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  1. War Against the Working Class Conference
  2. An Emergency Conference on the Social Crisis and War
  3. Union of the unemployed
  4. Labor news: SEIU vs NUHW
  5. Labor notes: Strike is back, etc.
  6. Railroad deaths news
  7. Workers speaking out; video
  8. Teamster runs for NY gov., health care worker for L. gov. plus more
  9. Organizing...
  10. Mott's strike
  11. what this country needs
  12. Union deaths up world wide...
  13. Ongoing strike in Rochester NY
  14. Sodexo
  15. One teachers' union shows its teeth
  16. Domestic Workers get some work rights...
  17. The KKE can walk and chew gum at same time!
  18. One Dead in Panama Protests - Banana workers strike
  19. PAME blocked the counter of the Israeli airline EL-AL
  20. " G8 , G20 and the capitalist crisis"
  21. Truck Drivers in Greece Defy an Order to End Their Strike
  22. KKE will not hand over lists with its supporters
  23. Dock workers world wide in Gaza solidarity...
  24. Dock workers world wide in Gaza solidarity...
  25. The costs of the crisis will be aggravated by the imperialist
  26. French workers strike
  27. Support for our strikers here at home - Mott workers in NY
  28. Dove Outreach, 9/11 International Burn A Qur'an Day
  29. Obama's RTTT vs. Teacher Unions
  30. Greek government (capitalist dogs) acting to illegalize the KKE
  31. First in nation, Jimmy Johns workers file for union election
  32. KKE at KNE youth festival in Greece
  33. General strike in Spain against austerity measures
  34. General strike against pension attacks sees huge protests
  35. Labor Pains: Clash Between Two Unions Could Change Face of US Labor
  36. Portugal General strike announced for the 24th of November
  37. Greece: An autumn revival of the class struggle beckons
  38. UAW rank and file standing up to protest wage cuts and new 2-tier system
  39. 2.5 Million Protest in France
  40. Spain, the biggest of them all.
  41. And don't forget Italy...
  42. Bulgaria's Pension "Reform"
  43. UnionBook - a new social network for trade unionists
  44. Transit workers news...
  45. London protesting
  46. Pensions and Social Progress
  47. This Halloween, Workers Aren't Scared To Stand Up Against Wage Theft
  48. seiu - andy stern
  49. German parliament approves billions in welfare cut
  50. British students demonstrate today at Conservative Party HQ...
  51. documents
  52. vive le resistance!
  53. The Irish Price Tag...
  54. Italian students storm Tower of Pisa, Colosseum
  55. Town may seize factory to prevent dismantling by vengeful owner
  56. Pro-Union Anti-War-with-Korea rally at Hyundai plant w/striking orchestra members accompanying...
  57. Prince Charles and Camilla caught up in London violence after student fees vote
  58. How We Can Mobilize the Unemployed for a Massive Economic Movement
  59. Labor: bus drivers
  60. Auto Worker Strikes in China: What Did They Win?
  61. Tunisia Protesters Defy Capital's Curfew as Union Calls for General Strike
  62. Stop the Auction!: UE Seeks Solidarity
  63. Labor notes article about the Chicago Teachers' union...
  64. Protest in Tel Aviv
  65. Government Workers as Villains: Not Fair
  66. Meanwhile, back in England...
  67. Greece faces new cycle of protests ahead of EU-IMF auditors' visit
  68. Jimmy John's labor dispute escalates:
  69. 3/30 Occupation Planned Of NY Albany Capital
  70. 19th International Communist Seminar
  71. "Locked Out" (Rio Tinto & Boron, CA.)
  72. Update Animal Hospital Workers in Cincinnati
  73. Iraq demands sovereignity
  74. Rebellion in the Brazilian Amazon
  75. Egypt marks May Day
  76. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! - Cuba
  77. IKEA in Virginia: a modern sweatshop
  78. Florida approves far-reaching cuts to unemployment benefits
  79. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn to be inducted into labor hall of fame
