month in, government warns striking civil servants they will be dismissed
  41. Swaziland: Police say they searched SFTU chief’s home for ' national security ' reasons
  42. Egypt: Independent labor union rejects minister decision allowing Mubarak-era union centre to represent Egypt on international stage
  43. Democrats Join the Raid On Union Bargaining Rights
  44. Argentina: Daimler faces court over kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders during the dictatorship
  45. Finland: Ammattiliitto Pro Cuts Gender Pay Gap in Paper Agreement
  46. Democrats Join the Raid On Union Bargaining Rights
  47. Minneapolis Grocery Store Cleaners Launch Hunger Strike
  48. California Teachers Declare State of Emergency
  49. How to Monitor the Monitors
  50. Unequal Pay for Equal Work
  51. VIDEO: Lessons from the Freedom Rides
  52. Payback Time: Activists Shine a Light on Billionaires and Bankers
  53. Don't Take Medicaid Cuts Out on Us, Say NY Nurses
  54. Tunisia: Voices from the Tunisian Revolution
  55. China: Chengdu authorities seal off Foxconn factory after explosion kills three
  56. China: Explosion at Foxconn not accidental says workers' rights lobby group
  57. USA: Right wing flies off course on Boeing/National Labor Relations Board controversy
  58. USA: Republicans Aiming to Take Away Voting Rights in 36 States With 'Voter ID' Bills
  59. Korea: Police disperse striking Yoosung workers
  60. South Africa: Lonmin to dismiss 9000 for striking
  61. GE to Unions: Drop Dead
  62. In the Heart of Europe, Undocumented Immigrants Organize
  63. Iran: Simmering labor struggle will be core of reform, revolution in Iran
  64. USA: Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the union maid
  65. Corporate America in a Tizzy over Labor Board’s Boeing Order
  66. Contract victory for Canadian longshore members
  67. Global: G8 Summit Must Deliver on Jobs
  68. Cote Divoire: Free Ivory Coast union leader Basil Mahan Gahé!
  69. Judge Throws Out Wisconsin Anti-Union Law
  70. Union Leaders Arrested in Bahrain Crackdown
  71. Protect the Union Waterfront; Portland Rally, Friday June 3rd
  72. Bahrain: Embassy Protest Against Bahrain’s Anti-Union Repression
  73. Africa: Nascent Independent Unions Play Key Role in Arab Uprisings
  74. Troublemakers School a Hit with Chicago Activists
  75. Health Care Now a Human Right—in Vermont
  76. Protests Pay off as California Gets More $ for Education
  77. This Week in Labor: New York Building Trades Workers Protest 20% Pay Cut
  78. ‘Guest Worker’ Trafficking: Can the Feds Really Deal With the Problem?
  79. Grocery Store Cleaners Enter Day 7 of Hunger Strike
  80. Wis. Court Blocks Gov. Walker’s Anti-Union Bill, as Unions Focus on Spreading Protests
  81. Massey Energy ‘Normalized Deviance’ Prior to West Virginia Mine Disaster: Report
  82. Why the Catholic Church Must Defend Workers’ Rights
  83. Dock Management Sues Over Solidarity Shutdown—Is Settlement in the Works?
  84. From U.S. to India, the Casualties of Coal
  85. Local Worker-Owned Restaurant Joins Historic Labor Union: Act signifies workers' real desire for change, not just rhetoric
