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  1. check in
  2. Oh boy, hey hey- It's a national holiday
  3. Is PopIndy still available?
  4. Burt Worm (not Bur Worm) here: I've been banned
  5. Happy Holidays...
  6. Freddie Mertz here. I've been banned from OET and DU.
  7. A Modest Proposal for Turning Mental Illness into Profit
  8. Blissed out- Staring at mountains of cash in my bare feet
  9. Tourism - Visiting the new PI Merge
  10. Marx’s Vision of Sustainable Human Development
  11. Us Now - a new mode of production
  12. Class conscious art
  13. The Bell now includes a simple real-time chat system called "chit-chat"...
  14. TheBell now has a News Forum...
  15. First Into Nagasaki
  16. What other RSS feeds should be fed into news feed forums?
  17. David Brooks knocked me over with a feather - More on the changing conception of "human nature"
  18. Hey Tinoire
  19. For BLF - Fracking comes to Texas
  20. Soviet War Photography
  21. Florida teenager charged with killing British pair 'confessed to cellmate'
  22. Reliving Love and Rockets
  23. Unsure newbie with a lot going on
  24. Information on Women's Health & Sexuality-Our Bodies, Ourselves
  25. Lesson #1 of BP oil spill: Capitalism can’t protect the environment
  26. Just curious. When Social Security started, what was the original retirement age for full SS?
  27. Serious question about Libya // "How curious. Libya seems to be coming back online"
  28. Al Sur de la frontera
  29. Is Obama an Environmentalist?
  30. Healthy eating is privilege of the rich
  31. Carlos Latuff, "What Ails the World?" (Cartoon)
  32. After witnessing Hitler's early atrocities
  33. Review of: The Ecological Rift: Capitalism's War on the Earth any thoughts?
  34. Caught a link off that other site
  35. Yoko Ono gives Bed Peace a chance
  36. Michele Bachmann Is Not a Doctor
  37. Teddy Riner world champion for the 5th time!
  38. OFA 2012 (Cartoon)
  39. 38 Helpful Tips for Becoming a Successful Anti-Communist
  40. Reporting from the rally 20 years without the USSR, Moscow
  41. Terror threat on 10yr anniversary of 9/11 goes unheeded
  42. Brushes sharp as bayonets: Soviet artists helped win WWII
  43. EPA grants air permit to Shell for Arctic offshore drilling in Chukchi sea off Alaska coast
  44. A Soldier For The Crown
  45. Is green the new red?
  46. Book excerpt from BusinessWeek
  47. The Dangerous Cult of the UK Guardian
  48. Solidarity from the top. Maybe we're all in this together after all?
  49. Occupy Houston
  50. A Thread for useful, practical information...
  51. French Socialist Party presidential contenders embrace right-wing policies
  52. Criminalization
  53. Criminalize Corporations
  54. On the Occupiers and the Homeless
  55. Barack Obama 'tobacco-free', president's doctor confirms
  56. Praying for OWS
  57. Bukharin addressing crisis (as though he were here today)
  58. Rioting Across America - The Great Depression
  59. All night standoff in Portland, Where's Starry?
  60. Libertarianism goes mainstrem on NPR.
  61. The Bell recieved the following correspondence from Daniel N. White...
  62. Holla at yo boy!
  63. #OCCUPY Thankful
  64. The Americans Take What They Want in Haiti – Even Near-Extinct Lizards
  65. Update to The Bell
  66. A new progressive site
  67. Dedcolonizing our notions of the state of African development
  68. Correspondence: Frank Aker is deeply insulted by Michael Collins or Chlamor or... somebody.
  69. Irish semantics..."Wasting good words on a terrible situation"
  70. Rick Santorum’s Communist Clan in Italy
  71. Wikipedia goes dark in protest over internet privacy bill
  72. Book Banning at my former High School
  73. All in the Republican Family
  74. Interview with Karl Marx
  75. The Frog of War
  76. Britain's Morning Star feels no joy on queen's anniversary
  77. Where Next for Cuba?
  78. Why China’s Political Model Is Superior
  79. Just Don’t Call Her Che
  80. Roland Boer, "Lenin on Freedom"
  81. It's Not Easy Being Green
  82. Which Side Are You On?
  83. Contribution of KKE at the Conference of AKEL on the issue of nuclear weapons
  84. International Women’s Day: Significant Activity of the KKE and the class oriented movement
  85. Introducing Black Agenda TV