  80. Spaniards Proest Over Unemployment
  81. AFL-CIO head: If you’re not supporting us we won’t support you
  82. GE to Unions: Drop Dead
  83. Minneapolis Hunger Strike Ends with Promises to Press On
  84. WIKILEAKS: U.S. Fought To Lower Minimum Wage In Haiti So Hanes And Levis Would Stay Cheap
  85. Government Reports Reveal Jimmy John's Lied about Pattern of Food-borne Illness Outbreaks Due to Sick Workers
  86. Cooperative Startups - Bay Area
  87. Assassination Of Maria Che, Mayan Community Leader - This Is How The Global "free Trade" Model Works
  88. Venezuelan Peasant Organisations March to Demand Justice for Murders
  89. 20th International Communist Seminar
  90. Apple Store Employee Seeks To Plant Union Seed
  91. Greece: Unions Plan 24-Hour Strike Against Austerity, Asset Sales
  92. Can Big-Box Retail Be Organized?
  93. PCPE members arrested
  94. Workers at Chrysler and Fiat to set up global union
  95. Yo Dhalgren
  96. Haitian Farmers Protest Against the Monopolization of Agricultural Land // Fighting Monsanto
  97. Reviving the Strike: Where Do We Go From Here?
  98. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes farmworkers' bill
  99. Bloombergville activists sit in at 250 Broadway to resist budget cuts against workers and communities
  100. IKEA stacks deck against union backers
  101. IWW Sends Solidarity to Workers at Danville, Virginia IKEA/Swedwood Factory
  102. Greece: Cradle of class struggle
  103. New Jersey assembly passes worker benefits overhaul
  104. Black-white solidarity key to San Francisco’s 1934 general strike
  105. Aussie CD
  106. making the rounds...
  107. Youth face jobless summer in New York City
  108. South Africa: 'We'll bring SA to a halt': Vavi
  109. The Kids: Why I'm optimistic
  110. WFTU 16th World Trade Union Congress
  111. UFCW prepares betrayal of California supermarket workers
  112. SDS: Students and Youth March to Save Our Schools! July 28-31, Washington D.C.
  113. State repression stepped up as strike wave grows in South Africa
  114. Two Concepts For IWW Organizing: Industrial Unionism And One Big Unionism
  115. Houston TX - Rally to protest changes to Medicare & Social Security (S. Jackson Lee and others speaking)
  116. Protests called for NATO and G8 Summits, Chicago May 15 - 22, 2012
  117. Richard Chavez, 81, Cesar’s younger brother, helped build the UFW from its earliest days
  118. Reform: The Trojan Horse Wheeling into Schools
  119. Wobbly Flyering Squad Hits San Francisco Starbucks
  120. New Scramble for Greece - "A Model for the World"
  121. Workers stage strike at Iamgold mine in Suriname
  122. Egypt: State controlled trade union dissolved
  123. Israel: 300,000 Israelis take to streets in third rally for social justice
  124. Extend mass mobilizations in Chile
  125. Open letter to the men and women of Operating Engineers Local 701
  126. Why Won’t Obama Join the Verizon Picket Line?
  127. Chocolate shakeup: Student guest workers walk out at Hershey’s plant
  128. David Starkey defends Newsnight comment
  129. Mass Rally in Washington DC October 6
  130. Mass Rally in Washington DC October 6
  131. Desperate CA farmworkers start 200-mile march to convince Gov. Brown to sign bill ensuring fair treatment
  132. This Labor Day, Build Esprit de Corps for Action
  133. United National Antiwar Coalition, "Report on the August 28 Chicago Meeting to Organize the NATO/G8 Protests"
  134. Down the garden path again with son of Hoffa
  135. New mining law would spell 'end of democracy'
  136. Hoffa's Hot Air
  137. Dockers storm US port
  138. Riot police battle austerity protesters in Greece
  139. Calling our Resident Teachers
  140. Protests in Greece - in pictures
  141. Tennis players unite -
  142. iProtest
  143. Germany's Painful Unemployment Fix
  144. Occupy Wall Street - over 80 arrested
  145. Occupy Wall Street -Part 2 (Postal Workers, Unionized Pilots protesting)
  146. Occupy Wall Street, pt 3 (Can't evict protesters. Veteran Agitators - unions, community groups flock to #OccupyWallStreet
  147. National Lawyer's Guild - Helpful Info
  148. Occupy Wall Street - Part 4 - AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, National Nurses United & a POLICE Union Back #OccupyWallStreet
  149. Greek workers occupy ministry
  150. OccupyWallStreet Part 5 - Steelworkers Union (USA & Canada) issues statement of support
  151. Egypt’s “independent” unions seek to end strikes, prop up junta
  152. OccupyWallStreet Part 6: Labor - "I don't know why it took us so long..."
  153. OccupyWallStreet #7: Occupy Everything
  154. OccupyWallStreet #8: Solidarity Marches, College Walkouts, Unions, Feds
  155. OccupyWallStreet #9: We're the 99%. Organizing with the Streets
  156. Occupy Houston
  157. No more work
  158. Solidarity with Evo Morales
  159. Italian demonstrations
  160. La protesta planetaria del 15-O
  161. OccupyWallStreet #10 - National General Assembly and so on and so forth
  162. “We need the help of workers in Europe,” says Athens protester
  163. The way forward in Greece
  164. Trumka: Hands off the occupations
  165. Police attack Occupy protests in Denver, Colorado
  166. USA: Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits
  167. Papandreou pledges Greek government of national unity
  168. Scott Walker gets miked
  169. Greek parties talk over coalition plan
  170. "A Stronger KKE Means Hope"
