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  1. Simba Russeau, "Libya: Water Emerges as a Hidden Weapon"
  2. Dean Baker, "If the Oil Industry Said the Moon Was Made of Green Cheese, Would the New York Times Pass the Statement Along to Readers without Comment?
  3. Terry Everton, "Calling Up Old Soldiers for the Reserve Army of Labor" (Cartoon)
  4. C. P. Chandrasekhar, "Trading Growth for Inflation"
  5. The Struggle Shifts Outside Parliament
  6. The Assassination of Osama Bin Laden
  7. Crisis of Capitalism: Act II
  8. An Unprecedented Aggression against the People and the Nation
  9. For Class-Oriented Unionism: Lessons of the WFTU Congress
  10. Struggle Shifts Outside Parliament
  11. Read and Re-Read Lenin
  12. Chavez Helps Put Joaquin Perez Becerra in Colombian Jail - Communists Speak Out
  13. Right Wing Unleashes Campagn against Democracy in Latin America
  14. Whither Cuba?
  15. Reject U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela
  16. Bin Laden and the Palestinians
  17. Cuba Grants More than 300,000 Self-employment Licenses
  18. Happy Rapture Day
  19. Engels on American elections
  20. Video: Michelle Alexander on "The New Jim Crow"
  21. Video: Progressive taxes over budget cuts to balance state budgets
  22. Ryan's "Tea Party budget" would destroy the country
  23. Largest LGBT Civil Rights Group Endorses Obama for Pres.
  24. Protesters arrested in Baghdad
  25. Sylvia Schwarz, "How Green Is the Jewish National Fund?"
  26. Harry Belafonte Explodes the Presidential "Make Me Do It" Myth
  27. Africa: Battleground For NATO's 21st Century Strategic Concept
  28. Obama's Speech to AIPAC
  29. The Clash of Egos
  30. In Memoriam: Gilberte Salem
  31. Chavez Helps Put Joaquin Perez Becerra in Colombian Jail - Communists Speak Out
  32. Eneko, "NATO" (Cartoon)
  33. Spain, "The Indignant," and the Paris Commune
  34. Advice to Communists: Should the Left become Social Democratic?
  35. Extradition by Caracas Delivers Journalist to His Enemies
  36. Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, "Parroting the Obama Administration's Line on Iran and Syria"
  37. Prabhat Patnaik, "Should the Left Become Social Democratic?"
  38. As'ad AbuKhalil, "Iranian Spy in Cairo"
  39. Adan Iglesias Toledo, "Sol" (Cartoon)
  40. Matias Vernengo, "Are the Latin American Economies Overheating?"
  41. Ashok Mitra, "What the Left Front Did Wrong in West Bengal"
  42. Patrick Belser, "Global Wage Trends: The Great Convergence?"
  43. Right Wing Unleashes Campaign against Democracy in Latin America
  44. Michael D. Yates, "Mother Nature, Make Me Rich"
  45. Yanis Varoufakis, "When Push Comes to Shove? Exposing the Empty Threat to Kick Greece Out of the Eurozone"
  46. Minor Compositions, "A User's Guide to (Demanding) the Impossible"
  47. Syrian Communist Party (Unified), "Message to Communists of the World"
  48. Abu al-'Ala' al-Ma'arri, "Which Is the Tyrant?"
  49. Adam Hanieh, "Egypt's 'Orderly Transition'? International Aid and the Rush to Structural Adjustment"
  50. Dean Baker, "Plunging Bottom-Tier Prices Push Case-Shiller Index to New Post-Bubble Low"
  51. Esther Vivas, "Should 15M Movement End Occupations of Sol and Other Plazas?"
  52. Kurdistan Commentary, "Syrian Kurdish Parties Boycott Syrian Opposition Conference in Antalya, Turkey"
  53. Lilian Wagdy, "Crossing Egyptian Military's Red Line: Speaking Up against Military Tribunals"
  54. David Holmes and Andrew Bean, "My Water's on Fire Tonight (the Fracking Song)"
  55. Jonas Nässén, Jörgen Larsson, and John Holmberg, "The Effect of Work Hours on Energy Use: A Micro-analysis of Time and Income Effects"
