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  1. Palestinians sign historic unity pact in Cairo
  2. EU given rights to speak on behalf of states at UN
  3. Libyan war not popular in polls
  4. Italian unions set for Friday strike
  5. Finnish paper workers start three-day strike
  6. German rail workers strike over equal pay
  7. Portugal's caretaker PM signs up for €78 billion EU bailout loan
  8. Pakistan tells US to stop the assassination raids
  9. Military withdraw from rebel city
  10. Deutsche Bank sued for illegal evictions
  11. Crews clean up oil spill as health fears escalate
  12. France gives peace ultimatum to Israel
  13. Leading parties back new cuts
  14. World in brief
  15. Predator drone strike kills 15
  16. South Carolina to hold first execution in two years
  17. Sony CEO says sorry for security breach
  18. Same-sex partners recognised
  19. Three arrests follow fatal bomb blast in Marrakech
  20. Two killed in drone attack despite state's no-fly promise
  21. Read and Reread Lenin to Build the Future
  22. In Paris, jasmine is scented with handcuffs…
  23. The Ivory Coast: The Country in Full Extension of Nomadic War?
  24. A Historic Step For Palestine
  25. Brics: the emerging economies making themselves heard in Libya
  26. Strasbourg-Kehl: anti-nuclear activists on the bridge
  27. Paul Jorion. « We Must Put an End to the Hegemony of Those Who Possess Capital »
  28. For an urgent end to "France-Africa"
  29. Read and Reread Lenin to Build the Future
  30. In Paris, jasmine is scented with handcuffs…
  31. The Ivory Coast: The Country in Full Extension of Nomadic War?
  32. A Historic Step For Palestine
  33. Brics: the emerging economies making themselves heard in Libya
  34. Strasbourg-Kehl: anti-nuclear activists on the bridge
  35. Paul Jorion. « We Must Put an End to the Hegemony of Those Who Possess Capital »
  36. For an urgent end to "France-Africa"
  37. Taliban sweep into Kandahar
  38. Voters approve Correa's package of reforms
  39. World in brief
  40. Morales the 'godfather' at mass wedding
  41. Government sets night-time curfew
  42. Sinn Fein and DUP dominate assembly
  43. Nine dead after inter-faith clashes
  44. King: State of emergency to be lifted from June 1
  45. Police struggle to gain control of jailbreak bid in Baghdad
  46. World in brief
  47. Soviet war sacrifice remembered in Red Square
  48. Hundreds arrested in Syrian crackdown
  49. France returns shrunken Maori head
  50. Poor countries start UN poverty conference
  51. Mexico: Thousands say no to drug violence
  52. Kandahar attack fought off by security forces
  53. World In Brief
  54. Syria hit with arms embargo
  55. Refugees deserve better, says UN
  56. Iran hoping to resume nuke talks with P5+1
  57. Afghans accused of rights abuses
  58. Opposition calls for bin Laden probe
  59. Court pushes death for 'honour killers'
  60. World In Brief
  61. Two released as concessions are promised to activists
  62. Mass strike against more austerity cuts
  63. Bloodshed continues as fuel crisis grows
  64. Officials urge action to stop suppliers of bear bile
  65. UN chief calls for civil war ceasefire
  66. Marchers demand Abyei peace
  67. Guilty verdict passed in trial over Mexican power bribes
  68. China and US agree to economic co-operation
  69. Bin Laden Is Dead, Long Live the War
  70. Jury convicts billionaire hedge fund boss Raj Rajaratnam of insider trading
  71. Britain to send gear to Libyan rebels
  72. Cuba: Nato bombing raids on Libya not justifiable
  73. Derry pair win miscarriage of justice compensation appeal
  74. Refugee boat crash man charged by federal police
  75. Nazi death camp guard Demjanjuk jailed for 5 years
  76. Soldiers kill 19 protesters in Yemen
  77. Chinese urge Syria talks to avoid bloodshed
  78. US voices fears on rebel funds
  79. UN must lead organ probe, says minister
  80. Suicide bomb pair kill 80 in Pakistan