  86. Joining a Growing Number of Leading Retailers, Morton Williams Drops Sonny & Joe's Hummus
  87. Not the Usual Suspects - Workers Picket Provenance Hotels in Portland & Seattle to Support Hotel Frank Workers
  88. Not the Usual Suspects - Workers Picket Provenance Hotels in Portland & Seattle to Support Hotel Frank Workers
  89. Industrial Worker - Issue #1735, May 2011
  90. As Workers Celebrate May Day, Union Officials Attempt to Steal Internal Leadership Election
  91. IWW Work People’s College Event a Success - A Day of Education and Discussion
  92. Rally Defends Union's Right to Close Bay Area Ports
  93. Egypt: Workers demand law defending trade union independence
  94. Nepal: Sherpa trade union places ITUC flag at the top of the world
  95. Iraq: ICEM Demands Release of Iraqi GFIW Mechanics' Union Leader, Others
  96. Supreme Court’s E-Verify Decision Devastating for Employers, Immigrant Workers
  97. Qatar: ‘Inhuman’ Conditions Overshadow Qatar World Cup, Unions Say
  98. Swaziland: TUCOSWA statement : Swazi workers step up challenge to royal elite
  99. Why Does the Chicago Teachers Union Care About Interest Rate Swaps?
  100. Memorial Day Massacre of 1937 Offers Stark Reminder: Media Usually Side With Corporations, Police
  101. Mexican Teachers Strike, Protest over Test-Driven Education
  102. Dutch dock workers to demand return of pensions funds at June 2 rally in San Francisco
  103. USA: Study finds fewer fatalities, injuries at union mines
  104. Sisters In The Union Brotherhood: Still Struggling For Recognition
  105. Iraq: Oil workers face retribution
  106. Teamsters Reformer Has Votes to Challenge Hoffa
  107. Welcome Home Vets: Your Jobs Are Long Gone
  108. Good News for Street Protesters: Inflatable Rats Are OK!
  109. ILWU Pres. McEllrath: TWIC fails to protect our ports, and workers pay the price
  110. Swaziland: Teachers March to Embassy to Demand U.S. Freezes Leaders’ Assets
  111. Sri Lanka: Police chief quits after 250 union protestors injured and one man dies
  112. China: Workers Gain Strength In Cyberspace
  113. Global: UN labour agency chief calls for ‘new era of social justice’
  114. Canada: Union drive raises ire of U2, manager threatens to blacklist city after IATSE tries to certify workers
  115. Honor All Labor. It’s the Right Thing To Do.
  116. White House Workers Given Right to Unionize. Why Not DOJ Employees as Well?
  117. Workers Comp ‘Reform’ in Illinois Aims to Curb Alleged Abuses
  118. Kazakhstan: Jailed Female Trade Unionist Faces New Charge As Oil-Worker Strike Continues
  119. Iran: Mansour Osanloo set free at last!
  120. Thailand: ACT NOW: Reinstate KFC union activists now!
  121. Hotel Housekeepers Break Silence on Job Assaults
  122. We Will Win
  123. USA: Housekeepers nationwide speak out, launching campaign to end silence on hotel dangers
  124. Is There An Answer to the Deficit Dilemma?
  125. The Grim New Unemployment Report Underscores Country’s Massive Jobs Deficit
  126. South Korea ‘Free Trade’ Deal: Another Funnel for Exploitation
  127. Industrial Worker - Issue #1736, June 2011
  128. This Week in Labor: Sick Workers Implicated in 8 Jimmy John’s Food Poisoning Outbreaks
  129. The Grim New Unemployment Report Underscores Country’s Massive Jobs Deficit
  130. Bahrain: Unions fight discrimination, firings even after martial law lifted
  131. USA: American Unions in Tough Talks for 15,000 General Electric Staff
  132. Reviving the Strike: Lessons of the 1930s for Today’s Labor Movement