  56. Podcast: Labor’s Independence and the Stakes in the 2012 Elections
  57. Bush tax cuts went to the rich
  58. Samir Amin, "The Reactionary Bloc in Egypt"
  59. C. P. Chandrasekhar, "Foreign Banks or Foreign Capital?"
  60. Philip Rizk, "Pity the Nation" (Video)
  61. Mark Weisbrot, "Why Washington Is Worried about Peru's Election"
  62. Aleix Saló, "Espańistán: From the Housing Bubble to the Crisis" (Animation)
  63. Video: Democracy, Values and 21st Century Socialism
  64. Tell the media to look at the People's Budget
  65. Dean Baker, "Weak Job Growth Leads to Further Rise in Unemployment"
  66. Dennis J. Kucinich, "Congress Must Make President Obey Constitution and Remove US Armed Forces from Libya"
  67. Madawi Al-Rasheed, ed., "Kingdom without Borders: Saudi Arabia's Political, Religious, and Media Frontiers"
  68. Nationalize the monopolies
  69. Jason Burke, "Making Peace with the Taliban? UN Pressed to Lift Afghan Sanctions"
  70. Jamaa Al-Yad, "June 5: From Naksa (Setback) to Nasr (Victory)" (Poster)
  71. PAME, "Greece: PAME Occupies Finance Ministry, Calls for General Strike" (Video)
  72. Kharabeesh, "Obama on the Middle East" (Animation)
  73. Prabhat Patnaik, "The Meaning of Financial Liberalisation"
  74. Communist Party of Israel, "25,000 People March in Tel Aviv in Support of Palestinian State Based on 1967 Borders"
  75. William Blum, "Why Is the United States Waging Perpetual War against the Cuban People's Health System?"
  76. Franklin Serrano and Ricardo Summa, "Macroeconomic Policy, Growth and Income Distribution in the Brazilian Economy in the 2000s"
  77. Bryce Covert, "Debt Collection Agencies Gone Wild"
  78. As'ad AbuKhalil, "Muslim Brotherhood and US Representatives at Syrian Opposition Conference in Antalya, Turkey"
  79. Chris Maisano, "The 'R' Word"
  80. CCenter for Economic and Policy Research, "Humala's Win in Peru Consolidates Gains for Left, More Independent and Democratic South America"
  81. Center for Economic and Policy Research, "Humala's Win in Peru Consolidates Gains for Left, More Independent and Democratic South America"