  81. Correction
  82. Left Front beaten in elections
  83. Officers use terror laws to nab republican veteran Price
  84. Calls for new constitution grow louder in Kathmandu
  85. Wages: Civil Servants to Mobilize on May 31
  86. Economic Statistics Explode Fantasies About Immigration
  87. Work More to Die More
  88. Intense Worry After Marrakesh Bombing
  89. IDF soldiers kill 12 in Nakba shootings
  90. Airstrike kills 11 peacemakers
  91. Police fire on protesters in Nangarhar after killing
  92. MPs demand halt to US raids and drone strikes
  93. Europe backs up locked-out staff
  94. Jobless block gas firm's office for two days
  95. IMF chief arrested over sexual assault
  96. Criticism prompts Iran narcotics ultimatum
  97. Queen's visit to Ireland is 'inappropriate'
  98. Ceasefire on the table - if Nato stops bombing
  99. Recruitment agency faces racism charges
  100. Spanish youth march for a future with jobs and dignity
  101. 353 injured in embassy protest police attacks
  102. Zurich voters give thumbs up to assisted suicide
  103. World In Brief
  104. NATO May Have Left Migrants to Die at Sea
  105. Support the Tunisians!
  106. The Black Chamber-Maid and the Boss of International Capitalism
  107. Protests mark Queen's Dublin visit
  108. Pakistani soldiers fire on Nato aircraft
  109. Libya ready to end killings
  110. Thousands turn out for funeral of killed Kurd
  111. Troops open fire on raid protest
  112. UN pushing for a ceasefire
  113. Denmark stakes claim to Arctic sovereignty
  114. Ministers tighten state grip on uranium mines
  115. Strike has little impact despite crackdown
  116. Angola pushes for African security council seats
  117. IMF chief 'victim of a plot,' say French polls
  118. Transnational chiefs facing prison terms for corruption
  119. Elle
  120. Spaniards defy pre-election protest ban
  121. Kirkuk bombings kill 27 and wound 70
  122. State admits dam problems
  123. Pro-Gadaffi rally as reporters freed
  124. US syphilis study victims found
  125. Nine killed in shooting as 'war on drugs' continues
  126. World In Brief
  127. Netanyahu rejects call for '67 borders
  128. Philippines won't cut Saudi pay
  129. Farm labour firm fined in exploitation court case
  130. Zapatero unsure on capital demos
  131. Disgraced Tepco chief resigns
  132. Air-strikes hit Tripoli harbour
  133. IOM warning on plight of those fleeing Libyan conflict
  134. World In Brief
  135. Hell
  136. Fukushima, Fears are Confirmed
  137. "Spanish Spring" Grows
  138. EU establishes diplomatic base in rebel stronghold
  139. New wave of bombs targeting police
  140. Agent Orange fears spark investigation
  141. Taliban claims responsibility for police gunfight
  142. 50,000 march in Prague against Czech welfare cuts
  143. Saudi woman arrested for breaking ban on driving
  144. Iran arrests 30 with alleged links to CIA spies
  145. World in brief
  146. Zapatero thrashed in local elections
  147. Counting the cost in Karachi
  148. Rebel death squad body count grows
  149. Human rights group want drug sting convictions
  150. 25,000 join nuclear power protest
  151. Landslide win for centre-left in Bremen
  152. Morocco sends in the heavies
  153. Diplomats in mission siege as president's gangs gather
  154. Three comments from the wings on the DSK trial
  155. Spain: Live from the Puerta Del Sol
  156. Helicopters could go to Libya
  157. Pupils back up striking profs
  158. Oaxaca teachers strike to press basic demands
  159. Khartoum: Talks only way for Abyei
  160. Northern irish police failed murdered lawyer, say investigators
  161. Obama pushes for Patriot Act extension
  162. Flights delayed as controllers keep up strike
  163. Overcrowded prisons 'causing death and disease'
  164. Moscow slams Nato bombers
  165. Trade unions march for fair wages in Poland
  166. Taliban drive government army out of Duab district