  86. Leipzig meeting on Leon Trotsky and the defence of historical truth
  87. Philby the Masterspy
  88. Trayvon Martin: justice department to investigate unarmed teen's killing
  89. Communists to tackle right-wing extremism at nationwide conference
  90. A'hole du jour
  91. Environment and politics: one and the same
  92. NIKOS BELOGIANNIS: He will always live in our heart and consciousness
  93. Over-fishing fears for west African waters
  94. Ecological Marxism in China
  95. Communists discuss U.S. path to socialism
  96. The Return of the Marxist I Q by Norman Markowitz
  97. Despite negativity of some, metal fans join in today’s struggle
  98. The great conspiracy
  99. August Spies autobiography, 1886.
  100. In Germany, the Pirates making waves
  101. An Owl For The Killing – Why The Left Should Care
  102. The First Installment for Dimitrov's The United Front by Norman Markowitz
  103. Are the rich worth a damn?
  104. Libertarians Find Their Audience In 2012 Race
  105. Where the records went...
  106. Just out of morbid curiosity...
  107. Dimitrov's United Front after the Seventh Congress by Norman Markowitz
  108. What Happened to Ecology?
  109. Perenco's environmental consultancy buried evidence of Amazon tribe
  110. The Commencment Address That Won't BE Given
  111. Treble Army - Lullabomb
  112. Toxic Debt, Liar Loans, and Securitized Human Beings
  113. North Korean film about western propaganda
  114. David Harvey: 'The financial crisis is an urban crisis'
  115. How Nestle Learned Global Labor Solidarity Is Alive and Well
  116. Ballad of Lenin, by Langston Hughes - 1935
  117. The Book of Life, by Pavlo Tychina (circa 1967)
  118. Oops... Sorry everyone.
  119. A quick point on the french elections and not so liberal media by norman markowitz
  120. Controversial Trade Pact Text Leaked..........
  121. Hooked On Hopium
  122. German Right Thinks Greece Should Leave Euro Zone
  123. Everyone leaves Rio environmental summit 'unhappy'
  124. Are Socialists going to be the New (Old) Democrats?
  125. De rerum natura(On the nature of things)
  126. The Self Made Myth
  127. DEA Administrator being evasive to congress
  128. Guardian UK: Why Marxism is on the rise again
  129. Will The Real Communist Party Please Stand Up?
  130. Boy I Am
  131. Dialectics of Nature. Frederick Engels (1883), Introduction
  132. This day in history: Johnson signs Medicare into law
  133. Who Wants to Buy Honduras?
  134. “Trishna”: Love story twisted by class oppression
  135. Heard this interview last night on the radio. Too bad the stream is only available in the UK.
  136. The ecological crisis of capitalism intensifies: Global warming may be reaching 'tipping point'
  137. The Third-Party Dilemma
  138. "If This is Stalinism, Then Count Me In"
  139. "Feminism is for Everybody" adds to Marxist theory
  140. The New Abolition: Ending Adoption in Our Time
  141. How to Succeed in Journalism
  142. The Rev Sun Myung Moon – obituary
  143. Socialism Today Published in French (Fr.; Eng.)
  144. A Marxist IQ for the Democrats by Norman Markowitz
  145. They Chose China
  146. Deferred Action: the Stuff of DREAMs?
  147. Jim Yong Kim Comes To Jobu
  148. Meeting the Ecological Crisis of Capitalism: Is Green Enough?
  149. Things have slowed here and since, by degrees, we are all one kinda
  150. Child malnutrition eliminated in Cuba, In U.S. nearly a quarter of children hungry
  151. Legendary activist Angela Davis headlines Detroit rally
  152. Che Guevara remembered in Palestine
  153. Old Timers
  154. Our Leningrad
  155. Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold
  156. Sandy forces climate change on US election despite fossil fuel lobby | Bill McKibben
  157. Part II – Rigged Elections for Romney?
  158. Washington passes measure to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana
  159. Jay-Z is 1%, Not HipHop
  160. This is from Plekhanov's Notes on Engels' Book, Ludwig Feuerbach...
  161. Meet the Stars of "2012: The Movie"
  162. Clergy: "Reject grand bargain, tax the rich"
  163. Giant Robot Appears in Russian Revolution
  164. BP settles for $4.5 billion in federal criminal charges
  165. Interview with Domenico Losurdo on Liberalism
  166. 49 years ago today..