  133. SEIU’s Dial 1-800-Solution Runs into Trouble
  134. Egypt: Trade Unions Are Key to a Successful Transition in Egypt
  135. USA: VIDEO: Union Maids protest as Strauss Kahn arrives at New York court
  136. Botswana: Gvt, public sector union to resume talks as strike stretches into 8th week
  137. Inspired by Wisconsin, Union Sees Record Turnout in Rally Against GE
  138. Unions Mean Safer Mines: Stanford Law Study
  139. Wisconsin Protesters Look to Escalate
  140. Local 502 is all smiles after children’s hospital fundraising
  141. Global: Worldwide Survey: Repression of union rights and economic freedoms across the globe
  142. The Good News in Wisconsin That the Media Isn’t Covering
  143. The Jobs Crisis Is Growing. Why Isn’t Washington Noticing?
  144. USA: AFL-CIO chief amplifies warning to Democrats
  145. The Labor Movement’s Classic, Forgottten Tactic—and Why It Must Be Revived
  146. Still Paying Through the Nose, Labor Campaigns for Single Payer
  147. Egypt: Workers take to the streets, defying controversial anti-strike law, met with police aggression
  148. Botswana: Unions fail to agree on regime change
  149. House Cuts TSA Funding, Eliminates Collective Bargaining Amid Union Election
  150. Report: Walmart Tries to Hide Right-Wing Donations
  151. NAFTA's Result: ‘Bending Over’ Couldn't Keep Plant in Tennessee
  152. Botswana: Police Fire Tear Gas at Striking State Workers
  153. Bahrain: Amnesty raises fresh claims that dozens of health workers on trial before military court tortured in detention
  154. Gov. Walker’s Wrecking Crew Takes Wisconsin Back to 19th Century
  155. Boeing Targets Union with Legal Probes in ‘Wisconsin of Manufacturing’ Fight
  156. Botswana: Civil servants suspend 8-week strike but no permanent solution in sight
  157. India: Maruti Suzuki workers refuse to call of strike in spite of Government prohibitory orders
  158. This Week In Labor: Housekeepers Speak Out, and N.Y. Legislators Respond
  159. LA Unions Rally to Support Grocery Workers, as Strike Looms
  160. Norway: Call for solidarity for dismissed DHL worker in Norway
  161. Czech Republic: Government wants trade unions to pay for planned strike
  162. Gainesville IWW Organizer Training
  163. Organizer Training 101 in Kansas City
  164. Solidarity Unionism Panel and Fundraiser Party
  165. El Salvador: Urgent Action Needed to Free Salvadoran Labor Leader
  166. Smoking Out the Tobacco Barons
  167. Unions Cross Borders to Organize Guestworkers
  168. A Victory and a Defeat for Farmworkers
  169. Portland rally tells grain facility to respect local workforce
  170. ILWU honors internationalism of slain Local 37 officers on 30th anniversary of assassinations
  171. ILWU members join Dutch dockers in San Francisco to demand return of pension funds
  172. Sri Lanka: UN urged to protect right to strike
  173. Labor-Funded Progressive Leaders Cross Huffington Post Picket Line
  174. Madison March Targets Influential Wisconsin Business Lobby Group
  175. Reviving the Strike: Labor’s Failed Search for Alternatives
  176. I.W.W. Food & Retail Workers Union Founding Convention
  177. Midwest IWW Gathering
  178. Republicans Use Bully Tactics to Block Law Enforcement in Boeing Case
  179. Canada: Canada Post locks out 50,000 workers
  180. Greece: Workers strike, protesters march on parliament
  181. Deadline Approaching for Macy’s Strike
  182. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Upholds Gov. Walker’s Anti-Union Bill