  167. Heaviest raids yet on Tripoli leave 19 dead
  168. Serbs snub Obama over Kosovo
  169. Vote on IMF cuts possible
  170. Farmers win right to deforest Brazil
  171. Tax-dodgers convicted
  172. Border to reopen at Rafah crossing
  173. Arrested Mladic faces justice
  174. Presidential supporters march after protesters flee
  175. Thousands call for US troops to leave
  176. Nation in crisis as Saleh stays
  177. Suspected gunman declared unfit to stand trial
  178. World in brief
  179. Colossi with Feet of Clay: The G8 Global Bosses Meet in Deauville
  180. Amnesty International outlines the importance of the internet and of Wikileaks
  181. Nakba: at least 20 demonstrators shot down by Israeli armed forces
  182. The Indignants: A Movement Born on the Web
  183. Spain: Contesting Elections
  184. Crowds flood Cairo for new day of rage
  185. G8 offers billions to build a 'suitable' Middle East
  186. Strikes at bid to close world's oldest shipyard
  187. France and US snub attempt to end the war on Libya
  188. Court strikes down union-busting Bill
  189. Don't replace nuclear power plants, MPs told
  190. Bahrain snubs trade union petition to halt violence
  191. Sudan holds peace talks over abyei
  192. Egypt lifts 4-year block on Gaza
  193. Troops attack protesters in 'besieged towns' in Syria
  194. Police target Moscow pride march
  195. 14 dead as Nato strikes civilians
  196. Tributes flood in for rap icon Scott-Heron
  197. Spanish cuts protest: 'This isn't a crisis, it's a con'
  198. World In Brief
  199. Taiz activists slaughtered
  200. Femicide rising rapidly warns charity
  201. Nato boss claims the operation is working
  202. Spook: US foreign policy the problem
  203. Coalition agrees to shut nuclear plants by 2022
  204. British man dies after beating in Albufeira
  205. World In Brief
  206. EU Persists in Seeking Light in a Bottomless Pit
  207. Outdone by Cécile Duflot, Daniel Cohn-Bendit sulks
  208. Turks stand by the Palestinians
  209. Rebels reject AU ceasefire plan
  210. Nato says no to air-strike halt
  211. Activist killings prompt extra police pledge
  212. Government pledges probe into locals' protests
  213. Two more die from toxic veg in Germany and Sweden
  214. Bosnian Serbs protest the arrest of Ratko Mladic
  215. Halp! Harald's gone missing
  216. The banquet before the Socialist Party primary
  217. Côte d'Ivoire: The Right to Intervene
  218. "Los Indignados": The New Don Quixotes
  219. Gates: US will stay in control
  220. Prisoner amnesty no cover for killing
  221. Kan to face no-confidence vote
  222. Communists call for probe into Neruda death
  223. Mladic fit to go before judge tomorrow
  224. Spain: Don't give our salad a dressing down
  225. Nato extends air attacks deadline by 90 days
  226. Endeavour touches down for final time
  227. Superbug death toll continues to increase
  228. Dozens dead as Yemen fighting rages
  229. Concerns rise over possible waste leaks at Vedanta
  230. Belo Monte project given green light despite fears
  231. Missiles falling 'everywhere'
  232. Obama ducks out of 'ugly' racism summit
  233. War-ending vote put on back burner by the House
  234. World In Brief
  235. Greek protests greet new cuts talks
  236. Counterattack after Afghan incursion
  237. Exhibition marks ten years of HIV and Aids fight
  238. Saleh injured as Yemeni rebels strike President's palace
  239. Thousands defy Assad crackdown
  240. Sri Lankan general shrugs off war-crimes probe push
  241. Professors hit back at US accusations of cyber war
  242. World In Brief
  243. Precociousness Rhymes With Success
  244. A single parent family means a lack of money
  245. Troops kill five during protest
  246. Anti-government activists celebrate Saleh departure
  247. Assyrian dictionary completed
  248. Crew ready for Soyuz expedition
  249. South Africa mourns anti-apartheid icon Sisulu
  250. China 'won't hit neighbours'