  82. M K Bhadrakumar, "Russia's U-Turn"
  83. Rebecca Ray, "Venezuela: GDP Shows Strong Gains in Q1 2011"
  84. John Gregson, "The Becoming of Socialism"
  85. Prabhat Patnaik, "Capitalism, Corruption, and the Subversion of Democracy and Secularism"
  86. Victoria Penziner, "Politics and Natural Resources in Eastern Saudi Arabia"
  87. Should Trumka run a primary campaign against Pres. Obama?
  88. Video: Republican Congressman Calls Social Security a "Pyramid Scheme"
  89. Jordan Freeman, "The Battle of Blair Mountain"
  90. Terry Eagleton, "AC Grayling's Private University Is Odious"
  91. M K Bhadrakumar, "Turkey's Not-So-Subtle Shift on Syria"
  92. Robert Naiman, "U.S. Boat to Gaza Is a Quarter Jewish -- 'Not Too Shabby!'"
  93. Musings from a Communist Nerd: Sarah Palin is a Jedi Mind Trick
  94. RIA Novosti and the Voice of Russia, "Russia Opposes Any UN Resolution on Syria"
  95. Steve Early, "Dial 1-800-Unionism Is Not the Answer"
  96. Barbara Steiner and Walter Baier, "Electoral Performance of the Left -- A Review"
  97. National Immigration Law Center, "Alabama's HB 56: The Harshest State-level, Anti-immigrant Measure to Date"
  98. Mark Brenner, "Is There An Answer to the Deficit Dilemma?"
  99. Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Society, "Statement of Solidarity with the Queer Palestinian Call for Action 'IGLYO Out of Israel'"
  100. GOP Agenda: End Medicare AND Social Security
  101. Terry Everton, "'If You See Something, Say Something'" (Cartoon)
  102. Samir Amin, "Middle Classes, American-style 'Democracy,' and the Muslim Brotherhood"
  103. As'ad AbuKhalil, "Syrian Opposition's 'Day of the Clans'"
  104. Per Björklund, "A Return to the Past? Egypt's Neoliberal Counter-Revolution"
  105. Video: Memphis sanitation workers inducted into DOL Hall of Fame
  106. Jordan Flaherty, "Louisiana Civil Rights Activist Sentenced to Fifteen Years in Prison"
  107. Elleni Centime Zeleke, "Libya: The Poverty of Analyses"
  108. Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, "America's On-Again, Off-Again Love Affair with Iran's Nuclear Program"
  109. Victor Nieto, "NATO's Peace" (Cartoon)
  110. Victor Nieto, "Interview with Jean Bricmont: NATO Powers' Push for Syria Intervention Proves 'There's No Limit to How Crazy They Can Be'"
  111. United Electrical Workers, "One Week from Bargaining Deadline, GE and Unions Far Apart, May Be Headed for Clash"
  112. Robert Pollin and Jeffrey Thompson, "Fighting Austerity and Reclaiming a Future for State and Local Governments"
  113. Bill Dod, "Interview with Jean Bricmont: NATO Powers' Push for Syria Intervention Proves 'There's No Limit to How Crazy They Can Be'"
  114. Rizospastis, "Anonymous Leaders of the Movement of the 'Indignant' in Greece"
  115. Timothy A. Wise, "Are High Agricultural Prices Good or Bad for Poverty?"
  116. Mark Weisbrot, "Macroeconomic Policy Changes Have Helped Brazil Increase Growth, But Much More Is Needed"
  117. Utsa Patnaik, "Agrarian Distress and Land Acquisition"
  118. Dan Murphy, "The Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax, 'Mass Rape' in Libya, and Press Credulity"
  119. Elmar Altvater and Birgit Mahnkopf, "European Integration at the Crossroads: Deepening or Disintegration?"
  120. Edwin Lyman, "On the Nuclear Power 2021 Act and the Nuclear Energy Research Initiative Improvement Act of 2011"
  121. "Demo at Saudi Embassy in Beirut This Friday, in Support of Saudi Women in Struggle for Civil Rights"
  122. Gadir Lavadenz, "Path to Solve Climate Talks: Be Clear about Targets and Honour Commitments"
  123. Dan La Botz, "Swiss Women and Workers Hold National Day of Action for Wage Equality for Women and Minimum Wage of $4,000 per Month"
  124. Joshua Landis, "What Happened at Jisr al-Shagour?"
  125. Carlos Latuff, "Recep Tayyip Erdo
  126. M K Bhadrakumar, "Russia, Turkey, and the US Push for Regime Change in Syria"
  127. [Update] Right-wing bringing racism back
  128. Simon Hanna, "Egyptian Activists Say No to Military Trials" (Video)
  129. David Rosnick, "CPI Rises 0.2 Percent"
  130. Michael Hurley and Sam Gindin, "The Assault on Public Services: Will Unions Lament the Attacks or Lead a Fightback?"
  131. Spontaneous "Indignation," or Organized Struggle?
  132. Captive Nations
  133. Why the Colombia Free Trade Agreement is Still a Bad Idea
  134. The dialectics of political realism
  135. Jobs report
  136. New York poised to pass marriage equality
  137. The Greek Crisis (June 2011)
  138. Colombian Political Prisoners: Lessons in Solidarity and Accommodation
  139. After the Congress, WFTU Begins its Work
  140. Peter Brinson and Kurosh ValaNejad, "The Cat and the Coup, Now Available for Free Download"