  183. Gaza’s Economic Crisis Reflects the Indignity of Occupation
  184. Wisconsin Reacts as Anti-Union Bill Is Rubber-Stamped
  185. Hundreds March to Save West Virginia Mountain from 'Removal'
  186. ILWU pensioner Leroy King honored with a bronze bust for service to the City of San Francisco
  187. A giant leap for the union
  188. ILWU members help clean the air at Oakland port
  189. Walter Williamson, former Local 23 President, passed away at the age of 92
  190. Celebrate “Bloody Thursday” on Tuesday, July 5th:
  191. Organizers Work With Businesses to Prevent Wage Theft
  192. Janitors Commemorate 21st Anniversary of Justice for Janitors March
  193. Organizing on Wobbly Ground: Learning from ‘Solidarity Unionism at Starbucks’
  194. School’s Out in Chicago, But Labor Struggles Are Just Starting
  195. Bahrain: Obama Administration Will Review AFL-CIO Complaint Against Bahrain
  196. Botswana: Police threaten to shoot defiant public sector workers who want to continue two-month strike
  197. Canada: Legislation quashes free collective bargaining
  198. Palestine: Palestinian trade union leader honoured in Oslo
  199. This Week in Labor: AFL-CIO and ITUC Call for Financial Transaction Tax
  200. Record Eight-Year Congress Strike Strengthens Chicago Hotel Workers Union
  201. Corporations Gotta Pay! Audio and Visuals from the Stand Up! Chicago Rally
  202. Wisconsin to be GOP’s Own Privatized Idaho? Or Will Voters Strike Back?
  203. Palestinians Link Global and Local in Israel Boycott Campaign
  204. Union Democracy in Iran: Is It Possible?
  205. Kazakhstan: Voice Of Kazakh Oil Worker Protest Strengthens Dormant Labor Movement
  206. UK: Biggest strike for 100 years – Unison chief
  207. IWW General Defense Committee Statement against AFTRA members in Target's anti-union Video
  208. Organizing on Wobbly Ground: Learning from ‘Solidarity Unionism at Starbucks’
  209. Wisconsin: What now?
  210. L.A. Activists Share Troublemaker Spirit
  211. Decades after King’s Assassination, Memphis Reignites Labor Struggle
  212. Korea: ACT Now: Support Imprisoned Vietnamese Migrant Workers in South Korea
  213. USA: Supreme Court dismisses women's class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart
  214. Indonesia: Maid’s Beheading Could See Ban on Workers in Saudi Arabia, Govt Says
  215. Swaziland: Unions plan another showdown with government
  216. Chicago Teachers Vow Renewed Activism Over Revoked Raises
  217. Reviving the Strike: Lessons from the Pittston Struggle
  218. Supreme Court Sides with Wal-Mart, Raises Hurdles for Workers’ Lawsuits
  219. Strained Hyatt Workers Continue to Push for Fair Negotiations
  220. Interfaith Worker Justice Celebrates its 15th Anniversary
  221. Shortage of Jobs and Equality, Not Skills, at Heart of Unemployment Crisis
  222. Too Big to Sue? High Court Thwarts Wal-Mart Gender Discrimination Case
  223. NLRB Issues Rule to Prevent Union Busting and Speed Up Elections
  224. Canadian Government Pulls a Wisconsin on Postal Workers
  225. Canada: Tories pushing ahead with back-to-work postal bill
  226. Pickets Challenge Labor to Find Solidarity with Palestinians
  227. Working more; earning less
  228. New ILO Convention Gives Domestic Workers Historic Labor Rights
  229. Increased Solidarity with Unions at Netroots Nation, But at the Cost of Net Neutrality?
  230. Nurses Join International Push for Bank Trade Tax
  231. Romney, Obama Health Care Reforms Offer No Relief for Unions
  232. Egypt: Roots of Egypt’s Revolution: Labor Unions and the Uprising in Tahrir Square
  233. Mad as Hell, and Not Going to Drive Anymore: San Francisco Cabbies Hold Two-Hour Strike
  234. How Budget Cuts and Privatization Endanger Workers in Psychiatric Hospitals
  235. Chinese in Japan Caught in Tide of Exploited Labor
  236. Australia: ICEM Condemns BHP Billiton, Mitsubishi in Queensland Coal Talks
  237. Swaziland: Fears for the life of well-known trade union activist arrested by 20 cops
  238. Global: Workers rights deteriorating across the globe post-GFC, says ITUC's, Burrow
  239. California Strike Highlights Hospitals' Skewed Priorities
  240. Greece: Unions call general strike for June 28, 29
  241. Apple Store Workers Share Why They Want to ‘Work Different’
  242. Shock Therapy—and a Bit of Good News—for Long-Term Jobless in Wisconsin
  243. In California and New Jersey, EFCA Déjà Vu
  244. This Week in Labor: Calif. Country Club Lockout Intensifies, as Union Eyes IKEA Factory
  245. Canada: Massive Support for Posties and Free Collective Bargaining
  246. Obama Unveils ‘Innovation Policy’ for Manufacturing ‘Renaissance’
  247. Canada: Workers’ Rights Take a Big Hit Under Harper’s Majority Government
  248. Egypt: Has the Revolution Left Egypt's Workers Behind?
  249. Swaziland: Deny Swaziland bailout loan: COSATU
  250. USA: Steelworkers Mark Year-long Honeywell Lockout