  171. Occupy Detroit
  172. Hoffa Re-elected as Teamsters President, Easily Beating Two Challengers
  173. Union vote may end battle with Boeing
  174. Struggle to Overthrow Capitalism, Not Whitewash It
  175. Troika demands Greece make billions more in spending cuts
  176. At Sparrows Point, a way of life under threat again
  177. Congo resistance
  178. Boeing dumps 2,160 US workers
  179. Wikileaks Revelations: The AFL-CIO and Colombia
  180. Within the capitalist system there is no pro-peoples way out from the crisis!
  181. Thoughts on a new International
  182. Nationwide 'Occupy' strike paralyzes Nigeria
  183. Egypt’s Revolution Is Not Over
  184. Protests in Tunisia greet one-year anniversary of Ben Ali’s overthrow
  185. Nigerian unions suspend general strike as army deploys in cities
  186. Attica-wide general strike-Decisive escalation of the struggle
  187. Communists welcome mass fuel strike
  188. Latest statement from Secretary Papariga of the KKE
  189. Caterpillar Cracks the Whipsaw, Closing Ontario Plant
  190. Can Labor Organize the Unemployed?
  191. Freedom Rider: Greece: Your Money or Your Life
  192. Greek “left” pushes to join the government
  193. Spain: Hundreds of Thousands Protest Labour Law Changes
  194. India: All-India strike by major trade unions today
  195. Statement of the Communist and Workers Parties of the 5 countries with highest levels of unemployment
  196. Thousands march as South Africans strike
  197. Controversial Mining Bill Stalled in Senate as Mining Company Pulls Out
  198. Hunger and homelessness on the rise in Greece
  199. Greek health service faces catastrophic cuts
  200. Trumka explains why workers must back Obama
  201. Not Just a Cheaper Pair of Hands
  202. Joint Statement KKE- PCPE
  203. Even With Daisey’s Lies Peeled Away, Apple’s Rotten Core Exposed
  204. A weak bourgeois government means a strong people
  205. Greek protesters disrupt national day parades
  206. The character of the contemporary era as the basic element which defines the strategy of the Communist Parties and the experience of the KKE.
  207. Millions strike against Spanish austerity
  208. Jean-Luc Mélenchon: "There is Nothing More Anti-capitalist Than 'The People First' "
  209. The pro-Nazi side of EU in Latvia
  210. NY Pension Cuts Fuel Insurgent Public Employees
  211. The “German model” and the attack on European workers
  212. Trumka ‘Personally Outraged’ by Obama-Backed JOBS Act
  213. 48 Hour Seamen's Strike
  214. 2012 elections: Building a new foundation
  215. Is the French Communist Party Back?
  216. Cuba Meets the Challenges of the 21st Century
  217. General Strike in Spain: Workers Defend against Attacks on Labor Rights
  218. The Rise of the BRIC Countries
  219. 'There are Marxists in India?'
  220. International Workers’ Day 2012
  221. Kazakh workers start copper mine sit-in
  222. Greek Elections
  223. Exclusive! KKE Refuses to Meet With Syriza
  224. Polish must work til they drop
  225. Greece: SYRIZA support sought to enforce austerity measures
  226. Greece: Trying to understand SYRIZA
  227. Angela Merkel and François Hollande focus on growth in Greece – video
  228. Mass layoffs hit Hewlett-Packard, US Postal Service
  229. The pseudo-left unmasked in Greece
  230. Ten dead, a hundred injured in bloodstained Chicago field
  231. A Fiery Speech in the Greek Parliament
  232. Will Recall Vote End Wisconsin's Nightmare?
  233. Lebanon and the dark side of the Twitter revolution | Rohan Talbot
  234. Police and Firefighters Unions Join List of Public Employees Targeted by Chicago Mayor Emanuel
  235. Between Two Tough Battles: May 6 and June 17
  236. The lessons of Wisconsin
  237. Fascist thug attacks left MPs on Greek TV talk show
  238. Accountability in Defeat in Wis.
  239. 21st International Communist Seminar
  240. Why Did So Many Workers Vote for Walker?
  241. Greeks protest against neo-Nazi MP on the run
  242. Matthias Breitinger, "'SYRIZA Is Acting Responsibly': Interview with Yanis Varoufakis"
  243. Syriza -- 10 Point Program
  244. Greek CP on the Greek Elections
  245. How Can Labor Combat Obama's Secret 'NAFTA of the Pacific'?
  246. Nuns on Bus Give Yardstick to Paul Ryan on Catholic Economic Justice
  248. German Opel worker: “For nearly 10 years, it’s all been downhill”
  249. Summit Meeting of the European Union
  250. Greek government announces further austerity