  141. Railroad Workers United, "Friday, June 17th: Railroad Workers Memorial Day"
  142. Nadine Moawad, "What's Wrong with Women in Lebanon?" (Video)
  143. Nicholas Noe and Walid Raad, "On a Collision Course with the Muslim Brotherhood"
  144. Isidro López and Emmanuel Rodríguez, "The Spanish Model"
  145. The US Wars Against the Weak
  146. How Libby, Montana, Got Medicare for All
  147. Video: Rep. Conyers speaks on full employment
  148. Michael Munk, "Iraq: It's Still about Oil"
  149. Hesham Sallam, "Striking Back at Egyptian Workers"
  150. Dean Baker and David Rosnick, "7 Things You Need to Know about the National Debt, Deficits, and the Dollar"
  151. Eneko, "Greece" (Cartoon)
  152. Mark Weisbrot, "Greek Protesters Are Better Economists Than the European Authorities"
  153. Sivan Kartha and Peter Erickson, "Comparison of Annex 1 and Non-Annex 1 Pledges under the Cancun Agreements"
  154. UN Human Rights Council on LGBT Rights
  155. Charles Kernaghan, "Sexual Predators and Serial Rapists Run Wild at Wal-Mart Supplier in Jordan"
  156. Glen Ford, "How the Corporate Right Divided Blacks from Teachers' Unions and Each Other"
  157. Carlos Latuff, "#Women2Drive" (Cartoon)
  158. Simona C. Wersching, "Workers in Neocapitalist Romania"
  159. Iraq CP presses for full troop withdrawal
  160. LGBT Activists Glitter Bachmann to Protest Anti-Gay Rhetoric (with video)
  161. South Carolina labor movement hammers Republicans on Boeing deal
  162. UN praises Cuba for advances on racial equality
  163. Samir Amin, "Imperialism and the European 'Left'"
  164. Jeff Halper, "The Palestinian Authority's Historic Mistake -- and Opportunity"
  165. Prabhat Patnaik, "Capitalism and Imperialism"
  166. Juliet Schor, "Counter-Intuition 101: Why Recent Bad Economic News Means It's Time for Working Less"
  167. In 5-4 decision, conservative Supreme Court justices dismiss Wal-Mart lawsuit
  168. Video: Howard Dean talks about change from the bottom up
  169. Cut the Work Week
  170. 2 Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate
  171. Reflections on the Cuban Five Art Exhibit
  172. Black Critics and President Obama
  173. Eneko, "The System" (Cartoon)
  174. Sandeep C Kulkarni, Alison Levin-Rector, Majid Ezzati, and Christopher JL Murray, "Falling Behind: Life Expectancy in US Counties from 2000 to 2007 in
  175. Eytan Fox and Gal Uchovsky, "We Will Continue Resisting the Occupation" (Video)
  176. Juan Ramón Mora, "All These People" (Cartoon)
  177. Katerina Kitidi and Aris Hatzistefanou, "Debtocracy" (Film)
  178. Japan: Communists laucnh petition drive to shut down nuke plants
  179. John Thornhill, Neil Buckley, and Charles Clover, "Transcript: Interview with President Dmitry Medvedev"
  180. Support the coalition organizing University of Alabama at Birmingham
  181. Cuba Boosts Use of Renewable Sources of Energy
  182. Labor praises "modest" improvements in union regulations
  183. National Lawyers Guild International Committee, "Presentation to the United Nations Decolonization Committee Hearings on Puerto Rico"
  184. Dan La Botz, "'March of the Whores': Women in Mexico March against Sexual Violence"
  185. As'ad AbuKhalil, "The New Syrian Opposition Council"
  186. Video: Cuba adapts for the future
  187. Yanis Varoufakis, "Beyond the Crisis: Markets, Planning, and a Utopian Vision Inspired by the American National Football League"
  188. Japan: Communists launch petition drive to shut down nuke plants
  189. Health reform and communities of color
  190. Jocelyn Newmarch, "Second Class Citizens: Gender, Energy and Climate Change in South Africa"
  191. Kevin P. Gallagher, "China and the Future of Latin American Industrialization"
  192. Dean Baker, "Tell NPR: The Fed Has Many More Bullets"
  193. Sami Moubayed, "Syria: Democracy and the Future of Article 8"
  194. Kevan Harris, "Iran: Subsidy Reform, 'Stagflation,' and the Need for Industrial Policy"
  195. House Republicans seek to reverse Obama's Cuba travel regulations
  196. Musings from a Communist Nerd: Sports: The new opiate of the people?
  197. Two Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate
  198. Black Critics and President Obama
  199. MK Bhadrakumar, "Turkey Cools Down Tempers over Syria"
  200. United National Antiwar Committee, "June 27: Demonstrate against US/NATO Attacks on Libya"
  201. Sara Beth Elson and Alireza Nader, "What Do Iranians Think? A Survey of Attitudes on the United States, the Nuclear Program, and the Economy"
  202. Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, "Michigan Citizens Take Emergency Manager Law to Court, Citing Unconstitutional Power Grab"