  167. Can Fascism And Communism Be Compared?
  168. David Harvey lecture Baltimore, May 2012
  169. “Red Dawn” a disappointing remake
  170. Most important lessons -- Stewart Acuff's Blog
  171. More action from Stewart Acuff's Blog
  172. Killing Us Softly with Austerity aka "Compromise" by Norman Markowitz
  173. Cuba: More Data, Without a Magnifying Glass (Eng.; Esp.)
  174. Is Growth Over?
  175. Gáspár Miklós Tamás Interviewed by SkriptaTV, "Do We Oppose the Anomalies of Capitalism or Capitalism Itself?"
  176. The News of the Day; Capitalism Wilder and Crazier than Ever by Norman Markowitz
  177. Gus Speth
  178. Are ya'll famaliar with this resource?
  179. Seeing Red: Huffington Post debates Communist influence in U.S.
  180. Water is a commodity
  182. Does Obama Mean It This Time on Climate?
  183. ‘Forget About Morality’
  184. Django Unchained, Or, “Killing Whitey While Protecting White Power”: A Review
  185. The end of the working class?
  186. American Uprising:The Untold Story of America's Largest Slave Revolt
  187. The State of the Environment
  188. WATCH: The State Of Obama's Union [Fiore Cartoon]
  189. World news in brief
  190. At the 'Largest Climate Rally in History,' Where Was Everybody?
  191. A Vietnam Vet Reflects on Chuck Hagel, John Kerry
  192. Phillip Bonosky, 1916-2013, chronicled life and politics from Pittsburgh to Phnom Penh
  193. Fidel Castro to the National Assembly
  194. A Tale of Two Prescriptions and a Root Canal
  195. Social Democracy at the Service of the Ruling Classes
  196. Fred Magdoff, "The Environmental Crisis and Capitalism"
  198. Realizing the Promises of Liberalism
  199. Jane Slaughter, "Can Worker-Owners Run a Big Factory? How Mexican Tire Workers Won Ownership of Their Plant With a Three-Year Strike and Are Now Runni
  200. The problem with “Chained CPI” (Video)
  201. Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill
  202. Jeremy Grantham, environmental philanthropist: 'We're trying to buy time for the world to wake up'
  203. How was it growing up under communism?
  204. “Do the Math:” a review for Earth Day and beyond
  205. The Persecution of Lynne Stewart
  206. CPUSA leader talks strategy for defeating the extreme right
  207. 42 movie
  208. VE Day - picture of the day
  209. The More Effective Evil
  210. You could sell that
  211. Obama official who oversaw BP oil spill hired as Apple’s environmental fixer
  212. I went to a funeral today
  213. ‘Environmental genocide’: Native Americans quit talks over Keystone XL pipeline
  214. Lawyers demand genocide charge against Obama
  215. China and the U.S. in the World Today: A Marxist Historian's Perspective by Norman Markowitz
  216. Climate Change: Product of globalized capitalism...
  217. Great business opportunity!
  218. Ramón Labañino : IÂ
  219. Trying to Destroy the Danger of a Good Example
  220. The Nation magazine thinks I am a Republican, now...
  221. Reasons to commemorate the 4th of July:
  222. 10,500 doctors to graduate from Cuban universities
  223. Who Owns the Earth?
  224. The contemporary world and the position of Greece in the imperialist system
  225. Tough on finance, tough on migrants: how Stefan Löfven brought Sweden's left in from the cold
  226. Snow leopards and wild yaks becoming 'fashion victims'
  227. The Case Against Competition
  228. Marxism, the Taliban and Plato by Thomas Riggins
  229. Could You Survive on Fast-Food Wages? Try Our Calculator
  230. Reading Georg Lukacs
  231. Some Marxist Ideas Made Easy
  232. It's been four years or more since I reposted this
  233. Neither Scylla, nor Charybdis
  234. Tired Of Inequality? One Economist Says It'll Only Get Worse
  235. Psychoanalyst Interprets Obama on Syria
  236. Capitalist Crisis, Socialist Solution
  237. IRC channel
  238. About 15% of Americans live in poverty, so why is no one talking about it? | Daniel A Medina
  239. From Forbes: The Messy Link Between Slave Owners and Modern Management
  240. About Sixty Percent of Russians See Communism as a Good System
  241. Empire/imperialism and the object/subject mess
  242. EDF sells green cred to Walmart for the low, low price of $66 million
  243. Dennis Kucinich speaks in Houston
  244. On Marx, Nature and Human Development
  245. Just Like Bush: US Under Obama, Thumbs Its Nose at the World on Climate Change
  246. Generation Hopeless?
  247. Systemic Responsibility for the Climate Crisis:
  248. Nelson Mandela, "Will the ANC Sell-out Workers?"
  249. Eugene Debs: Dreaming of a red Christmas
  250. Seven Myths about the USSR