  203. We Are Ohio, "The People's Parade: Celebrate Successful Signature Collection for SB5 Repeal Referendum Campaign"
  204. Video: Michele Bachmann loves socialism (what!)
  205. Dean Baker, "Work Sharing: The Quick Route Back to Full Employment"
  206. Paul Lafargue, "The Right to Be Lazy"
  207. Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, "After the 'West'"
  208. Engelbert Stockhammer, "Peripheral Europe's Debt and German Wages: The Role of Wage Policy in the Euro Area"
  209. "Libya News Roundup"
  210. Applying Marxism: The Economic Crisis
  211. Mark Weisbrot, "Is the U.S. Government Prepared for a Greek Debt Default?"
  212. As'ad AbuKhalil, "US and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood"
  213. Peter Frase, "Stop Digging: The Case against Jobs"
  214. Vesna Peric Zimonjic, "Once, There Was Yugoslavia"
  215. As'ad AbuKhalil, "The Road to Syrian Democracy: A New Political Party Law to End One-Party Rule"
  216. It's not the Employee Free Choice Act, but...
  217. Sami Moubayed, "The Road to Syrian Democracy: A New Political Party Law to End One-Party Rule"
  218. Victor Nieto, "What the Hell Do They Want?" (Cartoon)
  219. Amira Hass, "Gaza Flotilla Activists: One of Our Ships Was Sabotaged"
  220. Union of Concerned Scientists, "A Resurgence of Nuclear Power Poses Significant Challenges"
  221. Dave Lochbaum, "The NRC in Action at Fort Calhoun"
  222. Matías Vernengo, "The Greek Crisis: Uttering the Other 'D Word'"
  223. Victor Nieto, "What the Hell Do They Want?" (Cartoon)
  224. Save the nation! Tax corporations! Tax the rich!
  225. Defying the blockade
  226. Teresa Ghilarducci, "Work Till You Drop: Who Benefits from the End of Retirement?"
  227. Obama administration pushes ahead with free trade agreements
  228. Communist Party of Greece, "Greece: Organize, Counterattack!"
  229. Center for Economic and Policy Research, "Owners' Equity as Percentage of Household Real Estate, 1980-2011"
  230. Carlos Latuff, "No to Military Trials in Egypt" (Cartoon)
  231. Dave Lochbaum, "Severe Accident Management Guidelines for Nuclear Reactors"
  232. Gervasio Umpiérrez, "Libya: NATO's Democracy" (Cartoon)
  233. Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity, "Prisoners in Pelican Bay SHU to Go on Indefinite Hunger Strike July 1st!"
  234. As'ad AbuKhalil, "Syria: Semiramis Opposition Conference"
  235. Hasan Al-Ali, Mohammad Al-Ammar, Shawqi Baghdadi, Sabah Hallaq, Mousa Hanna, Luay Hussein, Joseph Ibrahim, Anis Kanj, Munther Khaddam, Michel Kilo, An
  236. Rebecca Ray, "Brazil: Key Economic Trends during and since the Recession"
  237. Jonathan Cutler, "Labor's Time: Shorter Hours, the UAW, and the Struggle for American Unionism"
  238. "Ohio: Workers Deliver Nearly 1.3 Million Signatures to Repeal SB5" (Video)
  239. Jayati Ghosh, "Public Spending on Education in India"
  240. Victor Nieto, "Empire and Its Suckerfish" (Cartoon)
  241. Victor Nieto, "Right-wing Paranoia about Iran-Venezuela Ties" (Cartoon)
  242. Eva Golinger, "Washington Plans Further Actions against Venezuela"
  243. NLRB takes steps to aid unionization efforts
  244. Eisenhower Study Group, "The Costs of War since 2001: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan"
  245. Alternative Information Center, "Activists in Israel Reject Die Linke's Equation of BDS and One-State Solution with Anti-Semitism"
  246. Irish Ship to Gaza, "Sabotage of MV Saoirse in Turkey: 'An Act of International Terrorism'"
  247. Migrant Workers Task Force, "Welcome to Lebanon"
  248. Robin Pomeroy and Sanam Shantyaei, "Iranian Car Lines Keep Rolling despite Sanctions"
  249. Victor Grossman, "The German Left Party Adopts Another Resolution on Israel and Anti-Semitism"
  250. TeleSur English, "Hugo Chávez Addresses the Nation"